Q&A with Schneider Kreuznach

Schneider Kreuznach released this Q&A session regarding their recent announcement and future plans:

What are the basic parameters of the lens that has been announced? The focal length is 14 millimeters with a 2.0 aperture. It will have precise autofocus.

Will there be additional lenses? Yes, other models are in planning but we’re not able to announce any details at this time.

Will there be zoom optics? Initially, there are no plans for zoom optics but only for fixed focal lengths.

What cameras does the lens fit? The lens fits all Panasonic and Olympus m43 cameras. It also fits some Leica models when using an adapter provided by the manufacturer. Contrary to some reports in international forums and on photo websites, an adaptation to Sony’s E-Mount is not planned.

Are the lenses actually manufactured in Germany? Yes, all lenses are manufactured, assembled and tested in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

Will the Super-Angulon 14 mm have an internal CPU? Yes, the lens has an integrated CPU.

When will the lenses be available? Contrary to some reports on the internet, they will not be available on the market before the first quarter of 2013.

When will additional and more detailed information be available? During its annual press talk, Schneider-Kreuznach announced its plans of entering the market for system cameras. We’re honestly surprised by the huge response and will present more detailed information on the 14 mm lens at photokina 2012. Please bear with us until then.

What group does the lens target and what will be the selling price? The lenses are manufactured in Germany at Schneider-Kreuznach’s traditional level of quality and target serious amateur photographers. The main focus is on outstanding quality. The price will be below 1,500 euros, according to current planning.

When will the add-on lenses for Apple’s iPhone be launched? This is another project that is still in development. A date for the market launch has not been set yet.

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  • “It also fits some Leica models when using an adapter provided by the manufacturer.”

    What would that be ?? The new Leica Compact System Camera to come at Photokina ?? Obviously, you cannot physically mount an M43 lens on an M or LTM body and retain infinity focus. And all existing Leica bodies would require an aperture ring, as well…

    Or is this a translation error ??


    • The original interview I received was in English, not sure if this is an error. Maybe for the new mirrorless system from Leica?

    • but again, they mentioned with the use of an adapter

  • george

    “some Leica models” ?? not likely a full frame or M camera. It would be really nice to see a 14mm for the M line. Currently I am using a 15mm R lens with an adapter for interiors, and a modern 14mm full frame would be a wonderful replacement. Probably not for NEX cameras either due to the larger sensor (compared to the 4/3 sensor). Unfortunately another expensive lens for less than professional camera lines.

    It would be really nice to see a high quality digital compatible 12mm or 14mm full frame lens for mirrorless cameras (NEX, fuji, and M platforms)

  • Pablo Ricasso

    It would be really nice to see a high quality digital compatible 12 or 14 mm full frame lens for ANY camera…

  • Nobody Special

    As a long time Leica lens user, and having the opportunity to use some Schneider lenses – I can say I would happily use and would actually prefer them over Leica glass. With m4/3rds??? I had not planned on getting into that system, but with Schneider getting involved – that’s a different story.

    I would have liked to see them respond to any chance of seeing them make lenses w/mounts for N/C or others. Right now, a new Leica body in a small format with a mount that could take Schneider lenses doesn’t make much sense unless the sensor size is larger than 4/3rds – as Leica has repeatedly said they are not interested in m4/3 – unless they are talking about Panasonic.

    • fjfjjj

      I love Schneider’s lenses too. But saying you would get involved with a Four Thirds system because of Schneider is kind of like saying you would buy a Sony Alpha because of Zeiss.

      • Mistral75

        > saying you would get involved with a Four Thirds system because of Schneider is kind of like saying you would buy a Sony Alpha because of Zeiss.

        Both are valid reasons :).

        • I bought a Nokia phone and Logitech webcam because of Zeiss ;P

      • Nobody Special

        I guess all I can say to that is…..huh? Well actually, I wouldn’t mind giving the Sony system a shot WOULD be because of the Zeiss glass….which I have also used and am fond of, especially in FF 35.

        Now the cell I-phone glass; not likely, though I’ve used my cell phone as a ‘serious composition’ tool too, and the glass is unknown to me….so.

  • What a pity

    What a pity these lenses are for 43 only. I cannot see 43 as anything serious, merely small and cheap. But these lenses break small and cheap => no deal. This is truly, truly a pity.

    • MK

      yea so i guess you can just end it now; i fear that the pity may be too much to bear for someone as delicate as yourself

      • What a pity

        Fred since you don’t know me, keep it shut. You obviously are some lame sort of tosser, angry, frustrated, yet probably only a silly spotty teenager.

      • YeahYeah

        Hum, Fred is right. WhatAPity started the troll. I’m really fed up with such immature comments on the web. Go try an E-M5 and come back tell me it’s a toy. It has better build quality than my former Nikon D90 and better IQ too. Not to mention I much prefer the EVF since it gives a reliable information about what the final result will be.

        • Haey

          You are fed up with immature comments? LOL

    • tonyp

      obviously doesn’t have a clue and has never shot with an om-d, I can’t speak for panny users but I am a pro photog and was lucky enough to get one of the first in Aus (retail -no link to oly) I can safely say the files i get from my om-d are superb, usability and speed of the camera surpasses canon or nikon, evf means less post prod and while files are not as good as my d800 or d3x and s it allows me to be discrete where the others scream pro.. I use schneider enlarging lenses for macro and get top results, really m4/3 is dearly in need of high quality glass.. think about it.. take a at 100mm f1.4 or 1.8 and if schneider produced a sharp 2x converter (would be a first in any format) could give a 400 f2.8 equiv.. I’d pay big bucks for that.. my nikon 400 is great but is $14k Aus, weighs a ton, and absolutely can not be hand held… hope schneider and oly reads this cus for the first time in ages I am truly happy..

      • What a pity

        Here is a tip, “pro”: get some used 200/2.8 lens and adapt it to your toy. Done. There will be no autofocus but you are a pro, so you must be good, right? Yeah…

        • Tonyp

          AF is the key.. Sorry your bitter.

          • TonyW

            You cannot focus? Tough.

  • Mistral75

    Admin, are you certain this document is a genuine document from Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH and has not been forged?

    • Samony

      I also thought they flatly denied anything to do with this m4/3 release, so they are now in the game because there were so much interest in them releasing a lens for m4/3?

    • Yes I believe so, it was distributed by the company – It was also published on few other websites.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    I think the format can offer much to people who want to photograph very small objects and to people who want to photograph things at great distances. It will also be good for people who want something that is small and relatively cheap. And that’s no pity.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    And at 1500 euros it should be almost as small and cheap as a Leica…

  • Nobody Special

    Go to the Schneider home page and see what they offer – the glass is awesome.

  • Josh

    “It also fits some Leica models when using an adapter provided by the manufacturer.”

    Are there any Leica interchangeable lens cameras (yet)? Which models could Schneider refer to?

    • Josh

      Apart from the M series, of course…

      • Kevin Purcell

        Leica Digilux 3 a FourThirds (not microFourThirds) DSLR

        aka Panasonic L1

        Both share the mirror box of the Olympus E330.

        That’s the only Leica FourThirds camera.


    hi,i have an old lense made by krusenach,its a radiogon,scnieder-radiogon 1:4/35mm with manual shutter control,not sure which camera it would have suited,how can i find out more on this lense?the make number is 5364371


    hi you guy’s its peter again on the schnieder lense again,i typped the wrong serial numbers on the lense,its 5384371,much obliged?pep_e??

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