Rumored high megapixels Canon EOS-3D X and EOS-7D Mark II cameras

Canon EOS-3D X specifications:

  • 46 MP
  • 3.7 frame per second
  • Dual DIGIC 5+
  • ISO: (25) 50-6400 (12800)
  • AF: Same as 1DX
  • USB 3
  • CF+SD

Canon EOS-7D Mark II specifications:

  • 24MP - an all new sensor with phase AF on chip and noticeably lower noise than the current 18MP.
  • 1Dx/5D3 based AF system.
  • 10 FPS.
  • ISO 100-25600.
  • High speed video, with still capture.
  • Improved durability and sealing.
  • Available this year.
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  • Vladi

    46mp from Canon in 2012? Whats next, Sony with 56mp just in time for Xmas?
    The funny thing is that many ppl will buy these cameras (D800, 3DX) and use them
    with the sole purpose of sharing the photos with friends on Facebook.

    • snarfy

      46MP images of cats!

      • Banksie

        Cats need to organize and fight this.

        • Goose

          Hey man, I know some cats, I’ll spread the word. 😉

    • Oh your God, I can print a picture of a neko and printed it so big that can be hung from Tokyo Skytree and can be seen by tourists at the observation deck of Tokyo Tower. Post many cats.

      But, I agree, 90% of pictures from these beasts go to Facebook or Instagram. Why need any camera more than ever 12MP these days when most pictures are online and never printed. Even printed picture need be no more than 24MP. Same reason why I do not get hype over FF cameras if all pictures are online why need??

      Better R&D spent on improving sensors APS or FF than building 48MP neko sensors.

  • aurele

    So many megapickles …. Too many !

  • boohoo

    Lol back and forth. They laughed when canon had less then the nikon D3200 and now its to many?

  • marcus

    Will the EOS-3DX be available without an anti-aliasing filter, like the Nikon D800e

    • With diffraction setting earlier than f/5.6 and most lenses not being up to it at f numbers faster than that, a 46MP sensor will likely not need an AA filter.

  • nycPete

    +1 for Canon

  • Nicholas

    Sounds strange that a APS-C camera should use the same AF-system as a full frame system, wouldn’t a AF-system chip from a full frame camera be quite a bit bigger than APS-C ones due to the bigger mirrors used in FF-cameras?

    • D3 and D300 had pretty much the same AF system (Multicam 3500) and apart from the model number, not sure what else was different…

    • an onymous

      Yes, look at Nikon for instance, that’s why the AF points covered better the larger part of the sensor on D300 which shared the same AF system with it’s big brothers, while on the FX there were some slight complaints the 51 AF points on D3/D700 were concentrated too much in the center.

  • Dimitrii1130

    looks like wishfull thinking of a sad canonist…

  • Michael

    1. The camera is for studio and landscape photographers.
    2. It will be full frame.
    3. Your camera phone is for Facebook.
    4. If they balance the feature set and price it around the 5d mk III I would buy one in a heart beat. No video, lower frame rate, are things that would justify a lower price.

    We will see.

  • As a Nikon shooter, this sounds incredible. Canon’s about the throw down the gauntlet. Hopefully the D4x and D7100/D400 can hold their own. Coming from the dark side, this means incredible things are to come. Especially if Canon decides to spring first.


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