Olympus working on a new pro body for Four Thirds lenses

Olympus lenses

Olympus made an official statement that they are working on a new pro body for Four Thirds lenses:

Olympus working on new body for top-pro lenses

Akira Watanabe, manager of Olympus Imaging's SLR planning department, confirmed today that the company is definitely working on a body to deliver the focusing performance expected by users of the Top Pro lens series like the ground breaking 90-250 f2.8 fixed aperture zoom.

Watanabe has been delighted with the success of the OM-D which has pushed the boundaries of performance for system cameras but acknowledged that it did not deliver with the legacy high end lenses from the E-System. Whilst further information wasn't forthcoming, he was keen to emphasise that Olympus is actively developing a solution and will announce more details in due course.

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  • piellow

    Bah sony will make an end to olympus… a99 all the rest is history

  • oly

    About time!

  • Camaman

    Sony PDAF on sensor and 43 to m43 mount adapter?
    Is that the simplest way to save the Olympus pro lens user base?

    IMO it would be a good idea. At the same time easing 43 users into m43 system, simplyfing camera lineup, gaining good AF tracking performance for all future bodies, pro or not.

  • fjfjjj

    How about a decent eyecup or available batteries for the OM-D, before they go announcing another system they can’t support? Olympus should demonstrate some competence in the basics if they want a cut of the market, but what do you expect from a firm that can’t even govern itself? I wish them luck.

    • “How about a decent eyecup or available batteries for the OM-D, before they go announcing another system they can’t support”

      Wait! *facepalm! Did the Oly 4/3rd system predate the m43 system? Last time I checked, Oly has had cameras in the 4/3 system long before the E-P1 using the M43.

  • As someone who has used the Oly 90-250 2.8, 300 2.8 and 150 2, I saw nothing special about them… especially when it came to the 90-250. It’s only a 2.7x zoom, which is stock standard for a constant 2.8 zoom, slow to focus and it’s cow-heavy. 180-500 f/5.6 equivalence is the only thing but the weight is not worth it.

    The 150/2 is the only good lens… makes you forget you’re using a crippled system but a 300/4 is nothing special for FF users.

    • roflcopter

      Cropping never affects effective aperture. Focal length equivalence yes, but not aperture. A full frame 50mm f/2 is going to be a 100mm f/2 on MFT, not an f/4.

      Therefore a 90-250mm f/2.8 on MFT is a 180-500mm f/2.8
      Same thing for the 150 f/2….a 300mm f/2 full frame equivalent

      • cosmin

        genotypewriter was referring to the DOF equivalent 😉
        f:2.8 on 4/3 = f:5.6 on FF , more exaclty the DOF at 90mm f:2.8 on a E5 wil be the same as is on a FF camera at 180mm f:5.6

  • spam

    The original OM-1 was sepcial, I haven’t seen anything remotely groundbreaking from them since then. They’ve made a lot of good cameras and lenses though, just like all the other manufacturers. 90-250 is “groundbreaking” by being the only 90-250mm 2.8. Olymous is really clever at making tests that excludes all other products which makes the OLympus product best in its own class by default.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      I ‘ve seen more things “remotely groundbreaking” from Oly since OM-1, like the OM-TTL-Flash-System which was unique, when introduced. Not to mention their ADM auto dynamic metering. The OM-System was special and had much more to offer than just the OM-1. Anyhow, all this is a long time ago.

  • Tomas Tengler

    What is only important for me is S/N ratio and reasonable price – both of this measures are poor nw. Only thing why I stuck with Oly is lot of accessories, lenses etc. But I am going to replace all my equipment with Canon/Nikon FF gear – if Oly will nor offer some reasonable toy to me. I am using E-3 (and some older/lower level Olys), but image quality (especially in poor light condition) is not comparable to Oly’s competitors. Even in case of good light conditions I am very limited when I need to use high shutter speed (for shooting dressage and showjumping), cause I am not able to use high shutter speed while I need to set high ISO (what is not usable at all, because of high noise level).

  • anon

    how about fixing the video in the OM-D first

  • Photonut

    Stop wasting time on the 4/3rd.

    The OM-D is right on tack. We need a 24MP sensor with low noise in that body.

  • rialcnis

    Looks like they are working on a OM-D that can take advantage of the expensive 4/3rd lenses.

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