New: Samyang 8mm f/2.8 lens fisheye lens for Fuji X mount

The new Samyang 8mm f/2.8 fisheye lens for Fujifilm X-mount (X-Pro1 mirrorless camera) is now available for pre-order ($349.00):

The minimum focusing distance is 1' (0.3m) and the angle of view is 180º. The lens has one aspherical element and two ED elements.

Samyang 8mm f/2.8 fisheye lens specs:

Focal Length 8 mm
Comparable Focal Length: 12 mm
Aperture Maximum: f/2.8 - 22
Camera Mount Type Fujifilm X mount
Format Compatibility DSLR (APS-C Sensor)
Angle of View 180°
Minimum Focus Distance 11.81" (0.30 m)
Magnification Not Specified By Manufacturer
Maximum Reproduction Ratio Not Specified By Manufacturer
Groups/Elements 8/10
Diaphragm Blades Not Specified By Manufacturer
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  • I’m not a fan of fisheye lenses….but I’m happy to see some 3rd party support for the XPro1.

  • Michael

    I am happy to see, that the 3rd parties started to develop for XPRO1.

    Hope there will be more, since this camera is woth it.

  • Mike

    +1 & +1. 3rd party lens makers will help make the X-pro system more complete, faster.

  • ronny almaas

    Don’t get your hopes up… This lens is probably just a lens with a fitting mount and no connectors, just like it is for the nexes. I can’t see sigma making anything with autofocus yet :-/

    • Phillip

      uhh, it’s a samyang. they only make manual focusing lenses.

    • preston

      and it’s a fisheye lens, which doesn’t need autofocus anyways.

    • almASS

      Name says it all.

      Don’t need AF in fisheye really – after 2m, EVERYTHING is in focus. And its Samyang as mentioned.

    • Why would you ever need AF for a fisheye?

  • noble_elm

    If I have a DSLR (like Canon or Nikon), buying this lens for the DSLR and using an adaptor would be a better (and cheaper) deal.

    • James

      That wouldn’t work, the flange distance for this lens is way too short so you would have to mount the lens inside the body which cannot be done. However you could use the Eos/F mount fisheye and then use an adaptor to mount it onto a X pro-1

      • noble_elm

        Yes that’s what I mean. I will buy the lens for the DSLR (EF or F mount) then use it with an adapter for the X-Pro1.

        • Denis

          This one is better performer from what I have seen: better CA handling, higher sharpness, faster, smaller and lighter. Needs a right body though. With Fuji we’ll have smearing, since we have color shift with nex-7. Unfortunately, the right body is not made yet, even the nex-5n is not good enough: better than others, but not great.

      • Andy

        I think he’s saying he’d prefer to get the DSLR version of the lens and mount it onto X Pro 1 with adapter. I think he means this one: . This isn’t that much more expensive, it’s faster, and it’s much smaller, though.

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