More images of the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera and EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens

More images of the upcoming Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera, including the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens:

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  • Damien

    on screen controls, well that sucks.

    • Harold Ellis

      at least it appears to have APS sensor, but well, they can as well keep it for them self

      • lynn

        why would i want this ricoh frankenstein baby versus an NEX7 with ef-mount adapter and elctrical nodes for canon lenses?

        • “why would i want this ricoh frankenstein baby versus an NEX7 with ef-mount adapter and elctrical nodes for canon lenses?”

          You would not because you are independently wealthy and therefore wouldn’t care that it’s about half the price, and you find autofocus and IS (when mounting EOS lenses) unfair and unsportsman-like so prefer to use neither.

          • Matt

            Remember the overpriced to performance of the Canon G1X? That is what to expect for your PRICE CONSCIOUS. So no, budget pricing is not a valid argument here.

          • MarkInSF

            If you aren’t wealthy, you can buy the NEX-5Ñ. It is a nice camera with excellent IQ at a great price. It also has more hard controls than the Canon and is on its third generation, so feels mature.. I doubt the Canon will cost as little or be as well made.

  • Khufu

    I hope this is their cheap model cause this ain’t no E-M5/Nex-7 killer.

  • mythbuster

    No viewfinder, no manual controls, no good looking, no articulated screen… no deal. Canon is on the wrong path again.

    • In all likelihood, this model is to go up against Nikon’s mirrorless. As with traditional camera makers, they seem to compete against each other and leave legacy electronic manufactures like Panny, or Sony to fight each other. If that is case, then Canon going APS-C will beat Nikon in mirrorless game.

      • WoutK89

        Yes, because size is the only thing that matters on Image Quality, not the actual output, or quality of the lenses.

  • Steve

    Oh how I wish that had Nikon written on it and was g mount compatible.

  • nik

    IBIS pls

  • Gex

    This looks like something Pentax would do…

    • Matt

      Yes, it must have “inner values” 🙂

    • Not really, I don’t see this as Pentax-ey at all. Whether you consider that as a good or bad thing, this will actually probably sell in pretty good numbers (though maybe not so many to gear enthusiasts). Looks to be most like a Olympus E-PM1, probably not a bad place to be if your goal is selling a boatload of kits to families shopping retail stores.

      They’ll probably sell enough to encourage them to make a higher-end body at some point though I’m sure the wait will seem an eternity for most photo-gear enthusiasts.

    • Matt

      No, the ko1 is the piece of shit pentax would do.

  • sonicus

    The disappointment of the year (no viewfinder) :-(((((((((

  • hexx

    unless this costs somewhere around nex3 it doesn’t have big chance. it’s horrid, no manual controls, the lens although ‘pancake’ is quite big

  • Rob-L

    Oh well, I *was* excited about the Canon mirroless camera, but if this is it, I’ll pass.

  • BdV

    Slightly off topic, but what’s with the 502 Bad Gateway error on mirrorless rumors / canon watch / 4/3 rumors..?

    On topic: yeah, a bit disappointing. Could still produce awesome images, but even then, would I buy it? No, I will wait for the next serious mirrorless.

  • Ozbaz

    It may come with an electronic view finder option for the hot shoe. 22 x 1.6 = 35.2 mm. If the sensor is aps c (1.6 crop factor) then a 22mm lens is equivalent to 35mm in full frame terms. A good focal length for this type of camera. It is a shame it is not a digital canon 7 but canon tend not to be overly nostalgic. Over all looks promising. Can’t wait to get the full specs.

    • Harold Ellis

      not sturdy enough and usually also too expensive.

    • ras

      the hotshoe doesn’t have a connector on it, so it doesn’t seem like it will take an accessory EVF. not that i like to have one stuck on top.

      sadly, the zoom is not collapsible. it doesn’t look like they’re putting much into this. i hope it has phase detect AF on the sensor, though, and it’s very nice to see a fast 35mm-e pancake. i was expecting to see another wide angle pancake, so it’s not a complete wash. i wouldn’t expect the lens to be particularly good, but it should be ok.

      for the high end model, one can only hope the EVF is in the corner like the nex7, instead of in the middle like the pseudo-slrs from panasonic and oly.

  • kanp

    that “thing” makes the k-01 look like a serious camera…

  • Chris K.

    I totally agree with other folks, what? But then look at the Nikon 1 series…(Their most obvious competition.)

    Curious what the sales figures are for the Nikon 1’s. I see ’em everywhere but I’ve never seen someone using one.

    • Jason

      i see them everywhere in Australia and i’ve seen many people using the J1

      • Lorenzino

        same in Japan: Nikon1 is a hit

  • BornOptimist

    This is not a APS-C sensor. Nor is it the 4:3 aspect ratio sensor in the G1X.
    This one looks like a 3:2, and from known sizes in the presented photos, it looks like it’s 18.6 x 12.6 mm, giving it a crop factor of approx 1.9x

    • Rock Kenwell

      Measure the pixels and you’ll see that it is more likely 4:3 than 3:2.
      And if you measure the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the mount, you can confirm that there is insignificant distortion.
      But we’ll see on Monday, or even earlier.

