Sony shows their action cam for the first time


On their blog today Sony showed their new action camera for the first time. The camera will be tiny and lightweight, it will have SteadyShot image stabilization and an Exmor R CMOS sensor. The ultra-wide angle lens will be made by Carl Zeiss.

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  • David

    And will probably be much more expensive than the GoPro HD Hero 2 which is an excellent performer. Both in ruggedness and video quality.

  • Ken Elliott

    This has to scare the crap out of GoPro. If that display on the side would let me aim the camera, then this might be on my shopping list.

    Aiming these things is a big headache.

    • Rob V.

      By the looks of it, that’s a black and white display, so it probably won’t.

  • Craig

    It would have been nice of the photographer to put something in the photo for scale, you know like a GoPro !!

  • Brooklyn

    I wish someoen would put a cheap LCD screen on these cameras so you can actually compose your frame properly.

  • Musouka

    I was contemplating buying a Contour/GoPro. I love the Contour shape but the GoPro’s colors were superior.

    Let us wait to see what Sony has to offer. We might get the best of the two worlds. Hopefully the price won’t be high.

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