Pentax K-5 II / K-5 IIs specifications

Here is a complete list of features and specifications for the Pentax K-5 II / K-5 of IIs DSLR camera (Google translation):

  • APS-C CMOS sensor 16.28 million effective pixel sensor (1.5x)
  • AF module employs a newly developed SAFOX X
  • Supports up to ~ +18 EV-3EV is AF. High accuracy corresponding to the luminous flux of F2.8
  • Expansion function select area to continue tracking even if the subject deviates from the selected AF point
  • LCD monitor air gapless with no air layer between the 3.0-inch 921 000 dot LCD, and glass
  • PRIME II image processing engine
  • ISO range is ISO80-51200 100-12800 regular, extension
  • Stainless alloy, magnesium alloy body exterior, chassis drip-proof dustproof
  • 30-1/8000 seconds shutter durability 100 000 times
  • 100% field of view, 0.92 times magnification pentaprism viewfinder
  • 7 seconds up to 30 frames /, in JPEG, continuous shooting up to 20 sheets at RAW
  • Video - Full HD (1920x1080, 25fps), HD (1280x720, 30/25fps)
  • Video file format Motion JPEG (AVI)
  • Image stabilization in the body that has the effect of three stages of conversion, automatic horizontal correction, tweak composition
  • Custom image nine
  • Multi-segment metering 77
  • Electronic Level
  • With DR II dust removal function
  • The media SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Size: 131mm x 97mm x 72.5mm
  • Weight (body only), 760 g (battery, included media) 680g
  • In the low-pass filter-less (only K-5 IIs), to maximize the performance of the sensor

Via Digicame-info

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  • atapee

    how does it differ from the K5 mk1?

  • Tch

    We are being played by Pentax, both by the leak and the product. The leak is gradual and deliberate ( this pic is off an official Pentax Facebook page) and its missing a key of info being how many AF points this has, suspicious given the only diff between this and the K5 is the AF. Which brings me to the 2nd reason i think we are being played, the product itself. Two years since K5 and now this?

  • Rock

    underwhelming a bit, not really a big upgrade

  • This looks a LOT loke my Pentax K-5. Interior as well as exterior.
    Which btw is a good thing!

  • hmmm…

    looks like a d7000 with better AF

    • Sky

      We’ll see. So far AF was the weakest point of Pentax. Usually it feels like using Sony’s Alpha 200 (which was decent but definitely not comparable with modern AF systems).
      Let’s wait for reviews before judging anything. 🙂

    • shadowfoto

      pentax AF was so far THE point for pentaxians to switch to C/N/S cameras. let’s see if they fix it this time.

      // i’ve traded my K-5 for D7000 two weeks after purchase. all because AF.

  • Sqweezy

    No 1080p/60?… Really?
    No 1080p/30? or 24?… UNACCEPTABLE!

    • Nate

      | Video – Full HD (1920×1080, 25fps), HD (1280×720, 30/25fps)

  • Tim Cadman

    No Full Frame digital option for our $$$ Full Frame Limited lenses? I only get the full advantage on my ME Super. Get it together – Full Frame for DSLR and Full Frame K & M mount module for the Ricoh GXR Come on already. Lead don’t follow

  • Bernard

    The old AF was
    ”AF working range: -1 to 18 EV (at ISO 100, F1.4 lens)” (from DPReview)

    The New AF is
    ”Supports up to ~ +18 EV-3EV is AF. High accuracy corresponding to the luminous flux of F2.8”

    That thing can AF in the dark but at what cost to bright condition AF. Seems they have shifted down and expanded range by 2EV. Hope that is enough to recover bright AF performance

    Interesting change, possibly to suit new Tele lens @ F5.6 etc and the trend towards higher ISO in digital, so helping the AF catch up.

    If the Metering is the same, then that is still:

    ”Metering range: EV 0 – 22 EV (ISO 100, 50 mm F1.4)” (from DPReview)

    So they are out of phase on this new Camera by the looks…

    • Bernard

      Unless the New AF is
      ”Supports up to ~ +18 EV-3EV is AF at (at ISO 100, F1.4 lens) to support high accuracy corresponding to the luminous flux of F2.8” 😉

      That would make more sense…

      • palm

        Telephoto lens and macro lens focusing long stroke, requiring the highest precision of focus
        Focus wide angle large aperture lens does not require high accuracy

        400mm lens the maximum aperture of F5.6?
        500mm lens with a maximum aperture only to F8
        But a telephoto lens has more lens blur

        Even more Smaller than 85mm f1.4 lens depth of field,

        Telephoto lens focus accuracy requirements are higher………….

    • Bernard

      Unless the New AF is
      ”Supports up to ~ +18 EV-3EV is AF at (at ISO 100, F1.4 lens) to support high accuracy corresponding to the luminous flux of F2.8” 😉

      That would make more sense..

  • Mark

    Actually a lot of people on the big Pentax forum were asking for this camera. If they improved the seals, made the AF actually work like a modern camera, and upped the sensor performance while keeping the resolution the same this will make a lot of actual Pentax users (the ones we are not clamoring for full frame) happy.

    • BP2012

      …and the price of K5 mk1 will drop even more 🙂

  • Pentax?

    Who seriously shoots Pentax? Where is their FF model?! What year is it?

    Seriously, Sony have a FF compact coming out and Pentax users are stuck with a crop cam?

    • I do..

      FF is old school.. Sensors are getting better! APS-C can handle high ISO, so it would only be interesting for the DOF to me. Not everybody wants a big body and huge lenses to go hiking.
      Proof me how good your are with your entry level Canon/Nikon to make your point.. You can click on my name…

    • Liviu Anzulato

      Well , probably the same people who shoot Pentax 67 , Pentax 645 or Pentax 645D … Nikon , what , no MEDIUM FORMAT camera yet ? Canon , no ? It’s been more than 50 years now , come on , when are they going to catch up ?

      • Liviu, I remember you being a Pentax 6/7 lover in the eighties. I would like to find your whereabouts now. Liviu Grigore, Craiova, Muni Paraianu, Ucecom,remember? gimme a holler legregory at gmail dot com.

  • Seems just an AF upgrade and hopefully AF-points on the sensor for good liveview.. Small upgrade, so I hope that there will be more..Not that I will upgrade, I already have a K-5 (unless the AF is like the high-end Nikon stuff).

  • Guru

    We have to face it: Pentax is becoming a completely different company now. Like it or not…

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