Schneider Kreuznach to start producing lenses for mirrorless cameras

Schneider Kreuznach announced their plans to start producing lenses for mirrorless cameras.The company has been part of the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group for a while and logically one of the upcoming lenses will be a 14mm f/2.0 Super Angulon for Micro Four Thirds. Expect the announcement during Photokina with a price tag around $1500. The 14mm f/2.0 lens will have 10 elements and 4 aspheric surfaces. Schneider Kreuznach also plans to announce 30mm f/1.4 and 60mm f/2.4 macro|portrait lens for Micro Four Thirds.

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  • anon

    woah woah woah….awesome! anyone who shoots large format knows that schneider is an excellent lens manufacturer. this should be good.

  • Photonut

    Awesome! But only the news that they are entring m43. I consider a 28mm lens engineering brain wasted. Should habe been 24mm.

  • Nobody Special

    I’ll take Schneider optics before any of my Leica glass – that’s great news – if only to keep them up and running as a company….how about some FF 35 lenses in C and N mount??????

    • Erica

      Do Schneider make lensen for Leica M mount?
      I would like to now where you can buy them.

    • Mark

      They already do this…some tilt shift lenses I think in Canon and Nikon mount.

  • This, may actually get me to purchase a M4/3

  • Danny G.

    Seeing recently the list of photo/optical companies now getting involved in the Micro Four Thirds format just goes to prove that all the interesting stuff is going to happen here. I’m now real glad that I bought my Lumix G2. ‘The APS-C format is dead… Long live the M4/3 format !

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