Kipon announced electronic adapters for using Canon lenses on mirrorless cameras

Kipon announced new electronic adapters that will allow you to attach Canon EF mount lenses on Sony NEX and Micro Fourth Thirds mirrorless cameras. Price and other specifications were not revealed.

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  • I guess this makes it prone to more kinds of incompatibilities than 3rd party lenses.

    Very interesting timing though…

  • What exactly the adapter would allow to do with the Canon lenses and what is the price?
    So far we have: EOS-to-MFT adapter by RedrockMicro for about $545 providing the ability to adjust the aperture of the lens
    and long before announced Birger adapter with external control of the aperture and the follow- focus

  • nycPete


    is that adapter really going to have exposed wires?

    • Matt

      pointless comment…

      are you really not using your brain?

    • why not? my car have also exposed wires when i look under dashboard or hood and it was over 100k. Even worse man, my house have some too.
      Even worse, my nikon have some flapping mirror and (for god sake wtf!) some kind of big ass chip exposed.

      but yea, i know, i know. Apple would put a white plastic over it.

      • nikonuser

        Looks pretty half baked. Sort of like the terminator when he was dying.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Well, guess I’ll be getting the OM-D now.

  • Mark S.

    Utter Shite!

    It’s unfinished.

    Half baked.

    It’s a piece of junk! (Moriarty from Kelly’s Heroes)

    All kinds of things for light to bounce off of and possibly cause flare, or other things. Or break. I don’t want exposed wires and electronics in the optical path of my lens.

    Will this also have play in the mounts? Kipon’s stuff is pretty crappy.

    I’m lucky. I have a Metabones NEX to EOS lens adapter, which is relatively decent. Recently, I did a shoot with about a dozen FS100 cameras. We had a whole bunch of Novoflex and MTF Nikon to Sony E mount adapters and four Metabones adapters. They all worked very well. It’s nice to be able to call out a stop and have your operators know where they are.

    Remember we are now in the age where software bugs are touted as “Features”. This is kind of the same thing.

    Did I mention that this is a POS?

    Doesn’t anyone take pride in their work anymore?

    • Matt

      People seem to have a lot of issues realizing what a product looks like when it’s being made. It’s ANNOUNCED. This is not the FINAL product, it’s at the testing stage. What’s next, going to complain about a handwritten sticker saying B on it?
      Use your damn mind for once before posting.

  • B

    yes, the wires certainly will remain exposed in the final models as will the white sticker with the “B” on the m4/3 adapter… boy oh boy, some funny guys here. 🙂

    • smartypants

      What do you expect… they’re FourThirds users 😀

  • jari

    EOS-M was already dead but now…

    I quote the first comment, “Very interesting timing” xP

  • an onymous

    Would the Canon IS work with NEX??

  • nycPete

    Looks like someone took a trip to RadioShack…

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