      • BornOptimist

        No it’s not distorted, just save the picture and open it in a editing program. I measure it to be 75.5mm in both horisontal and vertical direction. Given the thread size of the lens is 43mm and the outer diameter of lens has the same diameter as the mount, the sensor is approx 18.6 x 12.6mm, and this is pretty close to a 3:2 aspect ratio. By adjusting brightness/contrast/saturation it’s pretty easy to see the active sensor area.

        • Mr Kotku

          I came up with 19.5mm x 13mm = 3:2 4224px x 3016px = 13.6MP or Marketing Dpt. = 14MP

    • Sahaja

      Since there are now shots of an 18-55mm standard zoom for this camera, it is certain that it is APS-C

  • Rock Kenwell

    Looks like a 4:3 sensor (104 by 75 pixels, not distorted). And the wheel on the backside is 15.5mm on my S95 –> 20mm sensor width +- at least 2mm.

    And APS-C is 3:2, so this is most likely the G1 X sensor (19mm long), which has a crop factor of slightly less than 2 when shooting 3:2 (about 1.7 for shooting 4:3).
    That makes the 22mm f/2 lens something between a 38mm f/3.4 (4:3) and a 42mm f/3.9 (3:2) lens in full frame equivalent.

    I still don’t see the point in buying a mirrorless camera because it just doesn’t fit onto a jeans pocket. If you’re in the market for a consumer camera and you would buy a point and shoot otherwise, this looks perfect!

  • Nico

    Looks like they only took a compact camera and put a lens mount on it !…

    Let’s wait for the real leak but no finder and no tiltable screen is a bad news…

  • ben


  • devorama

    It’s definitely APS-C sized sensor. If you look at the width of the standard hot shoe, the sensor must be about 23mm x 15mm. That’s Canon 1.6x crop APS-C.

  • devorama

    Wait, I take that back. The sensor looks like about 23x17mm. That’s actually bigger than the Canon 1.6x APS-C sensor. About the same width, but 4:3 ratio instead of 3:2.

  • frodo

    This is never APS-C… i just compared with an Olympus E-PL1 (MFT) and it pretty much has identical dimensions. So its very likely the G1X sensor.

  • Sahaja

    Measuring roughly on screen and using the hotshoe as a reference – the diagonal of the sensor is about 2.8~2.9 cm – which confirms that it is APS-C , or thereabouts.

    • Sahaja

      The ratio is also about 3:2

  • Hans

    This one’s dead before it hits the market.

  • Spag

    It will work very well whatever how good / bad it is. People buy Canon without thinking.

    • Michael

      Having owned a Canon, I would say people are often well advised to buy them without thinking. They make good stuff.

      • Patrick

        That’s bollocks and you know it. Because Lynx is used by a bunch of teenagers who know no better, it doesn’t mean bitches will come crawling to you like the ads suggest which the kids hope will be true.

  • Interesting that the lens is marked ‘macro’. I think that says 0.4-something feet. I wonder what the max magnification is?

  • Tony Hepworth

    You have to worry about canons future when you see something as off key as this. Lets hope this is just a hoax.

  • atapee

    still better than the Nikon 1…

  • EnPassant

    The mount is just as wide as on EOS SLRs.
    One day Canon could put a full frame sensor inside!
    At least it looks Canon want to be future proof the day most cameras are mirrorless.

    The sensor (which is smaller than the borders of the frame for it) as far as I can measure seem be very close to Canon’s standard APS-C size 22.2 x 14.8 mm. Which is logical as the Canon 1.6 crop will make a 22 mm lens a 35 mm equivalent as others here already noticed.
    Besides that I am sure the developer of the lens found it humorously enjoyable making a (the first?) 22/2 lens!

  • philip

    Using the size of the hot-shoe as a reference, and after normalization, it seems that the sensor is in fact APS-C.

  • E

    So many angry people on here….

    Am i dissapointed….sure. I was “hoping” for a pro mirrorless
    Camera with controls similar to the x pro 1(which i loved till i broke:( )
    But with better autofocus, and weather sealed body…

    Did i get it…..nope.

    This isnt targeted towards enthusiast/ pros who want a mirrorless with lots of manual controls.

    Ill bet it will be a fun lil cam though for people taking snapshots with better glass than a point and shoot

    Even pros or enthusiast who dont wanna “shoot” and just wanna click.

    I hate carrying around my d800 other than for work. Thats what my fujis are for…

    Woulda been awesome to see an all metal f-1 with full sized 35mm sensor and classic manual controls.

  • hp_to

    Lots of people seem somewhat disappointed to very angry.

    I like that the initial offering is plasticy, no viewfinder and no lots of control — which i hope means CHEAP – low cost body.

    All i want is great IQ & low light, good sensor size (hopefully APS-C) and decent auto-focus (unlike fuji x100). AND also good glass, fast, small, decently-priced primes.

    They can produce serious, advanced, tougher camera bodies later.

