First image of the upcoming Canon mirrorless camera with EF-M mount

Digicame-info published the first image of the upcoming Canon mirrorless camera that is expected to be announced early next week. The name and detailed specs of the camera are not known at that point, but one of the mirrorless lenses will be a EF-M 22mm f/2 STM.

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  • Seriously?

    • Harold Ellis

      22 x 1,6 crop is 35mm
      so call me maybe?

      dunno, looks like a toy and without viewfinder? go home

      • That, or they used the sensor out of the G1 X, which would make it a 40mm-e lens.

        • Harold Ellis

          40 is weird. neither wide, neither long, neither standard.
          but anyway

          i am waiting for nonleica fullframe rangefinder with real manual focusing, until then i will rather carry around DSLR.
          i didnt made all that moneys i have now buy spending them on crappy half developed intermediate products.

          • It’s not that weird, most pancakes (historically) have been 40mm, which is actually closer to normal than 50mm (43mm, for FF, is truly ‘normal’).

          • Global

            40mm is a beautiful focal length for a normal, much preferred to 50mm.

          • `/1nc3nt

            Voigtlander 40mm one of the sharpest and favoured lens!

          • Huggs

            I’m with you on the rangefinder thing.

      • Tomas

        22mm f/2 for APS-C could not have such small front lens element.
        Such small lens cannot be f/2 wide – angle lens.

        • Harold Ellis

          why not? 22/2 is 11mm.

          it is just simpler to make bigger lenses, but not needed.

        • Robert Korn

          Have you ever seen Voigtlander’s 40mm/F2 for full-frame cameras? It also had a rather small front element…one of the benefits of the pancake design.

        • The smallest lens for a system will be just a bit longer focal length than the registration/flange distance. If that flange distance is only 18 mm like Sony NEX, than a 22 mm f/2 lens could be very small, especially if distortion correction is done in software in the camera body instead of the optics (this works very well for Olympus and others).

          You are thinking of retro-focal lenses (reverse telephoto wide angles) that are large and clunky at wide angles, and are only required because of the mirror in the SLR body. A traditional wide angle lens design will be very small at short focal lengths.

  • Sergey

    I hope it has really good image quality. Because it doesn’t score much with its looks.

    • FredA

      Looks like a S100 with interchangeable lenses. Inconspicuous.
      I like it if it is as small.

      • Stevey

        If it is as good as the aps-c Canon dslr image quality, and can take ef-s lenses (with adapter), it’s gonna give NEX and m43 a real hard time. Nikon 1 is already a fail and no-one buys Samsung mirrorless, so this could become a market leader overnight. I think the lack of a built in flash might be it’s only down side.

      • Steve

        Yep, I agree – small size and great image quality = win for me. I’d love if it Nikon were to do a small APS-C mirrorless… Nikon 1 was a fail for me… so I’m definitely more interested in this. NEX bodies are good but the lenses suck.

        • Me

          Something tells me you are not the target for the the Nikon 1.

  • Photomoto

    Underwhelming. Nikon 1 scores much higher when it comes to aesthetics.

    • Dan

      I don’t agree. Few cameras are as ugly as the Nikon 1 examples we have seen so far.

      The canon is cute I suppose but obviously not aimed at the high end crowd. Going up against the GF-series or the EP-M it should be a realistic alternative though.

      • jake

        I also think the Nikon J1 is the ugliest CSC and this one is quite ok.
        I also hate Retro-style OMD or Fuji crap.
        Retro styled cameras are very difficult to hold securely and with crappy UIF.

      • Sky

        Yep. Nikon 1 is on top of most ugly cameras list. I guess only Pentax made something more ugly recently.
        This one got nicer design then Nikon one joke.

      • Max

        Design is a matter of taste. I did not expect something groundbreaking as Canon is very conservative. So, what did you expect?
        What I do like is the dial around the shutter button, something that nikon 1 is missing. The Nikon system is to my mind -design-wise- the most uninspiring of the whole mirrorless crowd.

