Rumor: Canon EOS 650D and new mirrorless camera to be announced next month

Two new Canon camera announcements are rumored for next month - EOS 650D DSLR and their new mirrorless solution. Two weeks ago, the first rumored specs for the Canon mirrorless camera indicated that Canon will probably go with an APS-C size sensor.

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  • I’m awaiting both eagerly.

  • Jordan

    If that mirrorless is APS-C, I may actually switch to the other team barring a well belated return of Nikon’s imagination and production capability.

  • fgn

    I saw this posted first on Canon Watch.

  • Oz

    The mirrorless camera looks interesting. I wonder if they will take a retro path and make a digital canon 7 or canonette D or whether they will make a new design like the nex. I have been very close to pulling the trigger on a fuji xpro 1 but it looks like my decision to wait a few months is paying off. I hope they really try and make something interesting like the xpro 1 or the OM-D rather then a partially crippled camera which is designed to minimise the impact on SLR sales. Remember “if you don’t eat your own lunch someone else will”.

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