This is the new Olympus 15mm f/8.0 lens

This is the first picture of the rumored 15mm f/8.0 MFT prime lens. Some of the specs are:

  • Focal length: 15 mm (equivalent to 30mm on a 35mm camera)
  • Aperture: f/8 fixed
  • Dimensions: Max.diameter: 56mm (2.2in.), length: 9mm (0.4 in.)
  • Design: 3 groups, 3 lenses
  • Focus: 0.30 m (11.8 in.) to infinite. Manual Focusing (three settings)
  • Weight: 22 g (0.8 oz.)
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  • camerageek

    Finally! A lens who’s build quality matches the image quality of all Micro Four Turd cameras!

    • JerkStore

      Hey look, a rare sighting of the fabled Internet Asshole! This amazing creature is the one of a handful of creatures that shit out of the same orifice they speak from.

  • Better be cheap

    Best case scenario is if this lens costs under $100 (as it should) but worse case is Olympus starts including this junk with camera kits instead of the other more expensive lenses while keeping the price the same (fatter margins for them).

  • wont be better to just drill a hole in camera cover?

  • Nino N.

    Is f/8 practical? It would make sense to me if this was a 600mm+ f/8 or something like those mirror lenses but for 15mm (30mm equivalent)? You probably stand no chance to shoot indoor or poorly lit place…even with flash.

    Just my opinion 🙂

  • alexxx




    my cell phone is much better.

  • aurèle

    Very limited use for such a lens. If it cost the price of a lens cap, why not !

  • alexxxx

    may be a lens to shot the sun????

  • dbaechli

    I think that might come in handy as maybe a.. sunny summer days street photography lens? For the time being, I see a bit of a limited field of use. But if it’s really good quality and let’s say around some 100-150 bucks, well, one might want to try it. I would though never include this as a kit lens.. I feel somehow kits are aimed at people who want to get into a certain system or so. 15mm f/8 is maybe too special for that audience.. (this does of course not apply to ALL camera kit buyers, beware!!)..

    • alexxx


      hopefully this is a mistake. hopefully it is f1.8, not a f8.0.

    • Putting this lens doesn’t make a small mFT camera any less noticeable than when a 20 1.7 or something is attached.

      This is more of a toy lens from what it seems.

  • MB

    Nah, this is just a body cap with a hole, it may be practical if you just don’t have a time to put a real lens on. It should go for around 10$ or so …

  • Les

    We all know the old saying: F:8 and be there!

  • Vylen

    Would be useful for landscape photography…. and that’s about it I guess.

    But, do many people use MFT’s for landscape?

  • dbaechli

    Landscape: I do.. But I’m using either the 12mm f2.0 or the Panasonic 20mm f1.7. Thinking about it, that 15mm might do even that job. So sunny street and sunny landscape.. More ideas?? I’d say it is no portrait lens..

  • jec6613

    It’s the MFT version of this:

    It’s a toy lens. Fun, but not terribly practical. The fixed f/8 and inability to focus it properly gave it away (three position manual focus).

    Still, for not much more than a the price of body cap, it could be fun to play with.

  • jec6613

    This is the same thing for a Nikon F

    It’s a toy lens, don’t expect anything more, or less from it. The fixed aperture and lack of a real ability to focus it give it away.

  • traveller

    Now if it were 15mm equivalent (i.e. 7.5mm) f/8 lens, that would be a different story -quite useful as a lightweight landscape lens.

    • jec6613

      It’s the focal length it is because of the flange distance – it’s basically a nicer version of body cap with a hole in it. And I doubt you’d want to shoot anything serious with this, since it can’t really focus properly (only focusing at three distances).

      • The focus being fixed to three settings is not a huge problem, considering this is a 30mm f/16-equivalent lens. There’s not going to be a noticeable DOF to need anything else. Also tells people that this lens shouldn’t be taken seriously because too many people will start saying Olympus is cutting down on the quality of their lenses otherwise.

  • Male Gorilla

    May appear a good macro lens for jewelry.

  • Rich

    I believe they may be trying to tap into the lomography / hipster market. Sell a hipster this lens on a cheap m4/3 body; once they realise they can use it with other lenses you have a captive and loyal customer!

  • Ken

    Made in China……….

  • Liam

    The bonehead, condescending comments of some previous posters notwithstanding, some people will find a use for this lens. Good/bad optics? Some people won’t care. Folks, it’s a novelty lens. I cannot see a use for it, but if it was cheap enough I would get one just for the fun of it, then find a use for it.
    The fixed focus/fixed aperture reminds me of some of the cheap camera of the 60’s and 70’s, particularly the Kodak Pocket Instamatic, that used 110 format film, which, by coincidence was almost identical in size to the 4/3’s sensor. Of course the cheap plastic lenses of the Instamatic made any 110 negative nearly useless; but in the hands of a competent photographer, even the lowly Instamatic could be an effective photographic tool. And so it will be with the lowly Olympus 15mm f/8.

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