First picture of the Samsung EX2F camera

This is the first image of soon to be released Samsung EX2F compact camera. The basic specs are:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 12.4MP 1/1.7" (10.9mm) BSI CMOS sensor (updated)
  • 3x optical zoom
  • 24mm on the wide angle side
  • Schneider Kreuznach lens with fast f/1.4 aperture
  • Rotating AMOLED display
  • Dual image stabilization
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  • mythbuster

    1/2.3″??? Negative evolution indeed. I need a high quality, luminous lens compact camera but I´d better seek anywhere (in case this is information is true).

    • Duku

      1/2.3 clearly can’t be right. The image says that it’s a 10.9mm sensor. Assuming that that’s measured across the diagonal, that translates to a 1/1.6 or a 2/3 sensor.

    • Rayoody

      so sad to see they went with the 1/2.33 .. its like 0.6 bigger thats all.. what about the video quality?? is it 1080 60p? is it touch screen or is it water resistance?.. r we expecting this in July or after??

  • Hm.. Typical Samsung.. always lying behind the others.. WHY CANT THEY DO SOMETHING GOOD?!

    Who in Gods name will buy this when Sony´s RX100 is just release with a 1´sensor??

    Incredible.. You could have made it with the NX system Samsung.. But you didnt… And then you didnt get the message, and released three new cameras with a low dynamic range sensor again..

    And then this crappy small sensored compact.. unbelievable..

    • You realize this appears to be a BSI (back side illuminated sensor)? If this is actually the case, the noise performance is likely going to be on par with the much larger sensor in the Sony RX100.

    • fwefaw

      Who would buy it? How ’bout people who don’t have $650 to blow on a compact? That borders directly into DSLR and mirrorless (both entry and even mid-range) territory, a lot of great lenses, the combinations of which would still out perform the Sony cam.

      If Samsung is smart about pricing, this camera will serve its market niche just fine

  • jiamflash

    It’s clearly 1/1.7 sensor just like the EX1. You can clearly tell by the lens focus length, 5.2mm=24mm for 1/1.7 sensor! Wrong info presented indeed!

    • Dummy00001

      f/1.4 and 24mm – sounds interesting.

      RX100 is sadly only 28mm.

      Let’s see what lens the rumored LX7 would have.

  • Slaven

    1/2.33″ BSI CMOS sensor


  • Slaven

    If you consider in detail the image, you can see details of the lens: it’s 5,2-17,2 mm
    If lens is 24mm wide, then crop-factor kf = 24mm / 5,2mm = 4,6
    kf 4,6 corresponds to 1/1,7″ sensor type. See Wiki, for example.
    So, it’s definitely not 1/2,33″ =)

    • spam

      5.2mm is the same as on the EX1, so given 24mm at the widest then it’s the same sensor size as EX1.

  • Sky

    Samsung, get out of camera market! You are worthless. Go back doing what you are good in – plastic Androids.

  • Peter

    Like everyone else pointed out, you can clearly see by the focal lenght, that the sensor size info in wrong, Admin please correct it

  • MuTaka

    The 1/2.3″ sensor size is mistake. Based on angle of view the 5.7 mm wide end would suppose a 1/1.6″ sensor in order to achieve 24 mm.

  • zorzi

    Looks like an advert for a new Lego toy.

    It’s hard to take this 1/2.3 sensor youtube camera seriously, really.

  • kmhb

    samsung ade / good by

  • Olli

    I am not sure Admin took the sensor size mis-interformation from as all information on the image are indicating the same sensor size on EX2 as on current EX1 with some small enhancements to the lens on aperture and focal length at the long end

    • yes it was a mistake, sorry

      • Din

        10.9mm is a 2/3″ sensor, not 1/1.7″

  • adpo

    am i the only one excited for this camera? if i wanted the best in IQ, i’d just reach for my dslr. from what i see, this would make the perfect little snapshooter for when i just want to have fun making photos with friends. swiveltilt screen for fun compositions that are much harder to do with my dslr, a 1.4 aperture and backlit sensor for low light snaps of my friends and a 24-70 equiv zoom range that’s a lot more versatile than Ricoh’s GRD line of fixed 28 equiv P&S, what’s not to love?
    If i wanted to be doing serious work, I’d reach for a serious camera. To me no matter how great sony’s rx100 is, its still a point and shoot. if i just wanted a point and shoot, i’d much rather take this over the rx100 since to me, it just seems like i’d have a lot more fun with this camera. Otherwise, i’d just reach for the dslr for some serious work

  • benalys

    No. The translation is wrong.

    According to the picture, the sensor diagonal size is 10.9mm, which belongs to the 2/3″ size instead of 1/2.33″.

    The 2/3″ sensor has a 11mm diagonal size.

    See this wiki page for details of the sensor format.

  • mythbuster

    I realize size sensor may be a mistake.
    Please, editor, could you check this?
    In this case (roughly 1/1.7″ sensor), is enough to deliver very good quality. Only need an optional small EVF and it´s perfect.

