The new Fuji X-E1 mirrorless camera will have an EVF *UPDATED*

Update: the Fuji X-E1 will have an electronic viewfinder.

One of the new products Fujifilm will introduce at Photokina will be the X-E1 - a new mirrorless camera similar to the X-Pro1 but without the hybrid viewfinder and with a built-in flash. The Fuji X-E1 will be available aslo in silver:

Here is also a better image of the Fuji XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R OIS lens:

Via Digicame-info

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  • Aquaboi

    Yes pls…

    • St.

      what is the sensor size?

      • Ke

        APS-C the same as the X100 & X-Pro

  • HubertV

    Look like a View Finder opening on the photo. It may just be an EVF only.

    • spam

      Yes, it’s EVF only. Makes sense too. The hybrid viewfinder don’t work well with a zoom and increase the cost too much for a entry model.

  • That still looks like it has an EVF, just no hybrid OVF/EVF finder.

    • HubertV

      It make sense because OVF cannot zoom along with the 18-55. Therefore Zoom Lens requires EVF, may be the 18-55 mounted on X-Pro1 will disable OVF altogether and act like the macro on the X-Pro1 that automatically switch from OVF to EVF.

      • Seb

        Well the finder itself cant zoom, but the framelines can adjust accordingly to the zoom level, so that would be no problem, esp. since the Finder can adjust the magnification too at a certain point.

  • HubertV

    Wonder what is the cover between the hot-shoe and the Fujifilm engravement, maybe a build-in flash?

    • WYS

      Yes, the post mentioned a built in flash.

  • Björn Luminaire

    Looks like a sweet street shooter.

    • hey!

      Not unless Fuji fixed the video refresh lag in the EVF when you try and AF a moving subject. The current implementation in the X100 and X-Pro is a joke.

  • Don Pope

    Looks like it does have an EVF. I am suddenly very interested.

  • this camera have viewfinder but only electronic

  • Renato S.

    This is a very hot news!

    Yeah, it looks like it has no HVF, but probably a EVF and a built-in flash.

    If they can make the AF like those from m4/3 cameras or at least NEX cameras, this is going to be interesting.

  • X-E1 for enthusiasts? X-Pro1 for professionals.

    I just hope the price will be much cheaper than the X-Pro1.

    • Clint Dunn

      Nope…..XE1 stands for electronic viewfinder model with no hybrid…..pretty obvious when you think about it.

      • Dlint Cunn

        E isn’t for EV… pretty obvious when you think about it.

        • spam

          A lot of pretty obvious things are obviously wrong even if you don’t think about ti.

          • Cunt Dlinn

            E stands for ‘escuuse mee but where is my hybrid vieew finder pleeze?”

  • Curtis

    if its over $800 than i’m not interested

    • Clint Dunn

      I would say you’re u could plan on shelling out a thousand bucks. No way they sell this thing for 800.

      • HubertV

        Should be more than the X-100 replacement and below X-Pro1. I guess it may cost around 1400 body only

        • Richard

          $1,400 will kill sales. It won’t matter if it is a decent camera. There are a number of issues with the X 1Pro that will also be a problem with this model if not resolved.

          I guess we will wait and see, but it has some stiff competition in the Sony NEX 7.

          • clouds

            Perhaps, maybe even the upcoming NEX-6 will be lined up with this model.

    • PR

      Who cares if you buy it or not?

      I hope they come with a X-Pro2 fixing the issues with X-Pro1…

      • Richard

        I would not be surprised at all if the X Pro2 (or whatever) abandons the hybrid viewfinder. EVFs are the way of the future.

  • mythbuster

    No finder -nothing said of optional EVF-, no deal.

    • a4


    • Ke

      There is clearly an EVF visable in the photos.

  • samshootsall

    some ppl are so cheapskates. they dont know how much $$$$ it takes to make one!!

  • x100

    Looks like some kind of VF on the left side. Could be EVF?

  • Roby

    Well, I hope the evf won’t suffer from too much lag.

    • +1 It is reason why I do not use EVF when doing street photography.

      • Richard

        I don’t know which EVFs you have tried, but there is no real reason that an EVF should have problems, though I am sure that some of the early efforts at them have had the problems you describe in addition to shutter lag, which is more of an issue than it should be at this point of development.

