What else is new? [weekend digest]

smc Pentax DA 50mm f/1.8 lens

smc Pentax DA 50mm f/1.8 lens

  • Another new Samyang lens to be announced this September: 8mm T3.8 Fisheye.

  • The latest from Phottix: new Zeus speedlite, Atlas II trigger and Odin for Sony spotted.
  • Firmware update ver.1.2 for the Olympus E-M5 camera is suspended.

  • This X-Cap automatically opens when you turn your camera:

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  • $400 is way too much for the EF to E adapter.

  • jt

    Will Samsung ever release the rumored retro inspired camera? Love their lenses but these bodies aren’t doing it for me.

  • fjfjjj

    Nikon should buy Samyang before someone else does.

    • Sky

      right, and sell ridiculously overpriced lenses? Thanks, but no thanks.

      • preston

        I’m confused. Are you saying Samyang lenses are overpriced or Nikon lenses are? Or Samyangs would become overpriced if Nikon bought them?

        • aurele

          Samyang is cheap.

          Nikon is expensive.

          If nikon buy Samyang, then samyang lens are likely to become expensive, like the nikon.

          So, should Nikon buy Samyang, thanks, but no, thanks.

  • Dummy00001

    > This X-Cap automatically opens when you turn your camera:

    I’m glad that this is getting more publicity. We need more alternatives (and not only for the 14-42X) and also 1st party ones.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Is there already a non cinematic 8mm Samyang? If not, then that is news.
    250 is too much for a 50 1.8 lens.

    • WoutK89

      If you google, Samyang 8mm, you will find two versions. The 8mm f/3.5 ( forNikon F, Canon EF and a few others) and the 8mm f/2.8 (for Sony NEX and Samsung NX).

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Oh, now I know why I don’t remember it. It leaves a warped up rectangular image in the middle of a full frame, much unlike anything I would expect from a lens marked “8mm.” No good, I already have a 10 mm that will do that just fine. And I don’t have to cut the hood off…

  • Pablo Ricasso

    But WAIT… This one looks like someone already cut the hood off. Unless there is a change it looks like it will give most of a rectangle with the circle effect on both ends, like my old 10mm. Or it is a new formula and really circular…

    • aurele

      This 8mm is design for APS-C, not FF.

      A fish Eye for FF is more in the 15-17mm range.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Tell that to Nikon and Sigma. They have a bunch of full frame 8mm fisheyes. They make a circular image that is slightly smaller than the height of the frame. This lens * looks * like it will be one of those. The other lens, that I remember some people cutting the hood off to use on full frame, has a larger circle that fills most of the frame, leaving the circle visible at either end. I would call the lens a 10 or 11, but this is a hard call because the distortion is different than most other fisheyes. Also I should note that the old fisheye that I have that does the same is a “12” rather than the 10 that I remembered. Last, but not least, a 15 or 16 will fill a full frame corner to corner. A nikon 10.5 will fill an APS frame corner to corner.

        • aurele

          Most of lens maker precise “circular fisheye” when it produce a circle picture.
          For corner to corner they usually say just “fisheye”.

          • Pablo Ricasso

            Your probably right about them saying “circular.”
            The Nikon and Sigma 8, and the Nikon 7.5 and 6mm for that matter, all produce circles that fit completely inside the frame.
            The recent Samyang 8 mm with the saw off hood produces a circle that is larger than the frame, so the blacked out area is mainly in the corners and most of the top and bottom, or sides if you are shooting vertical, are filled. In other words, it’s a larger circle that you would need a larger sensor or film for if you wanted a completely circular image.
            That it says “Circular FOR FULL FRAME when the hood is removed” actually answers my question about the lens. By clarifying this they indicated that it will fill an APS frame with or without the hood, which causes me to believe that it is the same lens but with a removable hood. A more conventional 8 would chop the corners off an APS frame just like this one will a full frame. Thanks for the discussion/debate. Without it I would still be wondering about this lens…

          • aurele

            You are welcome =D

  • Denis

    Pentax 50 is ridiculous: it’s the worst but the most expensive among other 50/1.8
    I’m glad I went away their system. Pentax, it’s time to die

    • Warpig

      LOL. Man, what a troll you are. Please show some proof of what you claim.

    • Brian Davies

      I couldn’t disagree more. It’s time for Pentax to gird its loins and give us a viable alternative to Nikanon. Pentax have made some lovely cameras and lenses over the years, and the K-5 is no slouch either, in terms of image quality and ergonomics. I do admire Canon and Nikon (I have a D3 and a D5100), but I think it would be a sad day if Pentax went away.

      • Brian Davies

        P.S. Why would anyone want a camera brand to die, anyway? The more choice, the better, and competition is always a good thing.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Agreed strongly. However I would feel much better were the company in the hands of Tokina or Tamron. In fact, I don’t know why it isn’t. Both have been making their lenses and others in addition to competing with Sigma in the t(h)ird market. Probably Tamron is best suited to own Pentax because it has made most of the Pentax lenses. This would be a win for both companies because it would give Tamron valuable proprietary information and a stable platform to sell an infinite number of lenses. Tokina might be best left independent as it sells to everybody and would risk losing some of it’s patronage if Nikon and Canon became worried about competition from a bolstered Pentax.

  • Samyang FTW

    That samyang looks perfect for what I want.

    The current 8mm samyang isn’t circular when used on FF, I’d prefer to have circular on FX and non circular in DX mode.

    For the limited use I’d get from fisheye it would be fine. Manual focus doesn’t bother me with fisheye. Nearly everything is in focus anyway.

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