Canon expected to announce their mirrorless camera on July 23th

The above invitation is for a new Canon product announcement on July 23, 2012. Earlier reports also indicated that this could be the long awaited Canon mirrorless camera announcement.

Here are the previously rumored specs for the upcoming Canon mirrorless camera:

  • Two cameras
  • G1 X sensor size
  • APS-C a possibility in one camera
  • 14 & 24 megapixels
  • EF compatibility, but not EF mount
  • EVF on one camera
  • 3-5 lenses announced at launch
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  • scurvy hesh

    Looking forward to Canons Mirrorless solution. The Compacts they make are excellent. ‘m sure this will be no different. Hopefully these cameras have the phase detection AF like the V1/J1s

  • Pablo Ricasso

    I find it amusing that the company would reference mountain climbing when advertising a point and shoot digital camera. How many people expect the camera to work anywhere near the peak?

    • EnPassant

      You do?
      I think your try of a pun is lost with climbers who actually have been on the top of the world.
      Here is a climber who took his Panasonic LX3 to the top, while his D7000 stayed at Base Camp 1:

      He further writes a M4/3 Panasonic GH2 could possibly follow all the way to Camp 3, but not for the top attempt. At those heights small size and weight is very important. It’s not the place you’d want take a Nikon D800 and a few lenses in a camera bag.

      For a bit smaller mountains it may be possible to bring a more versatile system camera instead of a compact. And smaller mirrorless cameras like M4/3 will always have an advantage over DX and FX DSLRs.

      So I don’t find Canon advertising their new mirrorless for climbers (and other adventurers) strange at all, especially as it is expected to use the same, almost M4/3, size sensor as in G1X.

      The only peculiar thing is that Czechia lost their biggest mountains to Slovakia when Czechoslovakia was separated. Now their highest “hill top” is only 1602 meter while Slovakia has several much greater mountain regions with Gerlach in the Tatra mountains at 2655 m being the highest.

      The easy way for non climbers to get to the top is with cable car!
      In Tatra mountains one can get to the top of Lomnicky, 2634 m.
      If one however just not want to get to one of the highest tops and just look around as at the top of a high building but walk around I would advise to do as I did 20 years ago when I visited Zakopane and took the cable car to the top of Poland’s highest mountain Kasprowy, 1985 m, and then took the trail back. So yes, I didn’t exactly climb the mountain myself but at least “climbed” down from it!

      For photographers there are no problem bringing the usual equipment. Just don’t loose the direction as you might end up in the wrong country! The Slovakian border is very close!

      • lorenzino

        Excellent answer.
        In fact, going quite often to the Alps (northern Italy) I find the m43 a very good solution, but untill now somehow problematic (still slightly too big; but this year appears to be better than last one). My Nikon D7000 stays at home, or comes with me only in moderate trecks (maximum 1000 meters of vertical difference from start to finish). BTW: 2600 is not such a high mountain. The difference (in air quality, pressure, temperature, vegetation, or lack of, etc. ) between, say 2500 and 3500 (and 4500) is enormous. I cannot imagine how it is on the Himalaya mountains…

      • Pablo Ricasso

        I suppose he must have a warm place to stuff that thing while he’s climbing. Most of the time I try to use a pocket digital to take a picture of some snow the batteries quit working by the time I have it composed. (And PLEASE don’t try to tell me you HAVEN’T experienced the same.) And yes, small is beautiful. (sometimes)

  • Billy

    Canon brand itself does have a strong appeal.
    However, we do not forget, it uses the CMOS may be the same size and G1X than APS-C, small a size.
    And recently listed on the 135 format sensor DSLR, cheaper than ever before, many believe will soon cut prices and began to spread.
    When you may regret the original in this system have spent a lot of money.

  • AAron

    full frame with pancakes or go home.