  • Camaman

    EVF only is the way to go.
    Looks like an interesting camera, that is for sure.
    I love the Fuji vigilance on the lens line up as well. 🙂


  • pooh

    Now this is gonna go hand-to-hand with the NEX-6. At at least a $300 premium it’d better offer some decent AF…

    I suspect it will still be using the older 16MP sensor in the X-pro1. Meanwhile the NEX-6’s got a newer one, so let’s see…

  • Hec

    Looks good but there are so many other options, that are much better value, that I’m not interested. Of course I’m guessing this will be another Fuji premium priced product. On the off chance it’s around $800 or less I might be interested. I do like the lenses they have coming out.

    • pooh

      The X-Pro1 goes for $1699. So you think that OVF part costs $900?

      • fjfjjj

        Yes, and the vertical grip for the D800 really costs twice as much to make as the one for the D700. /sarcasm

        Consumer pricing is a result of strategy and tactics, not math alone.

  • WndrrE

    Take out or change the style of the grip.This grip style is the only thing I do not like in XP1.

  • dfgr

    Will Samsung ever make a retro looking camera? That mock up they had was good looking.

    • fjfjjj

      Yes, it will make a retro-looking camera, with an aperture ring that controls white balance, a focus ring that selects artistic filters, and a shutter speed dial that toggles between Facebook and Picasa.

      • E

        Hahah so true

  • mape2k

    No aperture ring on the lens, only a switch between A and manual. So I guess aperture is going to be controlled from the camera then? How?

    I was hoping that Fuji would stay with their all manual approach like on the fixed lenses right now.

    • Camaman

      Like it is controlled on every system camera for the last decade…

      • Don Pope

        Every system camera for the last decade has had unlabeled dials for aperture, shutter or a bunch of other things. This camera doesn’t have that. The aperture rings on the lenses and dedicated dials are a big part of the system’s charm.

        This seems like a bad move by Fuji.

        • Do not think that new camera is aimed at the same user as the X-Pro1 or X100, but rather aimed towards expanding market share in to more main stream approach.

          I am sure many X-pro users will buy as second body, but think this camera is for Fuji to expand lens line up and recover R&D costs to general market.

        • Matt

          This will have a wheel where your thumb will go, just like X100, X-Pro1 and X10. This is usually used to control the aperture on the X100 in 1/3 increments, making it cover the whole range is no big deal and it is only for this zoom lens, primes will still be the same.

    • Nawknai

      Well, it’s a zoom lens with variable aperture, so what exactly were you expecting?

      • Don Pope

        A variable aperture does not preclude putting a “soft” (unmarked) aperture ring on it. It would at least match the experience of the other lenses.

    • Don Pope

      After examining it closer I think it might have an aperture ring after all.

      There are three segments in the barrel. The top one appears to be the focusing ring, the wide middle one must be the zoom ring and the bottom one is a “soft” aperture ring.

  • M

    If the autofocus is as bad as on the X-Pro1 I’m going to have a hard time justifying buying it at all… :/

  • Seeda

    It`s simple

    X E1 means : E = economy or electronic

    • Jason

      E = Expert !

    • Matthieu

      It can mean Enthusiast, Electronic, Entry… unless Fuji specifies it, we can guess all day.

    • AM


  • Camaman

    Maybe it will be plastic, and be $999…

    Anyway, it looks to be a decent m43 and NEX competitor.
    Fuji and NEX offer different styling and same DOF control and IQ.
    Olympus offers IBIS, which is pretty important, but it is behind 1stop in DOF control.

    So whatever floats your boat.
    People wishing to have it all will bitch and whine like they always do.

    And there is always that FF whine…

  • chris

    if fuji still plays the exclusive pricey strategy, fuj x-e1 will be killed by nikon d600.

    • Camaman

      Yes, killed by the Nikons dinosaur bulk piggybacking into 21century on the back of better ergonomics…

  • Adam Maas

    Add a sensor which plays well with RAW converters and I’m interested. The two biggest issues I had with the X Pro-1 were the Hybrid finder (nice idea, poorly implemented) and the new sensor CFA pattern (lousy design, doesn’t demosaic properly)

    • camerageekslayer

      Not sure what you mean by either of those statements. The VF works flawlessly for me and the new sensor is outstanding in terms of image quality. Lightroom 4 with update is the way to go.

  • mythbuster

    have an EVF? now it´s A LOT more interesting camera. I´d like to know how big is that very interesting f 2.8-4.0 zoom.