        We wil maybe see a higher end model sometime next year, so, we´ll see.

        • Me

          Good things looks don’t affect performance. Just look at the Eagle Vista…what a sweet ride!

    • I agree, I like the clean design of the Nikon 1 better.

      • ras

        the j1 or the v1? while i like the leica/apple-esque look of the j1, the faux-prism hump on the v1 puts me off. nose grease and all that. just put it in the corner like the sony nex-7! grrr…. it could have been worse, of course. they could have turned the prism into a baseball cap flash sort of thing.

        anyhow, i like that this camera is modern, clean, and low-profile. the beveled front edge keep the back as roomy as possible while still providing a mode dial. the strap lugs are pretty sweet, too, like certain medium format cameras of yore.

    • an onymous

      I agree too!

      I guess those who thinks Nikon 1 is ugly must have the same opinions about Leica M9.

      • The Fez

        Most SLR users, especially today’s dSLR users would agree and state the M9 is the ugliest camera ever produced and anyone who use such a camera is an idiot. Traditionalist would greatly disagree and accuse today’s dSLR designs as just being flimsy molded plastic garbage.

  • Michal

    Looks like it’s going to have the standard EOS mount which is a GOOD thing. What I don’t like is what seems to be a menu-driven interface with very few direct buttons and dials, let’s just hope it’s the most basic consumer version of this camera.

    • BornOptimist

      No, it’s not a standard mount. It’s a EF-M according to the lens. But obviously you can use EF lenses with an adapter.

    • J

      Why would that be good if the flance focal distance is wrong? luls.

      It’s just another mirrorless mount.

  • Tim Catchall

    No question the number one design criteria would have been this: protect existing Canon divisions. That seems to be all Canon cares about these days.

  • Brent

    @photomoto and sergey, because the look of the camera itself accurately reflects what the quality of the images will be… get real.

    • YinYang.ERROR


      What?! You didn’t know? Why did you think that Leica’s are so magical? =P

    • jake

      do you want retro style?
      then go get one of these boring OMD , Xpro1 , NX200 , NEX7 ,etc.
      I personally hate Retro , gripless design.

      • Travis

        Nex7 & NX200? Are you seriously think that these cameras are retro??? And both of them has far better grip then this one.

      • CHD

        Jake….get your eyes checked if you think the NX200 and NEX7 are ‘retro’. Also, clearly you have no taste either if you think the OMD and the XPro1 are ugly. Let me guess….you drive a Toyota Prius and shop at the GAP….

  • Luis Bonetti

    Whats the Crop Factor??

  • > Whats the Crop Factor??

    looks like that canon use a crop sensor with ratio 1.6
    22*1.6 = 35.2
    it’s only my suggestion

  • George

    Judging by the 22mm lens, the crop factor is obviously 1.6x (22mm x 1.6x = 35mm, a very versatile focal length for a prime).

    • pooh

      Judging by the 22mm lens, the crop factor could obviously be 1.85x of the G1X, which makes the lens a 40/2, very versatile for a prime as well.

      And it makes more sense. I highly doubt if Canon would make a (pretty good, and odd-sized) sensor for the G1X only from Day 1. The mirrorless system would probably share the same new sensor.

      On the other hand, Canon’s most successful line of DSLR use the now-3-year-old 18MP sensor. It won’t surprise anyone if the EF-M cameras employ such cost cutting measure as well, but I personally prefer the former speculation.

      • Tomas

        See the small lens. Such small lens cannot be wide angle or 35mm-equivalent lens with large aperture f/2. This is smaller sensor lens.

  • Utility


    I have a pet theory that Nikon fully intends the “1” series as low-cost consumer equipment, and plans a future FX-format mirrorless system, using a scaled up Aptina sensor.

    • I agree. The Nikon 1 is a launch platform. If the AF was no faster than contrast detection, nobody would have really noticed. But it worked, so now the job is to scale it up. They have time to see what Canon does as they work on their prototypes.

