More pictures of the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera, lenses and flash *UPDATED*

Few more images of the Canon mirrorless camera including the 18-55mm and 22mm f/2 lenses plus the new EOS M flash:

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  • atapee

    Ok officialy APS-C size!

  • vam

    I have to say it sems they really thought it out – I bet it’s going to be a big success. The styling fits well into their camera range, the body is compact with a nice wide pancake, you can recognize the brand immediately by looking at it and it seems ideal for a beginner compact camera user. Everything is painfully logical, typical for Canon.

    Naturally I was hoping for something brave and special, I know they could do it, they just don’t have to. I tried to imagine this body slightly larger with a protruding grip, a built-in evf and a tilting lcd and I think it would look great and would be a really nice camera. There might be a second, advanced body coming in autumn, if I remember the rumors correctly, so I’m still curious.

    • Ozbaz

      I think you have summed it up well. I couldn’t agree more.

      • Global

        Unfortunately, Canon is famous for CRIPPLING their lower-end cameras unnecessarily (they put in full tech and deliberately cut off certain functions and parts of functions — despite the consumer owning hardware capable of more).

        I just worry how much Canon is going to cripple this camera in the usual ridiculous ways. You know, some companies have a policy of including “overclocking” with their technology. Canon should consider it, rather than its unsatisfying history of crippling hardware instead.

        If this camera doesn’t have as much capability as a high-end APS-C, then Canon missed the boat, because this should rightfully be a high-end mirror-less camera, not a toy.

        • Sky

          It won’t be high-end – just look at the controls.
          Still though – it almost certainly will be MUCH better then Nikon 1 system – simply because you hardly can fail more then Nikon did (so far only Pentax managed to achieve this surprising trait).

          • R. Jackson

            Nikon’s 1 system is actually an extremely capable system. The sensor is smaller than the competition, but the processing power is many times that of the competition. It enables many more computations per second by the AF system and it also allows the various advanced capture modes. I’ve only tried out the Nikon 1 cameras in stores, but my guess is that the number of keepers is probably a lot higher than most (if not all) mirrorless camera systems. FWIW, I own a Samsung NX10, which I like a lot, but it’s not nearly as responsive as a Nikon 1.

    • Dummy00001

      > I bet it’s going to be a big success.

      If price is right. “Big” probably not, but all components for a financial success are there.

      Yes, Canon does lots of things right this time. All? Not so sure. Opening the EF-M mount specs to 3rd parties would do a great deal to convince me otherwise. m43 is (mostly) open. Sony E-mount is open. Canon might need that bit of leverage too, to appease the 3rd party lens manufacturers – but in past they hadn’t bothered.

  • Full Auto, Photo, Video.

    I hope it’s have manual mode under photo (and video). (Otherwise my Nikon P300 is better camera, which is have Manual photo mode and exposure lock under video…) I’m afraid to ask Aperture or Shutter Priority mode dials, too?

    And why we need to switch to video on the top if we have a dedicated red video button on the back!?

    Everyone hoped a retro like camera, but we maybe got it’s not just same as every other mirrorless, it’s not have fast mode change options (if it’s have another modes).

    (btw I’m a 5D user, so not a Nikon “fanboy”.)

    • Jon R

      It’ll probably route most of the modes through the touchscreen (I think it’s going to be a touchscreen).

      There’s a video switch on the top probably to keep users from accidentally hitting the record button. It’s a common complaint with Sony Nex 7 users.

    • Me too – it is very interesting camera but without M/Av/Tv I will not to buy it…

  • Michal

    I’m just really, really surprised to see it doesn’t have built in flash.

    • Global

      Canon seems to hate pop-up flashes in any camera. But in this case, I’m also quite surprised. The suggested Flash is enourmous and pretty much a monstrousity that ruins the purpose of the camera for travel……

      Canon needs a very, very tiny unit to sit on top and use on board power — they could have made it removeable if it wasn’t able to fit in the body itself. But this on-top Flash is just a monstrosity. Giant.

      Whats the point, just get a Rebel.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Seeing how the sensor is small and knowing how Canon over cook JPG’s and produce images with purple fringing (just how Ken Rockwell likes ’em), if it costs more than $599 US, for a non-m4/3 camera then it’s a few years too late.

    • Renk Krockwell

      APS-C is small?

