Sony RX1 specifications *UPDATED*

Sony RX1 full frame CMOS camera with fixed lens

Here are the fist Sony RX1 specs:

  • 24MP full frame CMOS sensor (same as in the Sony a99)
  • ISO range: 100-25,600
  • 14 bit RAW processing
  • Magnesium body
  • AVCHD 2.0 video processing
  • 3 in. LCD screen
  • Optional optical and electronic viewfinders will be available
  • 5 fps
  • Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f/2 lens with 49mm filter thread (obviously)
  • Price: $2799
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  • Nick

    If it fits in a pocket then it’s worth every penny, it it doesn’t then it needs an ovf at that price.

    Great idea though – and about damn time somebody did it, we’ve known it’s technically possible for a while now.

    • curtis

      Of course it cant fit in a pocket! This thing is probably slightly bigger than the G1x

      • Sky

        My bet would be towards “it’s smaller” – yea, it’s more fat, but likely smaller in the other two dimensions.

        • Michael

          Looking at the photos from other sites, this RX1 is freaking thick. Don’t think it would fit in most pockets. Going slightly thicker and larger than RX100 is the maximum. Anything much larger than it is consider not pocketable to me.

      • Nick

        “Of course it doesn’t fit in a pocket”? I don’t get this (though maybe you mean jean back pocket or a shirt pocket?

        Why not, loads of 35mm cameras fit in pockets, even the “big” ones can, I used to carry my minilux in my pocket, an olympus Mju had a fast lens and fitted in a pocket, the Nikon Ti’s and Contax Ts did too – it should be possible to make a FF digi that does.

        My x100 does without it’s strap (use a wrist strap instead) on lens hood, but it’s a bit of a squeeze. Take the amount of the ovf/evf off the top and it would fit easily though.

  • Camaman

    I like the way Sony thinks. Always testing the market with interesting products!

    To bad they opted for internal flash instead of their good EVF.

    This baby, paired with a couple of 1.5X and 2.2X teleconverters is the ultimate “pocket” machine!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      That thing is a LEICA killer. Even >>>> I<<<< would gladly use one of those. But do they have a pancake to fit?

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Oops. In all my excitement I failed to notice the pancake that was built in. Here I thought I could use all of my cheap old Minolta lenses on there. I suppose I have to wait for next year. Sigh…

        But on the bright side, maybe the interchangeable version will have a built in viewfinder.

  • stepper

    I think Sony has screwed us all on the pricing for this design. People will find it tempting and interesting but won’t buy it because it’s too expensive. Meanwhile, Sony and all the other competitors will crunch their numbers like they do, and come to the conclusion that nobody wants a compact full frame camera.

  • Arthur Kroisel

    this is bad news for leica… that is pretty much going to kill the X2 sales… offers pretty much the same package but has full frame…

    • and they just recently announced the X2…

      • El Aura

        That has happened to Leica since the 1970s. Whenever they try to release a semi-modern camera in a new niche and that niche becomes popular enough to generate noticeable sales, the big boys step in and completely outmanoeuvre Leica.

        • The M9 saved Leica, let’s see what the M10 will look like.

  • Al

    For anyone who is complaining about the price, consider that it retails for $800 more than a Leica X2, the current priciest compact fixed-lens on sale.
    For that additional amount (equivalent to a what might be paid for a top-notch compact or mirrorless), you have:
    – FF vs APC
    – 24MP over 16MP (about the same pixel density on both cameras)
    – f/2 vs f/2.8
    – ISO 25,600 vs 12,500
    The Zeiss glass is nothing to laugh at, and I bet if the camera had the Red brand on it, people will be praising Leica for how wonderful that camera is.

    On the other hand, Leica is known exclusively as a maker of fine optics and instruments, unlike Sony which also makes TVs, appliances, games, shavers, …

    • mats

      yea but is it hand made like leica? theres nothing in the world like getting on the 6-months waiting list for a camera.

      • Al

        Perhaps, but we are talking about an X-alike, not an M-wannabe. I got an X2 in June, not even a month after it was announced by Leica. I don’t even like to think of the rebranded Panasonics.

    • Oscar

      I think Leica is standing with the feet at opposite sides of a gap. There is the old Leica fan community esteeming Leica for its outstanding quality and there are “the new rich” e.g. in China, who buy Leica just for the reason that it is the most expensive that you can get. Maybe Leica is soon forced to make a decision of which side of the gap they want to remain.
      To me Leica doesn’t seem to be quick if it is about adapting new technical possibilities as the very expensive M9 isn’t up to date. Even a Fuji X Pro1 is coming pretty close in IQ for about a 6th of the price. Now Sony comes along with an interesting approach.
      I think that I’m not the only one for whom Leica M9 is out of the equation because of the price. As a supplement to my D800 I personally put the new Sony up against the Fuji. Thus it is FF vs Aps-C and fixed vs interchangeable lens. I prefer a TTL hot shoe before a tiny powerless flash. The viewfinder combo of the Fuji also seems to be better than just a LCD. If the AF of the Fuji weren’t that slow.
      Bottom line, let’s wait for a Sony RX2 and a Fuji X Pro 2.

