Breaking: Sony RX1- the first full frame compact camera

Sony RX1 full frame CMOS camera with fixed lens leaked the first images of the Sony RX1 compact camera with a full frame CMOS sensor and Zeiss Sonnar 2/35 lens. The new fix lens camera that will cost around $3000 (update: see the full specs and price here). Very interesting development!

Sony RX1 24MP full frame compact camera

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  • David K.K. Hansen

    Oh, make it an M-mount already!!

    Complaining aside, if this holds true it’s a wonderful development of new cameras from all the different camera manufactures!!

    • jc

      I have been waiting for a full frame for a long time. Fuji didn’t come through, thank you Sony.

    • MikeS

      Wow, Sony has really been killing it lately. The RX100 is amazing, and this should just be earth-shattering. I expect a full frame mirrorless option around the corner. Canon and Nikon should be worried.

      • RC

        Canon and Nikon worried? LoL I’ve been shooting Nikons for many years and nothing Sony has made has interested me (except for their HX30V which is an awesome camera). Why full frame? High ISO performance right? Well Sony doesn’t seem to know how to do that yet, so until they figure it out, this is just a neat idea.

        • Raccoon

          Under which rock have you been living? The NEX 5N, or F3 (or C3 etc.) can compete with pretty much any Nikon or Canon APS-C camera in terms of noise. The RX100 outdoes the V1 and J1 with equally sized sensors. It’s 2012, stop living in the past.

          • RC

            A camera consists of many more parts than just the sensor. Nuf said.

          • jack yell

            @RC: you *were* complaining about high ISO performance

          • Sky

            A camera consists of many more parts than just the sensor – Sony usually offers most of them for the best price with loads of additional gimmicks. RC, you missed a lot recently. Even the cheapest Sony SLTs easily beat high-end APS-C Canon DSLRs in terms of noise, while more advanced match it in nearly every feature plus offer loads of unique stuff that’s available only in Sony gear (ever heard about Focus peaking? Focusing with manual Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 is a dream comparing to doing the same on Canon).

        • Dolan Halbrook

          Who do you think supplies sensors to Nikon, Pentax, etc?

    • evjenij

      Make it an M mount so you can stick manual focus lenses on an autofocus camera so you can focus focus focus and have the subject leave before you take a shot? LOL. You should ask Leica to make an auto focus camera for you, that would be easier. Sony is not here to make Leica money, that’s why they call themselves Sony and not Leica.

  • This is good news! Hope this pushes the other companies to do the same.

    • Global

      I may switch to SONY if they keep up this level of “innovation” (by that, I mean doing things that customers actually request)!

  • Peter

    I would have liked to see a shutter speed dial on top – they’ve got the aperture ring on the lens and you can still have Auto,P,A,S,M modes available in a very intuitive way.

    Maybe its just me, I don’t care for SCN or custom modes.

    • jake

      no , you are not alone , neither do I.
      I hate scene mode in a serious camera.

      • RC

        Don’t be a snob. Besides, only noobs say stuff like that. I real photographer uses every tool available to him or her. If a scene mode does the trick, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using it.

        • Ollie Gapper

          If you cant get the shot using PASM then you havent transfered your idea into an image, you’ve just let the camera make what it thinks will be a useable image.

          • Karen G.

            jake +1, Ollie Gapper +2.

          • jules

            That’s not true. If you use your scene modes enough, you will be able to predict how they behave and can deliberately use them to obtain a desired effect, and exploit their idiosyncracies to exactly transfer your idea into an image.

          • zos xavius

            jules: if you use your camera enough you will learn to avoid the crutches that are scene modes and be able to predict how your picture will look based upon your aperture and shutter speed just like the pros do it. aperture priority or manual all the way for me. why have the camera pick a less than optimal aperture? photography is a lot more than pointing a camera to a scene and letting the camera figure it out. the real photographer wants control of everything, down to even focus. taking the time to learn proper exposure and mastering it is far different than predicting how some auto mode will behave. the master sets the exposure they want and knows how their meter will behave and can predict what the proper exposure should be based upon their experience with their equipment. any camera that has scene modes on it is not a professional designed tool. i would refrain from making silly arguments when you clearly have no idea how to use a camera. all you need to transfer your ideas onto a photograph is control over focus, aperture, and shutter speed. if you cannot formulate these things in your mind for a shot, you are not a photographer.

