Fujifilm X-E1 and XF1 to be announced on September 5

Together with the new X-Pro1 firmware update, Fujifilm will announce also their two new cameras on September 5th, 2012: the mirrorless interchangeable lens X-E1 and the compact XP1 cameras (there is a chance that the camera will be called XF1).

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  • Jeff S.

    X-E1 will spank the X-Pro 1. I purchased the XPro 1 with hopes of using the OVF full time. I shoot people portraits and the EVF is so much better for getting sharp focus on eyes. XPro 1 will be up for sale.

  • Guess, I can not say XP1 as short hand for X-Pro1 anymore 🙁

  • Al

    They make beautiful cameras. Tip of the hat to the artist in the design team.

  • so if this is going to be $1000, with faster AF, then what’s the point of buying the xpro1?

    • e

      ovf/evf combo.possibly other diff we are unaware of yet.

      • Renato S.

        shutter lifecycle maybe, anyway, that’s why I just don’t jump in the early adopter mob.

        there are 3 cameras that I think it’s interesting. GH3, NEX-6 and X-E1.

        I wish that the GH3 has a better DR, better pictures overall.
        E-Mount gets some glass! It’s a very urgent matter.
        If the Fuji cameras had better videos – besides the AF/MF thing that they seen to be taking care of. But I doubt that Fuji will improve video very soon, it’s not their priority for sure.

        • Tim

          For me, the most important is fast operation and autofocus. Good VF, ergonomics and manual focus is next down on the list. Any modern APS-C camera has good enough imagequality for me.
          I can’t stand Sonys design and lenses. Olympus keeping to the 4/3 format is a turnoff. I haven’t really been able to evaluate samsung properly and Canon is a joke.
          Thus GH3 is looking to be a winner, especially if it keeps the multi-format sensor. The downside is that I don’t care much for video and going for the GH-series without using the video seems like a waste.
          If Fuji can improve the auto-focus and general operation enough then it becomes tempting indeed. Unfortunately that mean that I’m unlikely to buy into the system until the X-pro 3. My Pentax DSLR will keep for a few more years I suppose even if it is a bit large and clumsy.

          • this is how I feel exactly, if these new cams will have faster autofocus, i don’t really care if it doesn’t have OVF, this camera will be cheaper and more usable.

            I can’t wait till Fuji improves their AF, then they will be definitely the best travel camera.

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