    • Yes, I received a confirmation – the sensor size is 1/1.7″ (10.9mm) BSI CMOS sensor

      • Din

        Sensor is closer to 2/3″ (11mm) than 1/1.7″

        1/1.7″ = 9.50mm
        1/1.6″ = 10.07mm
        2/3″ = 11

  • mythbuster

    I think eveybody agree sensor size is a mistake, but I have another question: EX1 lens was a f1.8-f2.4 and this EX2 is f1.4-f???. In the picture I can´t see clearly but the tele aperture seems to be f2.7. It´s still a very bright lens, but for me there is no point in in doing the tele darker and the angular brighter, except for marketing. Hope I am wrong.

    • benalys

      One possible explanation is that the new sensor is bigger than the old one, even not much bigger.

      1/1.7″ sensor should have 9.5mm diagonal. Since EX2F is 10.9mm, it should be between 1/1.6″ and 2/3″ instead of 1/1.7″.

      Need more confirmation about the sensor size.

    • ew

      it’s not only darker but also longer. @ 15.6mm the new lens should be pretty close to f/2.4.

      EX-1 lens: 5.2-15.6 mm 1:1.8-2.4
      EX-2 lens: 5.2-17.2 mm 1:1.4-2.7

  • lll

    This camera looks cool with those dials and F1.4 is impressive. If this thing is fast and handles as well as my Ricoh GRD I am in.
    I leave the comments on the sensor being too small to the usual useless nerds.

    • JMF

      who you calling Nerds? the ones who complain and can’t even compute properly and just believe on what is written? how is it difficult to overlook 10.9mm sensor size or do those nerds think that 10.9mm sensor is 1/2.33 ? nerds? probably more like stupid people.

      • nerd-finder

        And with a commentary like that you believe you’re much different from the nerds/stupid you’re referring to?

    • zoorzi

      “This camera looks cool with those dials…”

      So a person makes a noob observation like this, yet has balls to label others as nerds? Haha…this Web thing is fantastic.

      • lll

        Silence, nerd.

        • zorzi

          Go back to your ‘dials’ douche bag…hide in a corner and never come out of it again.

          • lll

            Sorry I touched you where it hurts nerd. I am one of those who play cruel pranks on you.

  • FMJ

    1/1.7 was once a huge sensor for Compact, just becoz Sony is able to stuff a 1″ sensor in their high end P&S, doesn’t make this pointless.

    but obviously, Samsung can’t price it the same as the Sony.

  • FMJ

    but putting a F1.4 on a sensor like this won’t get you any real bokeh, it just for low light…

    • JMF

      even a 1″ sensor won’t give you any really bokeh either. the closest one would be an m4/3 sensor, but nothing lesser than that.

    • ryan

      I can get a very narraw DOF with my xz-1 doing head and shoulders. With only 70mm on the long end…no…but I’m sure the xz-2 or the lx7 will be better due to the longer FL. If the Sony had F4 on the long end it would produce a nice shallow DOF as well.

      BTW the term bokeh. Is the quality of the OOF blur. Not to be mistaken for DOF.

  • Sam

    The Samsung EX1 is a durable, economical camera that takes excellent photos, this should be a really cool camera.

  • reverse stream swimm

    This is the largest sized commercially available BSI-CMOS sensor, taking the crown from Fujifilm. We’re all curious to see how it performs, it should easily beat the Canon S100 on sensor performance alone.

    Also the bright lens even at telephoto end, makes the Samsung (f/2.7) superior to the Sony RX100 (f/4.9).

    The new EX2F beats the RX100 at the tele end, and hence gets a better out of focus blur. Whether the bokeh is better too, we would guess so.

  • Kopite

    I hope I don’t get slammed for this as I’m not really a camera junkie or a pixel peeper but here is my take on this. I’ve been looking around for a nice carry everywhere point and shoot and the RX100 isn’t really on my radar due to its price so I won’t even mention that. There really isn’t much choice in the way for decent point and shoots at the moment as everything seems to have a compromise. The canons are ticking lens error time bombs and the xz-1 has some issues focusing with video. I had a play around with the ex1 in a Samsung store and I really liked the feel of it, the articulated screen sold it for me though as it makes composing pics a lot more engaging which I love. I’m not too bothered if this can’t compete with the rx100, I just want a decent p&s which reasonably priced that is fun to use and it looks like Samsung may well deliver that.

  • nik

    hopefully the high iso performance is 2 stops better than LX3

  • Matt

    If the diagonal is 10.9mm that makes gives it a 3.96 crop factor (43.2/10.9).

    even if we conservatively round that up to 4, if you multiply that by the 5.2mm wide end shown on the lens, you get 20.8mm equivalent, not 24mm. 21mm makes this unique in compact cameras. absolutely smashes the RX100s 28mm.

    • mythbuster

      But in the photo you can see 24 mm f 1.4, not 21 mm. Hope you are right, but better wait and see…

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