      The “Book of Five Rings” suggest it is best to wait for your opponent to make the first move – thus exposing themselves – before you strike.

  • aurele

    Seems Canon is going to sell a P&S with interchangeable mount lens.

    A Canon version of the Pentax Q in fact.

    Canon, is no more a inovative company for me, they are followers now.

  • sixbysix

    Hopefully Canon will build a well-reasoned system around this, and provide a credible competitor to M4/3. I despair of the proprietary strap lugs, though!

  • tacto

    One of the ugliest cameras I’ve ever seen. This dial s hutter button and its area…nightmare.

    • ras

      go look at the contax t-series cameras. great designs by porsche.

      here, we have same idea with the beveled edge, except now it’s functional. it let’s them put a mode dial coaxial with the shutter button while leaving as much room as they can on the back for your thumb.

  • Maero

    Looks decidedly amateur unfortunately, with the lack of grip / viewfinder / rugged body. Oh well, guess we couldn’t expect too much with their DSLR line to protect.

  • tacto

    One of the ugliest cameras I’ve ever seen. This dial – shutter button area…nightmare.

  • ben

    No VF…? Sounds strange, though I kinda don’t dislike the design. Hope that they didn’t do this cam too fast to answer, nikon’s, oly’s and fuji’s marketing pressure. Wait and see…

  • Grumpy

    I like it and look forward to it’s specs. I hope one of the lenses will be an 15-50/f2.8.

  • kames

    it looks like someone performed a frakenstein experiment on the s100. it has the ugly shape of their waterproof line, the not-so-useful grip of the s100, and random screws sticking out from frakenstein

    • ras

      those frankenstein neck bolts are strap lugs, a la pentax 67 and hasselblad v-series. i think they’re badass.

  • JoeBostonPhotography

    I’m guessing it’s their 1.8x 14mp sensor. 22*1.8 = 39.6… perhaps a competitor for the Panny 20/1.7.

  • FredA

    I find it promising…
    – Body size and sensor size look like a Nex.
    – They start with an interesting pancake and phase AF

    But, it will take time to get a “Nex 7” and a range of lenses. Canon starts 2 years after Sony and 3 years after Olympus…

  • Timo

    OMG! I want one 🙂
    Seriously, I’ve always been waiting for an alternative to the Fuji X100. Well, I know for a lot of people it won’t be a real alternative because of the viewfinder, design, etc. But I was looking for a compact camera with a fast 35mm angle of view lens, that is more affordable.
    So far, I only know the Olympus PEN system with the 17mm 2.8 lens. But the lens is one stop slower and the sensor smaller too (if we assume this Canon has a 1.6 crop factor).

    If the price is good, I might get such a Canon 🙂

  • Scott

    Didn’t anyone notice that the model name appears on the top of the body in the corner?
    It appears to read “EOS M”.

    • Sahaja

      “EOS M” = “EOS Mirrorless”, “EOS Micro”?

      M also has associations with Leica M

  • mythbuster

    No viewfinder and not a lot of manual controls too… Canon, like Nikon 1 is going to sell tons of this… “thing”

  • Jorgen

    Actually, standard would be closer to 40mm then 35 or 50 if you take the length of the diagonal of the sensor.

  • jun

    Hope it’s not real. As I was predict, There are too much of expectation for this camera. And that will bring a big disappointment. I don’t know how good the camera is, but the look definitely looses attraction from possible customer. I’m sticking with my 50D for a while I guess. Probably the camera would not be better than 50D except ISO, size and weight.

  • Bernard

    and now

    Also that lens says Macro on the side.

    Canon did a 50mm Macro to kick off the EF system, so possibly this is also the standard lenght giving us a clue this could be a 2X crop factor…

  • Bernard

    and now

    Also that lens says Macro on the side.

    Canon did a 50mm Macro to kick off the EF system, so possibly this is also the standard lenght giving us a clue this could be a 2X crop factor..

