Fujifilm XF1 compact camera will not be announced tomorrow


It seems that the Fujifilm XF1 (or XP1) will not be announced tomorrow with the X-E1. I believe the camera will still be introduced for the 2012 Photokina show. Stay tuned for the official X-E1 announcement tonight (around midnight EST).

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  • rattymouse

    Maybe Fujifilm pulled it because of all the bashing the camera is getting over the stupid way you turn it on. A quick re-design maybe.

    A really stupid way to turn this camera on.

  • Michael

    I like the present focal lengths idea on the lens ring. I guess you could leave off the power off and on part. And put a button. That way you are present to certain focal length when powered on. But what would be cool would be a standard filter thread like 37mm to allow you screw on filters with ease. That would be money.

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