Fujifilm will announce also a new compact camera (XF1)

In addition to the X-E1 mirrorless camera with EVF, Fujifilm will announce also a new compact camera called XP1 or XF1. The camera has a very clean design that for some reason reminds me of a Leica product:

Via Digicame-info

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  • aquaboi

    wow i like it…minimalist..simple…

    • sebastian

      Totally agree!!!

  • Camaman

    Very sleek looking.
    Fast lens to… f1.8-4.(9?)

    Updated X10 sensor inside?

  • David K.K. Hansen

    Looks like it’s easy to drop, but indeed a beautiful camera.

  • Gurg

    Looks like a 25-100mm zoom? At least i think i can see that on the manual zoom ring of the lens. Would be nice!

    Fuji’s really making interesting cameras these days…

    • fjfjjj

      That matches the inscribed focal length for an 11mm (diagonal) sensor.

  • atapee

    It’s a smaller x10, has the same manual zoom!

  • Luis

    So the thing is, what´s the sensor like? X10 like? APSc?

    • Mistral75

      2/3″, X10-like.

      • Luis

        I guess so, but then we still have to see what the differences are (other than no VF…)

  • Luis

    We have this (X10 like) and the X-E1 (prosumer X-pRO1?)… So… no X200-X100II? Kind of dissapointed… 🙁

  • Interesting. Can’t wait to see if this is the X10 replacement, or a model lower/higher in product lineup.

  • Fuji’s got the best designers working for it.
    Great looks once again!

    • pepe

      Looks are important but not everything. The IQ is far more essential.

      • fjfjjj

        Design, not looks. Handling can make or break a camera.

        • bob2

          Neither IQ nor looks are important or essential.

          Gimmicks and useless feature bloat, on the other hand, make for great cameras. Gimme those shooting modes–face, pet detection, night, day, sports, flower, woman-with-hat, mountains, stars and moon, antique, pinhole, etc., etc. Give me more and more useless features that I’ll never use!!!! I want the ever so important two-pigs-fu**ing idiot mode!!!

  • Curtis

    Looks like Fuji took Zorki’s job in a “look a Leica.” Consumers are going to go with fuji now because they are less expensive and they have been really shooting it off lately

  • BdV

    OK then, grgltranslate again:

    “Image of the new compact zoom Fujifilm’s X Series
    From readers, we have to provide images of the new compact camera Fujifilm’s X series.

    It seems that the model name that is printed on the top surface, it is blurry because I do not know. XP1 XF1 or (?) What per (?)

    (There may be the possibility of 1/1.7 inch 29mm conversion start) sensor size is going to be 2/3 inches and think is a 4x zoom lens of 6.4-25.6mm, 25mm and start conversion.

    Darker than the X10 and 1.8-4.9, F value of the lens is also included because it is not the viewfinder, it is going to be much more compact, lightweight model X10.
    ————————————————– ————
    Who sent me e-mail, thank you.”

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Fuji seems to get it. Contax got it, but we know how that turned out. Hopefully Fuji will fair better.

    • fjfjjj

      Kyocera was never an optics company and always seemed to treat Yashica-Contax like a stepchild. Fujifilm fortunately has $12bn in market cap and 78,000 employees (about the same size as Western Digital) based on a business that’s strongly oriented towards optics. Of course that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll keep making cameras, but it does mean they’re in their element making cameras, and that they have some resources to compete on.

  • Is that a mechanical zoom ring? Looks a bit difficult to grip. Still, interesting, kind of like retro-styled Sony RX100 competitor.

    • MB

      I doubt it is mechanical, more likely zoom by wire, but it is a nice touch and I am sure there are many people that will prefer this to button controls.

      • fjfjjj

        The X10 zoom ring is mechanical. Why not this?

  • Hein

    Is it just me or does the pictures look photoshop’ed? The buttons on the back look “placed” and the leatherette looks like it facing a different angle than the screen.

    Cool looking camera and I would definitely buy one! Love the retro look.

    • Matt

      You do realize almost no pre-product photographs is ever, y’know, a photograph? This is a 3D render / illustration. No part of it is a photograph. Most product pictures from big companies are like this.

  • peter

    1″ sensor + 10mm 1,4 +ios = killer
    this up here = http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gummib%C3%A4r

    • (huh?) …This camera won’t have any of these:

      1″ sensor
      10mm f/1.4
      gummy bears (?!)

  • haha

    Now that looks a lot like Sony’s RX100. The shape of the lens, the ring around it, the buttons at the back etc. Obviously the design is completely different, but it could have very similar innards.

  • Sflxn

    Another beautiful cam that won’t be able to focus fast and have a host of other issues. Fuji needs to sweat the last 5% details. They nearly had the mirror less world in the palms of their hands.

  • Alfons

    Seems like Panasonic is still the only one understanding that decent camera needs a AEL/AFL button.

    Focusing, exposure metering and releasing shutter are three different things and sometimes is nice to have control over all of those.

    • WndrrE

      Fuji X10 has got AEFL button….

    • Matt

      Looks to have 2 function buttons, if you want one to be AEF/AEL then I’m sure you can have it. All X-Series Fuji’s have had them lately, so it isn’t just Panasonic.

      • Matt

        Oops, meant AFL/AEL

  • nycPete

    This camera would be killer if it had a fixed lens.

    • haha

      of course it has a fixed lens you d.a.

      • rer

        He obviously meant “fixed” as in prime you da.

        • haha

          the point is it doesnt make a difference how good or bad a camera is to D.A.s like nycPete and you

  • ghj

    Yep, I agree Pete. I’d like something with a fixed lens. A cheaper x100.

  • 103david

    I love the meandering going on about who designed this fuji.
    Just for chuckles everybody google “Werra” which was a sleek and stylish fixed lens 35mm designed and marketed starting in the mid-1950’s. Early ones had an elegant accessory which protected the lens in transit and then reversed to form a rather nice lens hood. The ring around the base of the lens advanced the film and cocked the shutter when twisted. Later versions actually had interchangeable lenses and while some came in the traditional black leatherette/chrome, most were stylishly clad in East German T-34 Panzer color olive green.
    All told, a really elegant piece of work with some innovative features for 1954. And who designed it? The East German reference hint should have given it away…Carl Zeiss Jena.

  • cosinaphile

    what ever else is true about this camera , it cements fujifilm at the forefront of beauty and elegance in camera design

    nikon hasnt had a clue since the 28 ti and 35 ti

    as said above contax got it ….so does fuji

    reminds me of the natura

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