Canon phase detection AF found in the Rebel T4i camera

Chipworks recently took apart a Canon Rebel T4i camera and found phase detection sensors mixed among the pixels. This technology is used in the Fuji F300EXR and Nikon 1 cameras and it will probably be present in the upcoming Canon mirrorless camera.

Read more at PhotographyBay, Image Sensors World and Chipworks.

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  • Rob

    Nice 🙂

    Maybee light mettering will be integrated to sensors sometimes in the near future..

    • fjfjjj

      How do you think autoexposure is done during video recording?

      • Harold Ellis

        it is afaik done from normal readout.

    • Dylan

      The T4i actually has an 18 million zone full-color light meter right on the sensor, crazy stuff.

      • Harold Ellis

        not 18 full color but 18 single color 🙂

  • Matt

    How do you mean ‘found’? It isn’t like it was a secret that Canon did want anyone to know about…

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