  • cosinaphile

    A WELCOME ADDITION BUT I WAS HOPING FOR a camera the size of my x100 ….this looks the same size as the xpro1 ….glad they lost the stupid awkward looking ,sloping top-plate , too bad they didnt keep the ovf for primes and auto evf for zooms ….easy enuf to implimnent in an electronic camera

    this camera will “kit” for 1499 and will have a body only feature for 300 usd less
    i will probably get this for use with rangefinder leicas and CV lenses

  • cosinaphile

    to add….. kudos to fuji for a kit zoom that starts at 2.8 -4…. note to nikon and canon :
    your polycarbonate meteorites suck

    the loss of f stop ring is regrettable ….many variable apt. lenses had f stops on the lens

    • I think that lens may still have an aperture ring, unlabeled due to variable aperture.

  • Camaman

    Very good move on the faster zoom lens.
    Being APS-C it will have decent DOF control for an occasional portrait.

    Canon, Nikon are long overdue to upgrade their eggshell kit lenses with at least this evolution step.

    Olympus and Panasonic should also listen… Maybe they will react faster.

  • Joseph

    Okay Fuji…now make a FF model please.

  • Luis

    We have this (prosumer X-pRO1?) and the other X10 like thing. So… no X200-X100II? 🙁

  • Ray

    Nice. Having an X100 I can now use an evf. I find I use it more and more though I still prefer the ovf. So, will it af faster than either the X100 or xp1, and in low light? Will it have enough processor power to update the evf during focus?

    No improvement, would not buy either the xp1 or this one.

    If it will outperform the xp1, I’m sold even at the same price. I’ll live with the sensor and wait for the Lightrooms of the world to improve their ability to handle the raw files.

  • Dasbose

    Since it has an EVF, I’m hoping they will add some type of focus peaking ala the NEX, K-01, or GXR.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Finally, a well designed useful camera for the real world.

  • Nice, but I hope it get’s RAW support. The X-Pro1 has been out for months, and we only have Lightroom as an option as a RAW converter.

  • BdV

    By the way, this is google’s translation of the digicame page info:

    “Image of XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS and Fujifilm X-E1
    We have to provide an image of the zoom “XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS” new standard with the camera “X-E1″ interchangeable lens Fujifilm from readers.

    Fujifilm’s new aircraft seem to become X-E1. Since the optical viewfinder is omitted, it is likely to have a high potential for low-cost machine rather than a successor to X-Pro1. Would you like eye cup in the upper left corner of the back of the body can be seen slightly seems highly likely the EVF is installed.

    The layout of the buttons and dials on the upper surface is almost the same as X-Pro1, a kind of hop-up flash can be seen next to the hot shoe, the flash may not have been built.
    ————————————————– ———————
    Who sent me e-mail, thank you.”

    So nothing shocking. Unfortunately no tilting lcd. Looks cool, again.

  • Mike

    Looks amazing. Fuji keeps hitting aesthetic home runs. This with a 35 1.4 lens would be sweet.

  • Vlad

    For 1 Billion Dollars (*_*) ?!

  • António

    Any hint about ocular’s dioptric adjustment?

  • Brian

    Whooo…now I’m glad I bought an XP1. EVF only, no thanks.

  • Matt

    Im still betting it uses the new 16MP Sony sensor with standard Bayer array, but now with PDAF on sensor for hybrid AF. With lens will be approx $1300, though I hope it is a prime or at least offer a prime and zoom kit – especially if it is the X100 replacement.

  • Don

    If you think about it a soft aperture ring has to be unmarked, it’s an encoder.

  • Michael

    I have a theory.

    They found out, how to fix the EVF-delay in the software and therefore bring the X-E1.
    At the same time they will fix this problem on the X-Pro1 via a SW-update.

    Just like they did similar things with the X100 when they released the X-Pro1.

    Then they discontinue the X-Pro1 next year before Photokina and bring a successor, either for the X100 or the X-Pro1.

  • a4

    It’s good news regarding the EVF, definitely better than nothing (I keep wondering how many otherwise potent cams get crippled this way nowadays without people giving a damn). Let’s just hope for it’s decent resolution and negligible delay…

  • BdV

    Oh my, every time I take a look it gets more beautiful.

  • Joseph

    Getting warmer…now just stick a full-frame sensor in there and someone make an adapter for my Nikon rangefinder glass collection and I’m set for life.

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