      • Boing Wronkwell

        Not for Ken “6MP is all you need” Rockwell.

        Anyone who uses full frame (or larger), won’t be impressed and is there confirmation that this is an APS-C sensor anywhere? Might it not be smaller?

        • Ke

          The 18-55mm kit lens would make no sense on another sensor size. It’s Canon’s APS-C.

          • Considering the origin, probably Canon 1.6x rather than more typical APS-C 1.5x. It is conceivable though at this point seems a little less likely that it uses the slightly smaller 1.85x G1X sensor, where 18-55 would still be a reasonably useful length (33-101). This is also the difference between that 22/2 being a more ‘normal’ 40-eq vs. mild-wide 35-eq.

  • knap

    8 contacts in the hot shoe?

    so the viewfinder goes directly there without need for a port? or the flash really need almost as much contacts as the lens mount?

    • knap

      hmmm… maybe 2 of them are just screws. nevermind

  • Ben

    Well, so APS-C is great… I think it clearly aims at the same market as the Nikon 1 series….. soccerparents that want a little extra but mainlyu shoot on auto.

    Used to love the V1 but those ‘special’ settings just get annoying, so I moved onto a OM-D which is much better feature wise.

    Nevertheless, give it a adapter for DSLR lenses and a lot of peoples with DSLR will buy it as a backup….

    • HDZ

      How small camera make a lot of control?

      • SDP

        Via a busy touchscreen LCD.

  • Alx

    I would not be surprised if it has a touchscreen. A full manual mode could work without the dials or direct controls if the touchscreen is good enough.

  • Denis

    So, the worst body with the worst sensor.

  • Caught Jarvis

    OK with a couple of primes, but once you put a UWA or telephoto lens on this it will be the same size as a small DSLR and more difficult to handle

  • ed

    Camera looks terrible. Zero style and really lacking in terms of manual controls. Only the 22mm lens looks interesting. Canon has really started to lose their way.

    • robertodiez30

      +1 .

  • Joaquim Prado

    Nikon 1 Should have APS-C sensor!

    • Sky

      Nikon 1 never should see the daylight.
      As so shouldn’t most of Nikon compacts.
      Yes, Nikon makes awesome DSLRs – but on any other front cameras they make are more-or-less fails.

  • nycPete

    I hope the 22mm lens has a filter ring.

  • metalaryeh

    Surely a point & shoot upgrade. This is mostly for people that won’t even bother trying to find a manual mode. When they do find it they will want easy access to all manual settings and buy different, perhaps Canon, camera. This incredibly boring looking camera will sell well due to the Canon name and likely to be impressive AF. In two years thousands will ne sold used for $80. Instead of taking pills for my insomnia, I’ll just place one of these cameras next to my bed. Zzzzzzz……

  • robertodiez30

    That camera just sucks! It´s far away and behind Sony 5n and Panny GX1! It´s a Canon! Sad, but true. One´s expect more from the number one in sales!

  • hp_to

    Well. This camera sucks according to most people here – then i must be sucker, LOL.

    If this camera is APS-C and priced around $500 AND if there are other good small primes in addition to 22/f2 (like 16mm f2.8 and 85/f2) all priced for about $300-500, then i might be interested in this system . Of course only after lens get good reviews and auto-focus/image quality from camera is good enough.

    Cameras come and go. There will be sure decent/pro camera in this line in future. What i am interested is great, small, fast, and reasonably priced prime lenses.

    • fasdf

      LOL $500? do you honestly think it will sell that low? my guess is at least $600, probably $750.

  • As a person who shoots camera systems that are much more advanced on a more regular basis than pretty much anyone else here, I can say this is camera is looking perfect for a mirrorless.

    What I and others in my situation would like is a small pocketable camera with a decent sensor and a fast lens. Only thing out there right now that’s comparable is the Nex 5N with the 24/2 but that lens is massive! A 22 at f/2 on APS-C with phase detect is much better. Perfect for replacing my Nex-5 and 16/2.8 which has served me extremely well so far.

    Nay Sayers here are either Nikon 1 users who now look ridiculous with their big bricks with useless sensors and boring lenses or microFourThirds users who always feel inferior to everyone else for some reason.

