You want faster autofocus with the Fuji X-Pro 1? Buy their new lenses!

The upcoming firmware update for the Fuji X-Pro1 will increase the autofocus speed, but the really big improvement will come with the new XF lenses that will have a new linear AF motor. The upcoming X-E1 camera and XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 lens combo will be able to snap focus in 0.1 seconds (similar AF speed as the latest Panasonic cameras). I am not sure if the X-Pro1 will be able to deliver that speed after the firmware update - I believe that the new X-E1 will still have a faster AF with the new lenses compared to the X-Pro1. My understanding is that all future XF lenses will have the new AF motor, not sure if the current three lenses will be updated as well.

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  • fjfjjj

    The X system is impressive, for being half-baked. Fujifilm is coming crashing out of the gates, but steady wins the race. On the surface, these are the cameras I’ve been waiting for, but weak AF and even worse MF, and early adopters getting the short end of the stick, makes me circumspect about all things X.

    • fjfjjj

      Oh, and before anyone accuses me of never having used one: I’ve used the X-Pro1.

  • I purchased the OM-D – No regrets. But if Fuji’s AF system was snappier, I would have purchased it over the OM-D.

  • Renato S.

    Fuji really needs to address those flaws, all mirrorless cameras are now known for very quick AF and Sony is even making a hybrid sensor with some phase detection AF sensors in it.

    I think that Fuji should find a way to update the old lenses if they are not able to focus quicker, they are too important focal lengths to not have a decent AF.

    • Ronaldo

      “all mirrorless cameras are now known for very quick AF and Sony is even making a hybrid sensor”

      Not sure where you got that from. Compared to a point & shoot, yes. Compared to a dslr they are “all” either pitiful or ok in the case of the OMD. Sony is taking the same techinical approach with their hybrid as Canon took. The Canon’s is pitiful. Will see about the Sony.

      Fortunately, I’m a slow shooter and don’t care about it.

  • Camaman

    Oh, oh ball drop!
    On the bright side, they are getting to the root of the problem. New AF motor.
    Hopefully the old lenses on the market will get a new firmware and they will built them with new motors as well.

    Would be sad if we needed to wait 4years for new versions…

  • Ronan

    You want better AF? Buy our ‘new’ lenses.

    Woah… no.

    • This is the same thing Olympus did. Their first 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 was a very slow lens, they fixed it the issue and released a second version. I was an earlier adopter of m4/3’s buying the E-P1 and I decided to be an early adopter again with Fuji buying the X-Pro1. I don’t regret either decision. If you buy the first generation of any camera system you do so knowing full well it will have some kinks to work out. If you purchase expecting perfection, well, then I don’t know what to say to that other than good luck.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve been so happy with the XPro-1 that I sold off my m4/3’s gear and probably won’t go back to it. I’ve found that the XPro’s flaws have been blown vastly out of proportion. That said, it’s good to see Fuji keeps on giving us firmware updates to make an already wonderful camera even better.

      • Dummy00001

        > Their first 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 was a very slow lens, they fixed it the issue and released a second version.

        Bogus analogy.

        At the moment of the m.zuiko 14-42 Mk2 release, it was still one of the most smallest AND collapsible lenses. (The *only* collapsible system zoom lens at the time.)

        On the other side, the Fuji X lenses are neither small nor collapsible. All the lens building experience accumulated before in FF and APS-C is applicable 100%.

    • Sahaja

      Not much different than “if you want better VR , buy our new VRII lenses” or “if you want better coating, buy our new nano-coated lenses”. Everyone plays the “If you want better XXX buy our new YYY” game .

  • Robyn

    Think of it this way, 1st gen product normally have a lot of issues. We can always say ” how come other company’s can do these and that already?”. Well we have to take into consideration that their R&D team are totally different and have different strengths and weaknesses. Just like any car manufacturers today.

    As for early adapters, well they may get the brunt of the issues (of course this depends on your point of view, some are already happy with the cam as it is, warts and all) but without these people do you think this potentially amazing system would continue? It would be ashame if the x series would prematurely be nipped in the bud so to speak.

  • Grrr…. I like my 14mm XF lens, and if it is faster all better but since I zone focus anyway, I do not think new lens or AF will really affect me anyway. Even if faster, zone focus eliminates any focusing from reaction time.

    • E

      Zone focusing is great and all..(i use it for 80% of street shooting and kids) . For shooting at objects At large apertures moving models at large apertures and extra light when necc….sometimes shooting at 5.6-11 and up doesnt cut it for the desired look…. Or available light. If you can zone focus moving people at large apertures all the more power to ya!! Pass along those distance estimating skillS:)

      Bring on faster auto focus!!!!

  • Ozbaz

    Atleast fuji listen to what photographers say and quickly address the perceived faults. Having used an xpro1 its faults have been blown way out of proportion

  • Kevin

    anxiously waiting for the 35mm equivalent lens..! hopefully the AF speed is good on it. the 50 is great, but i’m looking for something wider 🙂

  • MRRS

    Confucius said, “A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it, is committing another mistake.”

    Fuji should just correct their mistakes and update old lenses asap.

  • While I would have prefrered that Fuji release the camera with less qurks (problems) I really could care less about the autofocusing. I am using the X to M mount adapter with no problems, although I would like to see more accurate frame lines in the OVF. What is shamefull on the x-pro1 is the battery life, I would also like to see it wake up faster. Other than that the camera is the most usable least irritating digital camera I can afford (unless Leica decides to make cameras for photographers, not dentists and lawyers, I hope the X-Pro3 adresses all of the qurks because I will buy another).

    By the way I own a D700 it’s a great camera but not good for the street.

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