Fujifilm introduces $300 discount on the X-Pro 1 before the X-E1 announcement

You can now get $300 off when you purchase a Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera and one XF lens. The upcoming X-E1 mirrorless camera will be priced under $1000 and Fuji is trying to make the X-Pro1 more attractive nine months after the camera was announced.

Here are few more X-Pro1 vs X-E1 size comparisons sent in by readers:

The Fujifilm X10 is currently $50 off.

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  • Paul

    Sign me up for a X-E1. Looks good to me! Please have much faster AF speed though.

    • fjfjjj

      I hope it has a left autofocus problem.

  • Kevin

    such a nice looking camera ^^

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Why, that BRICK?!!!

  • hopefully it will not have 40% return rate due to various problems including completely bricking as xpro1 have.

  • Incessant Troll

    haha funny joke fuji. after charging me $600 for an x10 with orbs that I could now purchase for $450, they would have to give a $500 discount and decrease the price of lenses by $150 before i consider buying an xpro1

    • Antonio

      If you want to be always at the front line of new stuff buyers you shall not complain about the “privilege’s fee”…other way is to give up being the first kid in the block to exhibit the new toy and wait till others do the real life tests and manufacturers apply the necessary corrections or price adjustments.

      • This is nothing new. Nikon and Canon do price reductions all the time on cameras before a new model is released. However this does give me reason to wonder if this is so-called X-Pro replacement. Would not be surprised is X100 replacement comes out without hybrid viewfinder as well.

    • Nawknai

      Are the lenses too expensive, or are you cheap? I’m guessing the latter.

    • pooh

      Why digital at all, then? No matter what you buy today, they’ll be worth only thrift store prices soon. Why CHARGE for digital cameras at all, manufacturers?

    • Incessant Troll

      haha you guys are riled up. wow… im cheap. im so offended i might stop posting on the internet. boo hoo

    • Reduce the price of lenses by $150???? Really?? The 35mm 1.4 is already the deal of the century. It has the performance of a Summilux for $600…….

  • Rommel

    Why not Fuji get some notes from Contax? X-Pro1 already looks like the phenomenal G2 – so why stop there? Get the autofocus rangefinder mechanism of the G2 and put it in their new body. A real digital rangefinder (Epson R-D1, yummm..) from Fuji with their sensor and the price way below the M9 would be a real treat (or I’ll just fetch myself a G2 in eBay hehe).

  • joezz

    Hey Friends – it´s no Leica.
    It´s a Japanese look-alike.

    • Mike

      Sure. But with $8000 left in your pocket. For the price of a Leica M9 you can get an X-pro1 and a used Volkswagen to drive around and you know, take pictures.

  • Take out the optical (semi-optical) RF system, and make it look like a Leica MD, and I’m not very interested any more.

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