    It’s a compact camera, people… It’s not meant to be competitive in commercial photography and it’s not meant to be used in warzones. Remember that. Putting an EVF and a few knobs on your mirrorless doesn’t make it a big boy/girl camera. You’re still shooting a general purpose camera regardless of how well you use it. So get over it.

    • Robert Falconer

      An APS-C sensor in a camera of this size and specification is impressive on its own merits, though the rest of the camera is pretty zzzzzzzzzzz.

      What this does it put APS-C quality into the hands of the point & shoot consumer market. I’m guessing it will sell…and sell well.

    • babola

      Kind of yes and no.
      None of the current EVILs on the market being Sony, Nikon, Samsung etc come with proportional eronomics as soon as you step away from the wide angle fish-eye lens some of them come with in default config. Pretty much any other lenses when ttached to the body throw off balance and ergonomics making the camera a little cumbersome to use. Add to that a lack of a good hand grip and you have something bordering on fiddly.

      I owned Sony NEX-5 for a short time but ended up selling it. Maybe it’s just me but after 15 years of shoting film and digital SLRs I just couldn’t get ‘into it’. For me personally, I see these EVIL and mirorless compacts as ‘a lens with a ‘camera body attached on its end’ rather than a ‘camera body with lens attached’ if you get my grip.

      They may be convenient but won’t be for everyone and deinitely not something I’d consider as ‘pocketable’ as soon as you swap the fish-eye with another longer prime or zoom lens.

    • John F

      I like the idea of the camera, and that 22/2 pancake looks nice. Unfortunately I share this opinion with someone who started off a post claiming a position of authority as, “a person who shoots camera systems that are much more advanced on a regular basis than than pretty much anyone else here.” So what if you do? It doesn’t make your opinion any more valid than anyone else’s, and only marks you as a braggart.
      It’s the same as someone claiming that driving a Unimog on a regular basis gives them authority to objectively state what a perfect sedan for everyone is. The argument just doesn’t make sense.
      To top it off, you followed that up with useless generalizations about the types of people who are “Nay Sayers.” Do Nikon 1 users really “look ridiculous,” or are they just photographers who like different equipment than you? Do all m4/3 users really “always feel inferior to everyone else?” Or are you basing your opinion off a few internet trolls?
      I did have a little laugh, though, at your wonderful platitude: “Putting and EVF and a few knobs on your mirrorless doesn’t make it a big boy/girl camera.” Seriously? You just un-ironically used the phrase, “big boy/girl camera.” It might take me a bit to “get over” the laughter after reading that.

      • unimog? lol… love it

        As for the “look ridiculous” part… was referring to the Nikon 1 cameras more than the users. Typed this in from my phone while I was half asleep so I made a few typos. But some Nikon 1 users look ridiculous too, I’m sure you agree.

        “Do Nikon 1 users really … ? Do all m4/3 users really … ?”

        Golly gee… do you mean there are such things as exceptions to rules out there? Who would’ve known! Thank you so much for taking the time to mention this very important point that we would’ve never known without your help 😀

    • Typo… meant Sony Nex-5 series with the ZE 24/1.8… not ZA 24/2.

    • metalaryeh

      You seem to not comprehend what people are saying here. For most photographers, “advanced” cameras are really the easiest to use. The essential settings (aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, iso…) should be easily changed. Without external controls, a camera becomes far more complicated to use. If you really use more “Advanced cameras on a regular basis” than the other people here (a bit pompous) you will be annoyed with the lack of controls and wish Canon would have made a G1X With a interchangeable lens mount. Have you ever tried to use a point and shoot with manual control? It’s very complicated and annoying.

      • For most photographers, “advanced” cameras are really the easiest to use.

        But most photographers aren’t “advanced” 🙂 I don’t think there’s such _one thing_ as an “advanced camera”, even while keeping exceptions like the Pentax Q aside.

        I’m all in support of various manual controls but a simpler, intuitive interface lets you how to do things and there are fewer things to accidentally flick when you stick one of these things in your pocket. That’s one of the reason why I’m not in favour of Nikon DSLRs with lots of tiny tiny buttons and levers all over the place. You have it hanging over your shoulder and then suddenly settings have changed when you pick up the camera to shoot something. We all know how much fun that is 🙂

  • hkhg

    so….it’s on the thicker side of rangefinder-styles, but it has about as many controls as the sony 5N?

    it looks like a gross mix between their compact travelzoom, their s100 and random bits of ugly.

    does it matter how a camera looks? for people who manage to not care, good for you. but I’m sorry, a camera is very much a personal item to me, and I want to feel confident about it, and not be questioned about it when using it. It has to offer a more serious demeanor than this.