          • RC

            He thinks you don’t use your camera enough. LoL. Snob *cough* snob!

          • Peter

            A lot of great discussion here: Mostly good points all for learning how to use a camera, and some name calling in response but whatever.

            Some people like to use gimmicks like scene modes. For me, the camera is a tool and I can do everything that I want without built-in features like that so I don’t want to pay for them or have them clutter the camera.

            In the case of the RX1, as a pro camera it really should bring something as fundamental as shutter speed to the forefront. I don’t enjoy having to look at the LCD/EVF to see what the shutter speed is instead of glancing down.

  • Marc W.


    $3000?, WTF. never mind.

    • Not Surprised

      They don’t have any competitors right now, so they are going to milk it. Can’t blame them (well, actually we can). But I hope they realize this will hurt their own market — the real value of this camera will be in the number of expensive buyers of full-frame lenses with the SONY brand on it.

      If I were SONY, I would practically be giving this camera away to lure as many professionals, young professionals, and new to full framers into my brand and away from Nikon and Canon as fast as possible.

      • Sky

        They’ve got one competitor: Leica.
        For TWICE the price.

        so… I call it a good deal as for today. Though way above my budget for compact. 🙁

        • This is the first camera of this sort – the price will start going down once other manufacturers step in and announce similar products.

    • RC

      Totally agree. $3000? no way!

  • Protowhalepig

    Wow – to both the concept and the price.

  • y3k

    Fake or joke…

    • Rob

      That’s the first thing I thought too.

  • Steve

    $3000, and there is an “auto” button? Rich soccer mommies?

    • roy

      ??? my 5D mk II has an auto setting .. your point ?

      • Global

        Hey, man, I love the AUTO button for just going out and shooting — as opposed to trying to make a specific type of art that is planned out.

        And why the hell would a crop deserve AUTO, but not full? People who think that DSLR means “engineer” are wrong. Photography is liberation of life expressed in art — not art confined to engineered photography.

    • RC

      Snob much Steve? What a noob comment. No auto mode = no sales!

  • Kevin

    OOOOOOHHHH M… G….!!!! full frame compact??? time to put my D90 to rest. lol

  • Donji Hogfan

    Hopefully it will not be fly by wire manual focus

  • Victor

    Wow! I cant believe this! Insane! Now I want one! Sony rules!

  • atapee

    Let me the first to be rational and point out that it’s fake… just a bunch of images glued together

  • Huggs

    What’s up with the distance markings on the lens?

    • Donji Hogfan

      This looks like a macro setting so probably the lens is fly by wire.
      Unless they have some breakthrough in this technology, $3000 for a useless manual focus will make many people unhappy.

    • manual focus?

      • Huggs

        So the scale going 0.2m-0.3m then 0.35 to infinity quickly doesn’t seem weird? Idk, maybe new tech.

        • MrJava

          Looks like a focus lock. As in you can lock it to macro or normal distances so the AF doesn’t try to hunt though the whole range.

  • I think they mean Sony’s first full frame compact. Unless they are not counting the Leica M9 as a full frame or a compact. Granted, $3000 is much better than the $7000 or whatever crazy price the Leica is. Still, I don’t have to worry about it since I don’t have an extra $3k laying around.

    • Vlad

      You forget the extra $3k you need to dish out for a 35mm Summicron lens.

      Only fools think that Sony is not going to sell a buttload of these cameras.

      • RC

        yeah, and only fools are going to spend $3000 on this camera

  • RakSiam

    Who is the market for such a thing? At $3k they might sell 10 of them.

    • I don’t think so, if the IQ is good, they will sell many of those.

    • tony

      I’m getting an A99 and this if it comes out. You know why? cause i can.

    • Tenso

      That price is wrong. No way this camera will cost more than $1500. Probably less than that.

      • Mardeen

        I totaly agree with you, this should be no more than $1500. if it is more than $1500 then i don’t think it is worth it. mind you there is fuji EX-1 with electronic VF that is as good as A99, and with all the manual dials priced for $1000. some may say this is full frame!
        it is true this is a full frame, but in the same time it has fixed F2.0 lens which is not that great if wanted to combined the fuji with 35mm F1.4 and next year there will be fuji 23mm F1.4. so fuji Ex1 plus 23mm F1.4 will be as good as this sony full frame camera in terms of Depth of filed and even faster in terms of light gathering plus you will get the benefit of changing lenses.
        just my two cent.

