Pentax K-30 to be announced next week

According to Pentaxforums, the previously leaked Pentax K-30 DSLR camera will be announced next week and will be available in 3 different colors (black, white and blue). In addition to the specs reported earlier, the new DSLR is expected to have 11AF points and 100% viewfinder coverage. The US price should be around $700-$800 for body only.

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  • tianle

    this design i like, lens mount i do not

    • Me too – I would prefer M42 screw-mount. 🙂

  • J


    Very sexy. This raises the expectations on the coming K-5 replacement.

  • Peter

    I think the viewfinder prism looks like a giant monobrow, it looks somewhat prehistoric.

  • shadowfoto

    well, finaly a K200D replacement.

    • MrBig

      I’m going to say no.

      The K200D had a top LCD display, grip and several features that would place it up in the same bracket as most mid-range prosumer camera’s. Which was likely Pentax’s move to cope with the the demands of a much tougher competitive market. The K30 on the other hand seems more like a component in Pentax’s product placement. ie. ntry level, Mid-range and high end(FF/APS-C). Which I think we will see materialize in 2012.

      That being said, I am somewhat disappointed to see that Pentax chose to delivery a successor with a lower FPS rating. Which I don’t think will win many new fans given the stiff competition out there atm(ie. lower MP + lower FPS = not very good selling points).

      Anyways, I had to sound like the party pooper but I just don’t get why Pentax seems to damned determined on squandering their competitive advantage. SEE; Q, K-01, K-30 etc. I just don’t get what’s wrong with this company 🙁

      • Don’t yet know whether there will be a grip for these. However the second e-dial and 100% viewfinder are features the K200D lacked.

        The FPS hit is probably a result of using processing power similar to the outgoing model with more pixels to process. I’d rather have the 100% viewfinder and second e-dial — which I’d use all the time — vs. an extra 2fps which is unimportant to me. I would look for this model’s successor to improve on this.

        The K200D was from an earlier era where even the cheapest DSLRs (e.g. K100D) had top-mount LCDs. This was probably a design holdover from autofocus film SLRs and was also probably to save power. At some point as rear LCD’s grew in size and quality and the battery power vs. consumption ratio improved, along with the desire to shrink bodies while adding features, the top-mount LCD has been disappearing first from the smallest entry-level bodies and then from step-up bodies like Nikon D5000 as well.

        The K30 appears to be fairly compact but will continue to offer SLR benefits like built-in viewfinder and excellent ergonomics/handling even with larger lenses and flashes — areas where mirrorless choices at similar price levels are weaker.

        It will be interesting to see whether K30’s viewfinder is pentaprism (brighter & higher magnification) or pentamirror. There will be other features (grip availability, bracketing limitations, manual controls for video, metering segments, etc.) that once announced will tells us more about who Pentax thinks this body is for.

  • Mike1

    Don’t like the design, too many unnecessary curves and details. Like my K5 very much, just hope the design of the next K5 won’t go to the same design direction.

    If the next K5 is still pitched as a pro device, the design should reflect that – clean, simple and functional.

    • Ben Y


  • Sky

    Wow…. the blue version is actually the first colored Pentax camera I wouldn’t be ashamed of using.
    Nice design, looks like the times of copying some of older SLRs from other manufacturers are done now. Goood 🙂
    I wonder how it looks like in reality and how is the handling.

    Seem to be very nice, solid camera beating crap out of anything Nikon or Canon can offer in this price-range. 🙂

  • Wow… I was not expecting this. If its true, I’m ordering one right away! I had given up on ever seeing 100% coverage viewer or even dual control dials on a camera that runs on AA batteries. The design is really awesome, particularly after the disappointment of the squarish K-01…. unlike the K-01 my hands do not have sharp angles.

    Like this the K-30 will make a perfect backup camera to the K-5 which I expect to be replaced by a K-3 with probably a 24 MP Sony sensor like they use on their A77.

  • ringer

    Separated at birth? I christen thee, Pentax Hayabusa:

    The K30 design is aggressive and garish in a uniquely Japanese way. It’s good to see Pentax bringing their recent devil-may-care design attitude to a very stale segment.

  • Dina

    I really LOVE the new design can’t wait to see how the back looks like 🙂

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