Fujifilm X-E1 specifications

Here are the first set of specs for the upcoming Fuji X-E1 mirrorless camera:

  • Same 16MP sensor as in the X-Pro1 (with max ISO of 25,600)
  • 6 fps
  • Light magnesium body
  • Improved AF speed
  • Price: bellow $1000
  • To be released before Christmas
  • Same video recording capabilities as the X-Pro1
  • Mic input
  • EVF only (not hybrid as the X-Pro1)
  • Two colors: black and silver
  • Pull 25 ISO to simulate Velvia in JPEG mode
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  • R8R

    Good LORD!!

  • brian

    Is there good quality raw support in light room for this sensor yet? Until then, not really interested. For the size of it I’d rather have a full frame that’s cheaper than a leica. Shouldn’t be long, since it appears theres $2000 full frame SLRs on the way.

    • Unfortunately for us, one of the reasons why we’re not seeing FF in a small/mirrorless body is because of the problems that sensors face when the lens is sitting as close as they do on other mirrorless cameras. If they increase the back focal length, the lenses become big like SLR lenses. Then you’re better off using a FF DSLR with the mirror up anyway.

      Take a look at how ugly the Leica M9 images look as things go towards the corners:

      • bidou

        Congrats, you just discover what vignetting is.

        (something that is easily fixable with in body correction. In body correction you find in every mirrorless cam)

        But you may refer to cyan/pink shift that occur with 15mm voigtlander with m9 (and with nex 7)?

        • fjfjjj

          Correction of vignetting in postproduction increases noise. The real optical problem is somewhat fixable with offset microlens arrays (the M8 and M9 do this) but even these can only be optimized for specific angles of incidence at the sensor plane.

          • Enginel

            1. The cited Noctilux has tons of vignetting wide open by itself, it’s not fault of the sensor. Note that there is no comparable SLR lens which we can compare to. The sensor of course does contribute to vignetting too, but for 50mm lens its contribution is irrelevant.

            2. Leica uses ancient Kodak sensors. We’ll see what Sony has to offer.

      • Enginel

        You’re citing urban myth. Backfocus length is irrelevant. Exit pupil close to the digital sensor, however, does cause problems. But having lens close to sensor doesn’t mean exit pupil will be too.

  • Sol

    Emulation of Velvia 25…? Shouldn’t that be Velvia 50?
    And what’s the point of doing this if the native iso is not that low?

    • pooh

      Quite ironic now that Velvia’s being discontinued in various formats and the 135 version’s price is going sky high.

  • AM

    So besides the hybrid VF, are there any other differences between this and the x pro 1? If not, $700 clams is quite a premium for that OVF.

    • Can-on

      It’ll be of great interest to find out!

    • Manuel

      Strange product policy

      – a wonderful high-end model (x-pro 1), at the same time featuring an AF that reminds me of 1990s cameras – hardly usable and making the whole camera system not worth the price as of today’s standards.

      – a new lower price model (x-e1) that has allegedly somewhat faster and better AF (compared to what?), but lacks the optical/hybrid viewfinder.

      The x-pro1/x-e1 is all about street photograpy. Good AF is essential for that purpose.

      With a state-of-the-art AF system like the Nikon 1 series and the hybrid viewfinder, the system would be a no-brainer for me. I would buy everything available just tomorrow. Like it is now, I won’t spend anything on it. Therefore, the wonderful lenses are a waste, imho.

      I’m not going to spend a Buck/Euro on that system as long as the AF doesn’t catch up with a Nikon D3/D300 or Nikon 1 series.

      • Randolph Knackstedt

        Actually, AF is not very essential to street photography. I’m referring to street photography where you’re around 5-12 feet from your subjects and the action is bang bang.

        If you’re serious about street photography, you don’t want to rely on any AF system, regardless of how fast it is. A nice manual lens with zone focusing will do better on the fly, with people coming at you, from behind you, etc, than any AF system.

        IMO it’s a shame the XPRO1 has issues with it’s AF. But for hardcore street photography, it’s mostly a non issue.