      • Claus

        The Lens alone costs more than 1500$.

      • tony

        Lens alone is 1000-1 500+, body is around 1500. you really think the price is not fair?

  • texasjoe

    Hopefully this will catch on with other brands. I would love to have a Nikon m9 equivalent.

    • jake

      Nikon ? I will almost puke , Nikon canot make anything like this.

      • r2

        Seriously? Why not? have you seen the Nikon SP? They made it in 2005 too, not too long ago, and Nikon is the only one still making film SLR’s today. So if they wanted to they could make a FF compact or even a Leica competitor.

        • Sky

          Hahaha, I’m quite sure that Sony wouldn’t allow them to do anything alike if they’d ask for a sensor to use in it.
          Besides – if Nikon would go for digital SP then it’d loose lots from portability and by this – loose with coming FF mirrorless (2013) from Sony.
          Not really a good deal IMHO.

  • E

    Beautiful but where is my shutter dial!!!

    • David

      I am thinking the same. Where the f**k is it? How do I change the shutter speed on this thing? Sony has either found a really smart solution or someone did a photoshop job and missed the dial.

      • r2

        We haven’t seen the back yet.

  • ras

    Pretty crazy!

  • Oh my god,
    This could be so good.
    And we haven’t got used to the RX100
    breaking the market of the S100 yet…


  • Mark

    Not selling my xpro1.

  • I call this one FAKE one one and only reason:
    HOT SHOE IS NOT SONY but rather normal one used on all other cameras but sony ones.

    • Ke

      Sony have a regular hotshoe on the new NEX 6. They finally seem to be giving up on their own one.

    • This website ( has leaked correct images in the past, so I think this is real.

    • tony

      Sony already announced they are switching to the iso hotshoe.

  • Geoff_K

    sounds nice, but $3k with a fixed lens ? Not something I will be buying, but rich people may.

    • Ke

      Not everyone wants a lot of lenses. I’d love this thing.

    • Art K.

      Exactly, kinda limits the versatility. Why not interchangeable lenses? Sony and Zeiss have many already.

  • Wolo

    This could find his place in a little spot between xpro1 and leica interchangeable lenses cameras


    fuju x100 – xpro1 – RX1 – M9

    it would be a massive seller in a few years and for the price of the x100. because that’s what the rx1 is, a x100 from the future 😀

    but now for 3000$…mmm

  • hmm

    Everything is great until you read the price, $3000?! Really?!
    I think Sony will earn higher profit by pricing a ff csc at the range of $1800-2000, by selling more in quantity. However, those pictures do look fake.

  • JC

    The price point is a big hurdle, WTF !!!!

    • yes, the price of a D800

    • TaoTeJared


      And everyone screams about the Fuji X100 being $1200!

      Now I have to admit, that is too high for a fixed lens camera.
      If it was interchangeable I could see it.

  • Marcel

    The distance markings on the lens could be a focus rage switch – one setting for AF within 0.3m to infinity and the other setting for AF within 0.2 to 0.35m. Similar to a Minolta 35-70 f/4.0 with macro AF hack.

  • I think Admin wanted to shut up all the “enthusiasts” who constantly clamor for a full frame compact. Put any substantial lens on that tiny body, then try to compose your shot on the back LCD, and you would quickly find out how stupid a concept this would be to use.

    If Sony really want to go this direction, then they would be targeting a niche smaller than for the Fuji X line-up. Pancake lenses should not be a surprise, but pancake cameras are just silly without smaller lenses. Add the price of an accessory viewfinder to that $3000 and this Sony is approaching Leica territory. Also, once you mount a viewfinder, forget adding a powerful flash or PocketWizard.

  • Ed

    That would be too high for 3K. 1.5K maybe I’ll get one.

  • Darren

    No viewfinder? I think i’ll pass…..

    • tony

      Optical and electronic viewfinder is coming out for this…..

