First Leica M10 spy shots


In case you are not following LeicaRumors - those could be the first spy shots of the upcoming Leica M10 camera.

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  • I never did get the point of their digital Ms

  • Anon

    Smallest full-frame digital camera in existence, and for almost 3 years, the highest quality (in terms of image quality). What’s not to get? 😉

    • R!

      Highest image quality?????
      highest price and service????

      • nycPete

        only people who cant afford one say that.

        • image quality is at low iso very good, but at high iso, where it should have been better then film leica by now, it isnt. other companies are far beyond that

          • bob2

            Leica–2004 technology at 2012 prices. Noisy, poor DR, very small buffer, lock ups, etc. And yes, I CAN afford a Leica, but choose not to waste my money.

        • hexx

          LOL!!!! only people who can afford one say that and move over onto something that performs better 😉

    • Musouka

      Better learn to manual focus well, though, as the lens are relatively compact mainly because of the lack of AF. The image might have some sort of a unique feeling to them but Leica needs to work on their high ISO noise.

  • Don Pope

    Small full frame camera with an optical viewfinder and traditional controls. I would have one if it wasn’t for the outrageous price. I wonder why Voigtlander and Zeiss don’t make digital version of their rangefinders.

    • Epson R-D1 series

      • R!

        M lenses works well on 4/3 and you can film and get liveview and have better colors than on Leicas !

        • Robert Korn

          yes but with a 2.0x crop factor, so goodbye to wide angle shots. Better colors…based on what criteria?

          • Last I checked Epson R-D1xG is still made, but sold Japan only. Did not sell well outside of Japan.

        • Sky

          Better colors?! ROTFL.

        • CP

          Better colors…???!!! Ignorance is bliss….

  • JJ

    for ppl who love to live in the past, refuse to admit and move on… this is where Leica can still find ways to make $$. hope u all enjoy the brand…

  • Jordan

    The entire point of this argument is lost in that Leica is still the only company that produces a quality rangefinder, end of story. Why Epson hasn’t tried to compete in this market and the only company that has tried to go anywhere near an OVF with interchangeable lenses that isn’t a DSLR is absolutely mind boggling to me. I would love to buy the Epson, as it has a nicer body feel than Leica in my opinion, but 6MP just makes it a bit of a toy.

  • The way the person is holding the leica in the 2nd image makes me want to face palm.

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