    I don’t find its design outright ugly, it’s fine for me. I also did not have issue with design/ looks of pentax K-01, however its size was much chubbier than one would want from such a system.

    • hp_to

      This could be great, cheap, fast and “un-conspicuous” street camera which is what i am after. And also great small system for family snaps.

      • hp_to

        I was/am also greatly interested in Fuji-X system. They have great 18mm and 35mm lens. But price of X-pro1 – *sigh* – f@@ks it up

        • Sahaja

          The Fuji body is expensive, but the Fuji lenses for that system are reasonably priced – especially when compared to the price of the Sony-Zeiss 24mm for the NEX

  • Shelly

    Won’t be getting this just because it doesn’t have a viewfinder, no need to even look at the specs ):

  • Warpig

    Where’s the flash?

    • Ozbaz

      Yes. I just noticed this too. No obvious flash but it might have a pop flash. However, I can’t see a potential popup flash outline on top of the camera like you see on the s95. Looks like the hot shoe has a role other then for a potential view finder

  • dave

    I didn’t like the size of the 18-55mm lens, 22mm pancake is much better in this regard. Canon apparently managed to keep the body size down but the lenses are big, just like Sony NEX lenses.
    You can see a comparison of Fuji x-pro1, Panasonic LX-7 and Canon G1X here, gives an idea about its size (only top views though):

    • Ozbaz

      If this size comparison is accurate then it will by tiny. Potentially pocketable (if I wore baggy trousers!)

  • Ozbaz

    Haven’t canon used the term EF-M before for a manual focus EF mount SLR?

    • Noed

      Canon’s manual lenses are FD mount.
      Canon’s autofocus lenses are EF(-S) mount.
      (my irony sensor is off for a while, so I write these facts)

      • Ozbaz

        About 20 years ago Canon sold a film slr ,the EF-M, which was a version of a rebel and took autofocus EF lenses but it was manual focus only. It was designed for those people who did not like autofocus and it did not carry the EOS label. Interestingly The FD mount was all manual except for three lenses made for the T80 which were an early attempt at autofocus . They decided to have a new autofocus lens mount built from scratch called the EF mount for the EOS system and the rest is history.

  • atapee

    Guys, take a lok at your EM mount…. This thing is tiny! A very big + in my mind, maybe even pocketable.

    • jon

      = sensor tiny

  • Anonymous

    The majority of you are idiots. This camera is not in the same market as the NEX-7. It is NOT supposed to have manual controls. It is NOT supposed to have an EVF. FFS. This is Canon’s entry level mirrorless camera aimed for the average joe consumer. And believe it or not that market is far bigger than a bunch of pixel peeping gearfags (you guys). No doubt later down the line Canon will release a serious mirrorless camera, and THEN you can start comparing that to the high end tier NEX mirrorless (NEX-9 or whatever). Also this will sell like hotcakes simply because it is a Canon (and NEX has a crappy lens lineup).

    • mythbuster

      The “average Joe” just don´t buy this, but a high end compact, you idiot. Only enthusiast and professionals searching for a second high quality body with good manual controls were interested in a Canon mirrorless and all of them were again disappointed.

      • Anonymous

        What idiot enthusiast/professional would buy a Canon mirrorless camera without manual controls? You do know that this is not the only mirrorless camera Canon will ever release…? There will be more to come in the future. Also, why would someone after interchangeable lenses and high IQ look into buying a high end compact digital camera?

    • Ozbaz


      Hopefully this is just the beginning of a range of mirrorless cameras with a higher end one coming later. Also we don’t know what this camera’s specs are yet i.e. it might have focus peaking and be good at manual focusing or it might take an optional EVF, both of which are features which will appeal to the enthusiast. It might be very well priced
      I think it looks great IMHO

      • Sahaja

        There are no extra contacts on the hot shoe for an EVF

    • Sahaja

      You can bet they will also make a model with more manual controls and a viewfinder – this is sort of Canon’s equivalent of the NEX-3, not their equivalent of the NEX-7.

  • Mistral75

    Sensor is APS-C. Canon Watch have posted several pictures, including the one of the kit zoom and it’s an 18-55mm IS.

  • Mistral75

    Sensor is APS-C. Canon Watch have posted several pictures, including one of the kit zoom and it’s an 18-55 IS.

  • Mistral75

    Sensor is APS-C. Canon Watch have posted additional pictures, including one of the kit zoom and it’s an 18-55 IS.

  • kiptap

    Wow, it looks like the rushed to bring something out and as a result they sacrifice on an ugly design. Lets hope the performance wasn’t handle the same way.

  • ro

    Ugly and very cheap looking camera. I’m sure it will be overpriced and Canon will sell a ton of them. I do like the 22mm lens. If that was the kit lens it would make this camera far more attractive.

  • I think we are all missing the MOST important innovation can has ever made
    Center pinch cap for the lens !!!!! I’ve wanted this forever don’t care what this camera is but people come on give props when they are due !!!!

  • Joe

    So this is just competition for cameras like the Panasonic GF3. I was really hoping for something more substantial.

  • atapee

    Think the crop factor is 1.9x

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