  • amien

    1600$ would have been a decent price for body only, 3000$ is way too much regarding the price tag of the new FF VG-900 and what it does for the same price (even if it is video oriented and much bigger).
    By the way, the camera is ugly. I like Sony and know they could and will do much better on next models, this is just the usual enter the market body that only a few technophiles lab rats will buy for the moment.

  • Don Pope

    No viefinder on a $3000 camera? No thanks!

    • the $3000 price is just a rumor for now

  • bidou

    This is a really bad PS job but i want to believe !

  • Dez

    I’m sure Sony has something coming out, and perhaps it’s even a full frame RX1, but this image looks like a Photoshop mock-up to me.

  • Anon

    I’ll but it for 1,5k. There are better things to waste your 3k

  • Scurvy hesh

    Come on Sony! Would it kill you guys to put a real viewfinder on this thing?

    • Sky

      Not at all – to be more awesome: they give you an option – you can use OVF or you can use EVF with all it’s goodies.
      Some people can’t live with anything other then OVF – so there it is. For everyone else there’s EVF. OR if you prefer portability over anything – there’s always an option to skip the viewfinder entirely.

      Awesome, aren’t they!?

  • Martin

    Would be exciting if it didn’t look so damn fake.

  • boing wronkwell

    Love it.

    It looks good.

    NO WAIT!!! WTF… $3,000 ?????

    As crop sensor cameras get closer and closer to full frame quality levels, especially if you never print larger than 11×14 or only ever post to the web this camera and lens combo had better do exciting things to parts of my body as well as take pictures or it is going to be an epic fail for anything more than half this price.

    Of course, if you think Leica is the only way to go … Ken Rockwell? Where are you?

    • PVS

      crop sensor is still a crop sensor. I’ve tried shooting APS-C cameras but didn’t like the trouble with perspective distortions vs. FoV with anything wider than 35mm lens, so I got back to film until I bought canon 5D. no doubt about the IQ smaller formats offer but focal length is a focal length no matter what size of the sensor records it.

    • tch

      It’s a myth that crop sensors are getting closer and closer to FF cameras.

      Both are improving but the relative gap is the same as it always has been (just over a stop). FF cameras have more than twice the surface area of a 1.5 crop camera, and given they use virtually identical sensor technology, crop cameras will never catch up to FF cameras.

      • Sky

        It’s an old myth. No crop will ever get close to FF. Simply because of Depth of Field. Just as no FF will ever get to Medium Format cameras.

  • raizee

    Cool concept. Wish it was half the price.. not that it would make me able to afford it xD

  • c.d.embrey

    This would be a great camera for those street-shooters, that use zone or hyperfocal focusing, and shoot from the hip. Not so great for non street-shooters. I wonder waht Sony was thinking when they designed this camera.

  • YNOS

    No room for built in evf or there would be compromise on l LCD size and back control lay out. It appears to have a tilt screen which most likely be evf. attatchablee high resolution nice quality both

  • PVS

    no external EVF and I’ll pass.

    if however this cute little thing offers any ‘hole’ other than LCD on the back I’d buy it in a heartbeat at 1.5k price point.. the physics is like that, I don’t get too many steady shots when composing with LCD on the back.

  • If true, I say…


    (Good for the market, consumer, good for all)

  • AL


    Might as well get a 5Dm3 with 40mm pancake. and still get to use other lenses…

  • Zaph

    Why no pictures of the back?

  • Richard

    OH MY…didnt see this one coming. Just $3000? and comes with a lens? holy crap. Might be the ultimate travel camera then……
    Well I think I still love my nikkor lenses better than carl zeiss…

  • AL

    This is exactly what I am waiting for, a fully frame compact with great lens.
    I want one.


    Once all cameras, including compacts, have full frame sensors, we’ll be back where we were pre-digital – where the relevant issues were lenses and film (for which now read sensor IQ), not fancy camera bodies. Unfortunately, Sony don’t have the lenses and their sensors can produce dodgy colours, especially reds (see RX100 images everywhere).

  • carlx

    Let’s be for real…… Sensor ? Ok uhmmmm looking at any prof photograph you can tell what sensor??
    It’s about the lens!!!!
    Pixel peepers get a live ..
    Viva cinemabolex ( twitter) for those who live in the past

  • an onymous

    If this is true I would say this is a very sexy camera, go for it Sony!!

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