  • andrew


    • PeterO

      Admin went to the dentitht and had a “lithp” when he wrote that. He’s also dithtracted by all the rumorth about the D600/400/7100 and lenses that will be at Thotokina. Besides, what’s an “rd” between friends anyway? 😉

  • Tinta

    Size matters: if it can’t be near Pana/Oly m4/3 system size , then it will struggle.
    There’s a growing demand for better quality then PS without the need for a chunky bag of a DSLR.

    • photonut


      No APS-C size, please! Just look at that biggy Sony stuff.

      • jack

        It is funny that you refer to the size of Sony NEX. Aren’t you also one of those that wish for a FF NEX?

  • fjfjjj

    July twenty-thirth? That’s my favorite day of the year!

  • Ash

    Canon have the cahnce to really make an impact on this market, but they have to present a very compleling offering to lure many of us away from Micro Four-Thirds.
    If this is just another mediocre offering (such as the Samsung NX line) with crippled features designed not to threaten the Canon dslr business then it won’t be a roaring success.

    Possible features that would really make me take notice:

    – global electronic shutter
    – serious software implementation, features such as a built-in intervalometer, multiple exposures, in-camer raw development, in-camera ‘hdr’ bracket combine, etc. All of these features can be found in Canon dslrs and Fuji cameras, no reason they couldnt be in the new mirrorless line
    – ergonomics and starting lenses on par with or better than m43
    – full video capabilities, on par with or better than the Pana GH2

    • Ash

      Forgot to add FOCUS PEAKING.

      This is absolutely critical if they want to attract legacy lens users.

  • Tim Catchall

    Looking forward to more Canon crippleware, carefully designed not to tread on the shoes of any existing Canon product.

    – It won’t be small, to avoid taking sales from compacts
    – It will have a sensor smaller than APS-C to avoid taking sales from the EOS line
    – It will have soft, low-bitrate video to avoid taking sales from the C300 etc

  • Ozbaz

    I hope they do not make an artficially crippled camera to support their dslr range as predicted by Tim Catchall above . Unfortunatly he might be right. Whilst I would love them to go retro by making a digital canon 7 , canonette or AE 1 I think they will look to the future not the past. A fully electronically compatible EF mount and an FD mount would be awesome.

    • Tim Catchall

      Perhaps the sensor size won’t be smaller, just lower megapixel count. Perhaps the frames per second will be artificially limited by firmware (like the 7D was for two years). But given Canon’s recent form you can be sure it will be crippled in many different ways.

      Look at the G1-X. That camera was designed from the ground up to be a miserable piece of crippleware. Everything about it is compromised to protect Canon’s other products lines. It is so sad that Canon’s #1 priority when designing a new camera.

      • ozbaz

        I hope canon really put out a “M43/Nex killer” of a camera and don’t hold back the specs of the camera to protect their market in DSLRs. Some would argue the canon 7 was the best leica screw mount camera ever made – they didn’t hold back they made the best camera they could to compete with Leica/Zeiss (a digital version of this with at least and APS-C sensor would be fantastic by the way). The orginal jumpt from FD to the EOS system. They didn’t hold back they made the best Autofcus SLR system they could. It they are not careful M43 and Nex will start to bite into the low end DSLR market so why not have their own CSCamera in this market space that is clearly a superior product to the M43/Nex/Xpro1 rather then just almost as good or equal to them.

  • MrGuyFawkes

    looks like Canon’s going to pull a Pantex a la k-01….now if they could only make a pancake like Pantex it could be interesting:)

    • ozbaz

      I think they have. i just bought the new canon EF 40mm f2.8 pancake – a good lens too.

  • ¥5 says Canon will go smaller than m43 becasue Nikon 1 is doing well in sales which is more than can be said for Pentax Q. Semi-joking aside, P&S sales will continue to drop as cameras get better in phones, so Canon better have something nice ready cause Sony and co. are not sitting on arses.

  • Harold Ellis

    translated by google:

    “hope is not lost in interesting things, therefor you are moneys”

    at least no goat there this time

  • I’m looking forward to see how the final design will be for the mirrorless solution.

    I’ve seen some concept designs but I guess nobody will know how they will look until they finally release the camera(s).

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