    • EnPassant

      Except for the first SLR macro lens, the 40 mm Heinz Kilfitt Makro Kilar, standard macro lenses today are in the range 50-60 mm for full frame cameras or equivalent to that like the 40 mm Nikon DX Micro-Nikkor.

      A 44 mm equivalent macro lens would be highly doubtful. A 60 mm full fram equivalent lens for a 1″ sensor with a 2.7 crop would however be 22 mm…

    • MaTT

      i think the “macro” term is only referring that you can get really close with that lens… it doesn’t necessarily make it a proprietary macro lens.

  • you know that by not allowing posting links to your posts with previews
    you just make people download your photos and use them without giving a link to your site.
    this is not smart, if you’d asked me.

  • Michael

    Wow – that is a very small camera, judging by the hotshoe. Someone’s been listening to the “it must be pocketable” crowd.

    And that’s a perfect do-it-all pancake if that is 1.8x crop.

    Looking closely at the top-left quadrant of the lens, it looks photoshopped to me, but I’ve been wrong before.

  • Dean Forbes

    If this is accurate – and I hope it is not – then this camera is DOA. No built-in viewfinder? No APS-C sensor? Forgetaboutit. Such a shame.

  • nycPete

    I dont know why everyone was expecting a APS-C.

    they reported that it was going to marketed to the masses ie. general population. it was never going to be a NEX or X-Pro.

  • FMJ

    atleast there is a hot shoe in there, not like my NEX-5n. so i can do TTL wireless triggering with my Canon flash.

    my wish is that the hybrid AF is improve from the T4i, as the T4i is no where close to the Nikon 1 system hybrid AF.

    I am sure there will be a pro-version of the EF-M camera. other rumor site claim there will be 2 or 3 bodies?

  • The looks and my gut tell me the targets (most comparable) may be the Olympus E-PL3 or E-PM1, but I don’t think we’ll know how enthusiast-oriented this camera is until we see the back and get the full specs/feature list. I’m with those who expect it’s probably using a sensor like the G1X, just a little larger than 4/3, a little smaller than the typical 1.6x crop Canon sensors.

    Looks like no built-in flash, and at least from this angle, a modest compliment of dedicated controls. At least they used a ISO standard hotshoe. (unlike Sony or Nikon 1). I’ll also bet they plan to make a full-featured EOS adapter available sooner rather than later though frankly Canon’s EOS glass tends to be a bit on the bulky side so hopefully they won’t consider this a crutch that delays introducing purpose-designed EF-M lenses.

    I don’t think we should be surprised that the first camera of the series isn’t the deluxe model with all the bells & whistles. If people start buying some of these instead of m4/3 — which given brand popularity and retail store penetration, etc. is not unlikely — Canon will be encouraged to release more EF-M lenses and bodies.

    For those who think there’s not enough glass there, I suggest you look at the Lumix m4/3 20/1.7 and the Fujinon 18/2. There are some advantages to the shorter registration distance when designing shorter-focal length lenses.

    • ras

      just looking at the design alone, i would buy this camera over the low-end mirrorless from nikon, olympus, panasonic, sony, and samsung. this low-end canon mirrorless is going to sweep the floor on that alone, aside from it being a canon.

      and you gotta admit, the 35mm-e f2 lens is spot on, spec-wise. props to the least interesting camera company going.

  • Canon is not trying to compete with Leica M with this model. Let’s see how IQ is, and if it is fast (dslr like), it might be just the ticket for me.

  • zeissdarling

    I bought the G9 which turned out to have such poor lens quality and no zoom or macro on the video. I got a Canon scanner which kept cutting the bottom off of slides – too intelligent .. for consumer pensioners. So never again will i go Canon, and no i won’t buy any compact or mirrorless under 20megapixels. Anyone serious about photography who does needs their head examined. Remember there’s a lotta hype and self-perpetuating ‘markets’.

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