Hasselblad will have a press conference on September 18th. Digital X-Pan to be announced?

Hasselblad will hold a press conference at Photokina on September 18th. Back in March PhotoRumors broke the news about a possible new digital X-Pan camera announcement, but I have not heard any other reliable info since. The second possibility is the announcement of a smaller DSLR type camera system.

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  • mythbuster

    What about a MF mirrorless with pro video? It would be the ultimate machine!

    • How is anything that’s called “medium” be the “ultimate”? 🙂 What about “large” and “ultra large”?

      • regular

        Great! But is Fuji joining the event, and do they plan to renew their partnership? Who’s designing?

      • Jesper

        I so want to shoot a portrait serie with the Hubble! That would be the ultimate!

  • ProtoWhalePig

    I’m more excited about this than I am about the Sony RX-1, the Canon 6D or the Nikon D600. I hope it’s more than a re-badged Fuji, not that Fuji doesn’t make good cameras – it does – but this is Hassy. There should be something unique about this.

    Just….please don’t be a 35mm equivalent SLR. Mirrors are an abomination whose short presence in the camera world will soon, thankfully, be over.

  • Since PhaseOne will more likely then not be announcing the successor to the 645DF at Photokina, so it could just be really disappointing and be a H5 (i.e replacement for the H4D). That being said anything else like a digital Xpan or some other strange system would be more then welcome. Absolutely love my Xpan II.

  • Cole

    Come on Mamiya 7 Digital!

    • bob

      there you go… If Hassle-clad does a digital x-pan, then why not? It would be far more useful and 100x sharper. (cough… extremely biased view of Mamiya 7 shooter).

      I think the most fun would be watching all “equipment is everything” dingleberries go into hock again like they did for the M9… or H4D… or whatever system caused their children to take government loans for college…

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