Video of Fujifilm XF1 compact camera leaked

This new short video from Fujifilm Japan shows hot to turn on and off the upcoming XF1 compact camera. The mechanism is similar to the Fuji X10 camera - rotate to unlock, pull the lens out and then rotate again:

The camera model seems to be "XF1".

Via Digicame-info

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  • Al.ban

    Creepy hands supplied with the camera?

    • gt

      I found them attractive

  • 103david

    It’s a Werra, or more accurately, inspired by Carl Zeiss Jena in 1954. Go on, Google “Werra” and see if you don’t agree. But that’s okay, you could do a lot worse than copying one of those.

    • Erica

      I have a Werra, but the twisting of the ring is used to wind the film, not to pull the lens out.

      • 103David

        All true, Erica, but you must be aware that 1954 held no digital cameras nor zoom lenses on what we now call Point ‘n Shoot cameras. Neither does 2012 hold much in the way of cameras needing to advance film. The observation of the original post being both the similarity of styling of the Werra & new Fuji, but the utilization of the “lens-twist” concept to apply necessary mechanical (e.g. non-electronic) movement to the object at hand. Sometimes one has to apply a little muscle to the task.
        However, being a Werra owner, I know you also are appreciative of what a truly nice piece of work the Werra was. Takes darn nice photos, doesn’t it?

  • Marvin8

    This fuji looks much larger than the small compact I was expecting.

    • jimitav

      Same here!

    • pepo

      Or the hands are small. Not trying to stereotype but those are a woman’s hands and she is probably asian. Just saying.

  • fujifan

    Actually, it’s looking increasingly like the XF1/XP1 is effectively the X10 replacement, this time without the viewfinder. If so that would mean Fuji is heading the same way as Canon & Nikon in protecting the top-end products by limiting the viewfinder. Sounds cynical and I hope I’m proved wrong.

    • jimitav

      I don’t think this is an X10 replacement. I think it’s a lower-end X model. It’s not only the lack of the OVF, but also the 1.8-4.9 lens. I don’t think Fuji is going to replace X10’s 2-2.8 with this.

      • I agree, I think this is a new product line. I like the clean design, looks like a Leica.

  • Jesse

    Looks a lot bigger then i thought but this could mean a bigger sensor (RX100 anyone?)

    • fab

      Other pictures (if true) show the lens informations, it’s a 5.4 – 25.6mm. So I think the sensor is smaller, 1/2,3″or 1/1.7″maybe?

      • arn

        Canon s100 is 5.2-26mm (24-120mm eqv.) and 1/1.7″ sensor. So the XF1 sensor should be a bit bigger than the 1/1.7″.

        • pooh

          Not bigger, the thing starts from 25mm.

      • WndrE

        I checked the inital photos of this cam in photorumors and I noticed that the f value on the lens is 6,4-25,6 .So if 35mm equivalant is 24 then the image sensor size may be even slightly bigger then 2/3″ .Or the wide end will begin from 26 mm rather then 24 .

    • fjfjjj

      The sensor is 11mm diagonal.

      This is based on inscribed “35mm-equivalent” focal lengths on the zoom ring, and optical focal length specification inscribed on the lens.

      • fjfjjj

        11mm = 1/2.3″

        • arn

          11mm diagonal is usually written in the form 2/3″. The 1/2.3″ refers to 7.7mm diagonal length. Anyway, same size sensor as the X10.

          • fjfjjj

            Wrong. Try doing some math.

            2/3″ is 17mm

            1/2.3″ is 11mm

          • arn

            So, strangely enough the camera turned out to have a 2/3″ sensor. Why don’t you tell us more about your math skills?

  • better be a spectacular lens to justify the amount of effort involved in opening it for a point and shoot….

  • Rusty Cardores

    I got fed up with the process just watching the video…. doing that for real all the time would drive me insane!

    • Marvin8

      Hate to agree, but I must. 🙁

  • Wt21

    I didnt like that on the x10, so I certainly wont like it here 🙁

  • Ragnarok

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  • bs.lim

    It could be named xc10! or xm10!

  • No opinion yet. Not even confirm if it is X-series. All we know is it is future FujiFilm camera. Regardless, it nice looking camera. Not sure if it is X10 replacement, but I do not think it is. Maybe all FujiFilm cameras will be X-series.

  • mythbuster

    It´s a beautiful camera targeted to elegant women and some “distinguished” executives. It´s not of course a photagrapher´s camera but they are going to sell tons of this model.

  • Video will not play

    • probably Fuji Japan removed it.

  • Zvonimir Tosic

    This is the way to enable lens to be operated and zoomed in/out manually, which is in fact ingenious. One extra pull is all what enables the camera to be really flat and easy to carry around in the pocket. It is not only faster to manually operate camera like this than using the jog wheel and lens motor (aka all other compacts, including Sony’s Rx100) but is more tactile and enjoyable, and saves battery life too. Kudos to Fuji! Very cool.

    • pepe

      So far not much is know about this cam of Fuji but it doesn’t look like it will utilize anything else except powering on/off and zoom function on its lens whell. Sonys one however is far more superior offering plenty of fast manual control. For me Fujis XF1 incorporates lovely design with useless gimmicks. With X10 I could have understood it, but with this modell not anymore.

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