Pentax Ricoh products shuffle

Noboru Akabane, President of Pentax Imaging Ricoh, announced plans to abolish future Pentax compact digital cameras and focus on DSLRs. All future compact cameras will be under the Ricoh brand while DSLR and mirrorless camera will be under the Pentax name. It is not clear what will happen with the Ricoh GXR system.

Via Digicame-info

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  • MrJava

    Makes sense

  • well no , not necessarily
    while I think Pentax has nothing to do in the main stream compact market , I hope as a Ricoh GXR user to see new modules at Photokina


  • Yeah, it does make sense. But would make more sense to just stick with one name. I think Ricoh should have given up the Ricoh nameplate and used Pentax for everything camera related. They could probably easily stick a new badge on their existing Ricoh designs.

    • Dan

      I don’t agree. While Ricoh is a small cameramaker they do have a very strong brand in some niches, especially in Japan. The Ricoh Gr-series for example have a close to fanatical following that it would be stupid to abandon.
      As long as they keep the GXR I think it makes sense.

    • pooh

      A Pentax GRD? Hell no.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    They should come up with a line of long telephotos that nobody can afford and call it Rentax.

  • Calibrator

    It’s not about quality – it’s about “perceived quality”.

    It makes sense to use the Pentax name on DSLRs (= high quality cameras) if folks believe that because of its history. Nobody remembers faceless compacts – that’s for sure.

    And who would readily buy a Ricoh middleformat body? And use what? Pentax lenses?
    Makes no sense at all.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Why doesn’t Tamron just buy them? Their lenses cost so much more when they say Pentax on them. They could take some of the profits that the discount middlemen are making and still have lower prices than today. Also, they would have at least one mount where they would have all the proprietary information so that there wouldn’t be any headaches down the line. Those are two excellent companies with a long history full of some good stuff. Imagine if all the Tamron lenses were SMC…

    • Alex

      Which Pentax lenses are actually Tamron?

  • amien

    they sacrified the name Pentax. Such a great brand 10 years ago, excellent medium format cameras as well… man

    PENTAX = mini hasselblad decades ago

    Ricoh Pentax sounds just plain stupid.

    • Alex

      Sacrificed… how? By making them a high-end brand? By sticking with the K-mount and the 645 (yep, the medium format cameras), but not with some lowly, loss making compacts? By investing in them, unlike Hoya? By planning to increase the product range, the market share?
      And it’s Pentax Ricoh, not Ricoh Pentax – for a reason.

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