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  • Bravo to Panasonic for putting separate read and write speeds on the card. Everyone else I’ve seen puts the maximum read speed, but says nothing about write speed.

  • BdV

    Yes, but why is the 8GB slower, but still seems to have the same specs (except for capacity)?

  • Camaman

    Those two NASA cameras sound like regular low res fixed focal lengths p&S from yesteryear in metal cases…
    Low res sensors 1200×1200. Must be relying on earth bound pano software for lareger images.
    Lenses are also pretty damn slow. Minimum focus distance of 2m…
    The list of lame and unimpresive specs goes on and on.
    No i info on the sensor size though…

    • AAron

      i am wondering why you don’t offer help to those noobs at NASA.

      Though they are in price cut mode but still doing some neat stuff and maybe can use such smart head like your self? You know it is not really rocket science, but anyway.

      • MrAnthony

        I think his point is that there are off the shelf cameras that could do a better job and wouldn’t require designing from scratch. He’s implying that they could have simply modified an existing camera to do the job.

        • Brian

          Except when you think about the extreme temperature fluctuations a camera and especially lens will need to endure on mars. I doubt any normal camera would last long.

          • it is hard to explain to those wiseguys, you know.
            That camera which would not alive even one sunny day on dashboard of the car could be sent to mars.

        • another genius who thinks that off the shelf components for 100$ cameras can do the job

    • Ronan

      Woah the stupidity and ignorance in your post is showing.

      I’m not even going to bother… woah… Seriously?…….

    • Tony

      There is a reason that the mars rovers use the RAD750 CPU. Its under 200MHz, but costs in excess of $200k. You cant just shove anything into space and expect it to survive. Everything on the rover needs to be hardened against very wide temperature variation and against high levels of radiation.

      The CCD in the MastCam is based around the Kodak KAI-2020CM.

      The is also the fact that the initial specifications, design, and approvals for Curiosity happened in 2004.

      • Mike

        But it’s also data transfer. Sending 2mp images from Mars via UHF is easier that 12mp+.

        • this have nothing to do with resolution. you could always have send part of the image if wanted. imagine that it also lives only from solar (very distant) power source and many other things. if they could have 12mpix sensor there, they would.

          • From what I read, bandwidth was one of the concerns. If the sensor was higher res than the transmitted files, which would be the sensible thing to do than sending parts of the image, you need additional processing to rescale the image. I.e. more things to go wrong I suppose.

  • Camaman

    Whoa! Touchy, touchy!! 🙂
    People are very sensitive when it comes to patriotic feelings for NASA.

    I would also like to suggest deep paycuts for employes there. They are used to being pampered by the state funds!
    That is where the real cost cuts can be obtained, not skimping out with a 1600×1200 sensor.

    Enjoy tearing this one appart! 😛

    • yea, i am with you.

      cut the pay of those scientists and add it to military. Not like they already have 100 times (really) bigger budget.

      p.s. i know you are a troll, but i am retired troll so i enjoy senseless discussions on the net.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Yeah but it’s really no problem dealing with those sub zero temperatures if you use a COOLpix. I can’t believe they didn’t think of that!

        • obviously if they would be as smart, there could be already air generators based on frozen ice melting. Now those lamers just taking snapshots of sand

  • Camaman

    I love to troll once in a while!
    Its all good fun! 😉

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