A better picture of the Pentax K-30

A reader just sent me a better picture of the upcoming Pentax K-30 DSLR camera:

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  • From http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/pentax-news-rumors/186300-pentax-k30-picture-leak-discussion-weather-sealed-intro-digital-slr-camera.html:

    An official announcement is expected next week, and the release date is June 25 (at least for the UK).

  • Ben Y

    Not really a fan of the design personally. Reminds me of a razor or cheap deodorant cans. Might change my mind once I see more images.

  • you’re a douche

    HAHAHA! you changed the post because before you said this was the replacement for the K-r and i reminded you that this was a replacement for the K-20. research your shit before you put another post up again, ok?

    • Why the heck are you making such a comment? Please don’t try to start a flamewar here.

    • Dave

      Wow, you sound like an 8 year old. Did posting that unnecessary nonsense make you feel better about yourself for all of a moment?

    • If anything, this is the successor of the K200D, not the K20D (which is the correct name of the “K-20” you wrote about, so maybe it is you who should do better research).

    • blue

      There was no K20. There was a K20d but it was replaced by the K-7 which was replaced by K-5. Class dismissed.

  • Opinion…

    The last Pentax I had was MZ-6 with 77mm 1.8 lens. I bet they are still as bad as they were back then:)

    • lonoise

      constructive statements are great.
      no need to speculate until the camera is out.

      • agree


        • Red Fez

          Wow, did someone open the cage and let all the trolls out today !?

          • tianle

            probably someone forgot to close the trollgate

      • Opinion…

        There’s nothing wrong with saying that Lada is not a good car:)

        • RobA_Oz

          When was the last time you saw a new Lada?
          If you feel the need to make provocative statements, at least try to make sense, otherwise you look like an insecure juvenile.

          • Opinion…

            If you are provoked by something that has no intention to provoke you it is your problem. I’m sure you can get your unresolved childhood anxiety treated. Pentax has a long history of not being better than the same category cameras of other brands (with exception of few products), so statistically it is more likely to be not as good as Nikon or Canon equivalents this time too, that’s all.

          • “not as good as Nikon or Canon equivalents”

            Unlike perhaps Q or K-01, this product doesn’t look all that controversial to me. I think it might be fairer to say “differently good” than the more typical Canon or Nikon model. It appears to offer features that may benefit certain photographers at a lower price.

        • blue

          Canon/Nikon rarely have equivalent bodies to the Pentax lineup. Canikon do pull a advertisement/marketing strategy of trying to compare an higher model to a lower level model.

    • Thermos

      «The last Pentax I had was MZ-6 with 77mm 1.8 lens. I bet they are still as bad as they were back then:)»
      A quick Flickr search will prove that Pentax may not be the culprit in this particular case. Other people seem to be perfectably able to get good pictures with that combination of equipment. The specs behind the camera may be different, though.

      • Agree, MZ-6 (ZX-L) is actually a pretty nice camera and (especially) lens (FA 77 Limited). True that it’s a compact lightweight film SLR, not the sturdier DSLRs we’re used to now…but it plenty held its own against its contemporary rivals like N65/N75 or Canon Rebel (film).

    • blue

      Sometimes its the photographer. You can put a driver in the fastest car in the race and that doesn’t mean he/she is going to win.

  • H-cab

    I love pentax odd ideas like the focal lenght of some pentax lenses, the small q, the chunky k01, the old 67. It is always nice to know about this unique brand even when some of us dont understand the point in some products…

  • Sam iam

    You really can’t please some people…..

    if a k-r replacement has a wr body, a sculpted grip, in fact even the left side of the body seems sculpted to help the left hand support the body, i’m all for it.

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