Recap of the latest Panasonic rumors

Those are the latest pre-Photokina Panasonic rumors:

  • New Panasonic GH3 camera: it will be similar to the GH2, weather sealed, no global shutter with improved AF speed and better EVF. The rumored sensor is 15.5MP with 160-12800 ISO range (expandable to 80-51200). The rest of the specs: 6.7fps, 3.2" LCD with 1050k-dots, double SDXC memory card slots, built-in GPS.
  • New Panasonic GX2 camera is expected in November.
  • New Panasonic lenses: 35-100mm X lens, a prime telephoto lens and a wide angle zoom (maybe a 7-28mm).
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  • CRB

    I hope its a sony sensor inside it…lol

  • Zeus

    I think most users anticipating the GH3 are more interested in video related improvements. The lens announcement of the 35-100 is promising!

    • You’re probably right but I imagine there are some who will like some of the other improvements like the faster AF enabled by the faster sensor readout of G3/GX1/EM-5. Sort of raise the bar in response to EM-5 in terms of m4/3 flagship models. And rear LCD improvements are always welcome.

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