        I think it’s great Fuji has improved the AF on the XE1. The XPRO2 will be just as good, if not better.

        I don’t understand why you’re fussing over the EVF. Do you think it’s wise for Fuji to create a camera that’s supposed to sit below the XPRO1, but make it better and cheaper? Nobody would buy the XPRO1. lol.

        The Fuji X interchangeable lens system should only get better

  • can’t wait for reviews…

  • Paul

    I hope the AF speed is substantially improved.

    • Antonio

      I would say that a good manual focus assistance to work with manual lenses other than magnifying the central part of the screen would be even more important.

  • Craig

    I agree, Paul……oh, and a few good lenses too, please.

  • Curtis

    NOW WERE TALKIN’! A sexy camera under a thousand dollars…. Well, attractive camera

  • E

    Unreal. If this is true. Thank u fuji. Thank u.

  • Don Pope

    If they fixed the focusing it will be a great camera at $999.

  • dave

    dont you just love the fuji troll bashers on here. unreal people. unreal.

  • blackx

    Hopefully they will announce the X100 Replacement!

    • Renato S.

      I think that THIS camera with a future 23mm would be better than a X200. I think that the X100 was Fuji testing the market for more PRO camera and now they felt that a lot of people think that the XPRO1 was a bit too expensive, since the AF and MF were not really up to what you would expect of a PRO level camera. If they can correct it in this camera and the future XPRO2, they will be more in the right path. I wonder how many years of life cycle it will be for each of these cameras.

    • Not for Photokina, maybe later this year for CES in January.

  • Renato S.

    IF this camera could have a AF as quick as m4/3, it would be awesome, but anything in the NEX’s realm is good enough.

    I just wished it had better video, but the low light capabilities and DR by themselves are very tempting.

  • BdV

    Good. Now I was reading ‘evf only’ as ‘no lcd’, but that’s not right. Is it?
    Any tilting possibilities?

    • spam

      LCD (or OLED) is “standard” on every digital, you can’t really use one efficiently without it. So, saying EVF only is compared to the hybrid viewfinder of the X-Pro 1, the LCD-screen is there. Probably not tiltable judging from the earlier X10/X100/X-Pro 1, but it should be and X-S1 got one so it’s certainly a possibility.

      • BdV

        A tilting screen x100 would for me be enough reason to call it x200…

        • Renato S.

          I think that the sensor itself is more than enough to call it X200, the low light capabilities of this sensor is really astonishing.

  • SL

    ADMIN … what about the built-in flash ?

    • Al

      It looks like there is one right next to the hot shoe.

  • Camaman

    Very good specs and price goal!
    Unfortunately Olympus launched OMD just in time to take my money before this.

    It will be a harsh competition between m43 and Fuji.
    Specially because the can both adapt M Mount so well. 🙂

  • c.d.embrey

    Where are the lon lenses?? Fuji needs an 85mm f/1.8 before I’m interested.

    • Hervé

      They have a 56mm f1.4 (equivalent 85mm) scheduled for 2013 if I’m correct.

  • Michael

    I bet THIS is the X100 replacement.

    • I think they will have a “real” X100 replacement, but I don’t think it will be for Photokina.

  • Patternman

    12 bit RAW is unacceptable for a good camera. I think, it is a toy, like Samsung NX and Nex…

  • Silverback

    A weakness in the x100 and xpro1 is lack of good weather sealing such as Oly have given the OMD . I’d like to see that addressed in any new models.
    Never the less x100 is sweetest camera in my collection and I’m hoping to add XE1 when it arrives and unburden 20 years worth of Nikon kit.

  • Ce xe-1 me rappelle le Lumix lc1, et sa copie Leica, en 2004.
    Fuji vient de sortir ce que nous attendions de Leica depuis longtemps.
    Ce n’est sûrement pas avec un Leica X2 avec viseur EVF greffé «Olympus», ni le m9-monochrom que Leica va concurrencer cette génération de Fujifilm X… Les objectifs du x-prp1 sont TRÈS performants.
    Dommage !
    J’étais un leicaiste depuis les années 70…

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