Pentax X-5: 16MP ultra zoom compact camera

I received those images of the not yet announced Pentax X-5 camera. Some specs were already published on the X-5 will not be a DSLR but a high-end point and shoot camera with 16MP and 26x ultra-zoom.

Pictures of the same camera in black:

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  • So what’s with the awfull design, Pentax/Ricoh?
    It’s 2012, you do know that, don’t you?

    • me

      In this respect they are like Leica, they don`t care much about styling (“form follows function”). I must admit their “terrible design” handles better than many mainstream cams. I wonder though if the world really needs yet another superzoom

    • bidou

      Remind me a bit the “fake reflex” from the nineties, like roniflex.

    • Bosss

      I think it looks ok for what it is. Look at the canons in the post below. That megazoom is fugly. And like all canons it looks like a toy…

  • Aps-c sensor i hope?

    • Sebastian

      yes, of course, with the lower zoom limit at 4 mm being a fish-eye.

      ok, so really the 4 mm indicate a crop factor of about 7.

      • t

        yes, of course, with the upper zoom limit at 104 mm being a 728mm

        ok, so really the 4-104 mm indicate a crop factor of about 4

        • Pablo Ricasso

          That’s not off at all. It’s in line with the red powershot in the article below with the 30x zoom going to a 730 from what I would guess is around 24…

    • 26x zoom is 2nd k-01

      if it is a 26x zoom, that will never do APS-c, which its result could be frustrated like another k-01 again.
      Hoping a good lens + APS-c it is 4x or 5x zoom, never wanted a 10x zoom.

  • r2

    Damn!, we definitely lost pentax. So sorry.

    • Nörd

      “*We* lost Pentax?”

      That’s a bridge cam, nothing more, nothing less. You didn’t care about Pentax’s compacts before, either, did you.

      They’ll release more stuff this year than in the last recent years. But surely, you’ve “lost it”.

      • r2

        Since the Q pentax has been releasing more gimmick than photographic tool design. I realize it’s tough for them to survive against the competition, but don’t see the point in delivering one after another “different” cameras that really don’t deliver anything new beyond looks, in the best case.

        Pentax needs to decide in what market they’re going to play.

        • Alex

          Are you seriously saying Pentax should only make ONE type of cameras? (the one you would approve of, obviously).

          Why don’t you say “we” lost Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and pretty much anyone else – since they also have bridge cameras? Just curious.

          • r2

            No, what I say is that today they’re only making ONE type of good cameras (APS-C dslr’s). And in other fields (with the exception of the 645D, which is a niche in itself) they’re not being competitive and lately have released products that seem to focus on novelty and looks and not on photography. Which is a pity, because they have wonderful glass and I’ve always secretly wanted to be a Pentax maverick.

  • rich in tx

    looks constructed from the same composite plastic that they make Glocks from

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Yeah, that plastic looks good enough it had me thinking it was APS for a second. Quite a little tank…

  • Jacobsr

    Hold your horses, it’s not even anounced yet. We don’t know what this camera is capable of. If this is true, I think it’s a beautiful design.
    At least it has a viewfinder, articulating screen, deep grip, It looks like a DSLR (k5) with great ergonomics. I love all that stuff, and could be the perfect camera for me. But will wait and see.

    • spam

      Anounced no, but the the pictures say it all. 4mm wide angle mean that it’s a 1/2.3 inch sensor (or slightly smaller), 16MP means that it’s diffraction limited even at the largest aperture, at least towards full tele. So it’s a typical superzoom design, most likely from the same OEM that makes the Nikon and Olympus models, possibly some Fuji models too. Looks like it could have a zoom ring and a focus ring which would set it apart from the cheapest models and more in line with the HS30, no hotshoe though. RAW support (or not) is basically the main unknown.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Maybe Ricoh was the one who was making all of these.

  • Small-sensored super-zooms aren’t for everybody but I think it is remarkable how much this looks like a scaled down K-7/K-5. And unlike most Pentax cameras, there’s actually an articulated LCD.

    Pretty much every camera company has been offering at least something in this category, Pentax’s X70 & X90 were pretty average. Maybe this one will stand out a little more. The 16mp sensor spec suggests to me that it won’t be as nice as the Q’s sensor.

    I wonder if that lens ‘grip’ actually does anything like focus or zoom, or is it purely for camera-holding?

    • Lorkaday

      Judging by the letters, the shutter button surround is for zooming.

  • Vlad

    Gosh, what happened to Pentax, all of their cameras looks cheap a$$ $h!T!

    • Nörd

      If you want a good looking camera, go get an iPhone.

      Form follows function.

  • steve-o

    is it me or are “compact camera’s” with 26x not advanced and usually suck in quality?

    • Andy

      Superzooms are getting better and better, hard to fault the quality too much on the best ones (the new Panasonic FZ200 looks pretty nice, for example. This isn’t a compact camera, though.

  • joe1946

    I can’t believe how clueless some people are here. It’s a friggen super zoom with 26x 4.0-104mm lens like the Nikon Coolpix L810 people. Really, a 4-104mm on an APS-C, are you that lame ?

    • 26x zoom

      if it is a 26x zoom, that will never do APS-c, which its result could be frustrated like another k-01 again. (1/2.3″ sensor at random scrabble up a huge shell with a 26x zoom, if it was).

  • dave

    here here joe1946 agree with you, some people never read properly before typing garbage. and steve-o dont know where you have been hiding but you better take a look at the latest from fuji,canon,nikon,sony,panasonic. very good image quality from compact zooms. some of these cameras dont win awards by accident…..

  • El_Crosso

    Form follows function indeed!
    And the looks of the K-5 so that’s a big plus!

  • red fez

    I’d laugh my balls off if the lens markings were just photoshopped to get everyone up in a tizzy, only for Pentax to announce it is the world’s first full-frame digital bridge zoom camera. I mean, really, we all know that’s not going to happen, but it sure in hell would be funny as all hell if they did that.

    • BP2012

      Yep markings are not real 100%.
      But the idea of FF bridge camera would turn the whole world upside down for sure.

    • me

      If only the index distance could be made variable (and that precise and fast enough) this might even be feasible, the next discovery being how few people really need this. On the other hand, if people would buy what they need, whole industries would never have emerged

  • D0n

    why did they not release this body and lens in the q-mount?

    • One of the more sensible and interesting comments here IMO.

      This has the looks to me of a camera expected to sell for $300-500. If they produced it with Q-mount I’d expect the package to be priced more like $700. That said, I think a body roughly like this with EVF, and a superzoom with similar spec would be fine additions to the Q system.

  • The email with those images was sitting in my junk folder for a week. Yes, I still check my junk mail folder regularly.

  • Pentax announces X-5 DSLR-like 26x zoom 16MP CMOS superzoom

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