    Will it perform well? Knowing Canon, sure. Will it be revolutionary and offer something other systems don’t? Knowing Canon, not really. Will it still sell? Being Canon, probably.

    But it probably won’t offer any compelling reason to switch.

    Maybe I should be more forgiving since it’s a first generation product. But Canon isn’t exactly a first generation camera company, and if they’re gonna enter this late, they better have something good.

    • Ross

      I think you’ve summed it up nicely. I see it as a first, cautious entry into mirrorless cameras & if the rumours are correct, then a higher spec model will soon come from Canon & Nikon as well. For me, I’ll just enjoy my Oly OM-D E-M5 instead & watch how the competition progresses. It is only going to be good for us all as new developements & re-developements come from the different camera manufacturers.

    • Ozbaz

      I think it looks great and hopefully it is very compact in size. The shape is a blend of modern with hints of a classical shape. Unlike the pentax k01 it is in proportion i.e. not too thick. Yes I would have loved a more retro enthusiast camera for the first body of this system but based purely on its looks i am impressed. we really have to wait and see what it is capable of before passing meaningful judgments positive or negative.

  • none

    No PictBridge button?

    • It’s time for you to handle a new Canon camera… times have changed since you probably got to know one last 😉

  • mythbuster

    I think it´s not an APS-C sensor. My Pentax pancake 70 mm f 2.4 front glass is about four times that tiny lens and Canon´s is f 2.0…

    • SGN

      Err… could you elucidate your logic?

      • mythbuster

        Bigger front element lenses (glass diameter) can gather more light inside. Such a tiny lens don´t appear to be an APSC lens as mine is f2.4 and needs to be a lot bigger than this f 2.0. Just comparing two pancake lenses.

      • stef

        Longer focal lengths (70mm vs 22mm) require more glass to get an equivalent f stop.

      • mythbuster

        Besides, longer focal distance lenses needs bigger front elements to gather the same amount of light than shorter focal distance lenses and so that 70 mm lens should be even larger than 22 mm lens… ooooops! I now realize I am wrong, because a 22 mm focal distance lens diamenter is not as large as a 70 mm with the same luminosity… hahahahaha! I was doing the inverse calculation 😉

    • You and everyone else who responded to you is pretty much off on your reasoning.

      The f-number determines the diameter of the front element and this has nothing to do with the format. A 300 5.6 lens that covers 8×10 has the same front diameter as one that covers only a 35mm FF sensor.

      When the focal length and f-number is the same but the format size changes, it’s the lens design that changes. The lens design is very closely related to the number of glass elements used with exceptions when going from retrofocus->ordinary->telephoto.

  • cosinaphile

    canon could have provided lenses with f stops on them and a body with an evf on the side and instant access to ss f stop and iso

    idiots im about as interested as i am in nuikons mirrorless garbage , which is to say , not at all…… what a tremendous lost oppotournity

    corporations are morons

  • photonut

    Looks smaller than those humongous Sony lenses! Let’s see how the tele zooms look like…

    • Yes but there’s rarely is a win-win with these. Yes, the Sony 24/1.8 is big but I’m guessing it’s sharper in the center wide-open. The resolution on this pancake should be decent when wide-open but doubt the bokeh’s going to be very smooth in comparison to the Sony… and I’m not talking about f/1.8 vs. f/2…

    • Sky

      Actually: it doesn’t. It looks exactly the same in size.

  • This camera looks good – nice industrial design. None of that “tonka” Pentax yellow or pink Nikon 1 stuff.

    However, I want to see how this camera performs – I still might be up for Nikon 1 if AF on Canon is sub par.

    Also, Sony RX100 compact looks good. The only reason I would want an EVIL camera is speed of operations. If RX100 type camera is just as fast, I would go for the smaller size, whichever.

  • Sahaja

    EOS-M 66.5mm 108.6mm, x 32.3mm, 262g vs. Sony NEX 5N 59mm 111mm x 38mm, 269g

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