  • jsv

    Dang! Come on Nikon! Where’s the digital FM2 of the digital F3HP?

    I wonder if this is the same sensor used in the upcoming D600.

    • F3HP FTW

      +1 at digital FM2/F3HP

  • TaoTeJared

    Boutique is the word everyone is missing here.

    This will be a short run for the very wealthy as a way to test the waters. It is not aimed at any other camera, X2, X100, Nex or Leica – at this price they just want to be the first kid on the block to make one.

    Full Frame at this size is very hard to engineer but it is good to see that someone finely has outside of Leica. If not anything, people who keep saying they want a FX in a small mirror-less body will now see what it will cost to have one.

    I see this as nothing different than the 84″ Sony XBR-84X900 4K LED TV listed at $25,000. Few will buy it, but if they do, it will be a Sony.

  • jon

    oh you little people easily amused with fullframe.
    medium format is the new fullframe!!!

    only pentax can give you that medium format mirrorless! 645D mirrorless baby!!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Is that a 645D in your pocket or are you just the jolly green giant?

    • stepper

      Pentax did make some good film cameras didn’t they?

    • El Aura

      If you look at the amount of images shot, the percentage that is shot with LF 30 years ago roughly corresponds to what is shot with MF today. And the same applies for MF 30 years ago and FX today.

  • Very interesting thing, by the way. I don’t think this camera will sell like a hot cakes due to strange philiosophy of such a thing (pretty high price for non-interchangeable lens camera), but it seems like Sony is trying to push the limits and trying to find some new niches where nobody is there up to date. The most intriguing thing to me is the venerable Carl Zeiss lens (they have done many right things in recent years). Now, I feel myself fooled for spending money for a flagship smartphone. 🙁

  • Nobody Special

    Leica X2 or the Sony RX1, having used both Zeiss and Leitz/Leica glass, I would have absolutely NO problem buying this over the Leica X2. Yes, it costs more, but assuming that it works, that the optional finders work well, AND with the RX1 FF sensor, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

    Too, it’s hard for me not to give kudos to Sony in breaking ground with a FF sensor with this effort.

    • Al

      I love Leica, and this offering sounds promising. Can’t wait to try one, insure they have plenty of hands-on sample at 🙂

      • Yes, very interesting. Curious to see if other companies will follow.

  • Sony, get back to me when you have this camera with a lens mount.

    • jon

      get back to me when it is $100

  • Shy

    Well we are seeing “The Homer”, similar name as the car built for Homer by his half brother Herb and designed by Homer Simpson. But this “Hommer” can become a real hit letter. It needs to be interchangeable and cheaper. First off of a kind objects (microwave, cellular, among others) were really expensive.

  • newoldmate

    I’m sorry, but that’s one very expensive point and shoot.

    • garygraphy

      I’m sorry, but that’s not a point and shoot. Just because it has a compact size does not make it fall into the PNS segment. If it came with an internal EVF, I be in trouble…

      • newoldmate

        Why put a full frame sensor into a “compact body” with no lens mount, no view finder, no shutter dial and most likely (the worst “advancement” in camera history) focus by wire?

        They could not have ruined this thing any more. Actually they did, to top it off they made it expensive.

        With a fixed lens, full frame doesn’t mean shit. Think about it. When you have a good collection of lenses, a full frame sensor in a “compact” (anything that’s not SLR is compact apparently) body is attractive because your 35 is no longer a 53, its a 35.

        Tell me how this is any better then sticking a 23mm lens onto an aps-c comapct? The added DOF of the FF sensor? Rubbish, just make it a 23mm f1.2 then.

        The only real advantage this has over the current competition is if its faster at focusing and has better lowlight performance with less noise. Then, is that worth the extra cost?

        A built in viewfinder and REAL manual focus would’ve made this thing much more attractive, but still expensive.

        An m-mount (regardless of VF) would make it a must have classic.

  • Ben

    The lens seems a bit large for a 35/2 FF rangefinder-ish lens. Compare this one w/ 49mm filter size to the Leica Summicron 35/2 at 39mm filter size. 1cm diameter difference. I suppose that may have something to do with AF capability in the sony, perhaps? Might have something to do with preventing drastic falloff on such a big sensor (I think Leica solved this by actually having microlenses on the outer periphery of the sensor actually angle ever-so-slightly toward the center. Engineering tradeoff, perhaps.

  • Vincent

    Move forward… This is the new era graflex, rollei tlr, leica, Nikon f. Time waits for no one this is it now don’ t live in the past

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