Hasselblad announces H5D Series, new HCD 4.8/24mm lens

Hasselblad announced their new H5D series medium format cameras. Some of the improvements are:

  • New compressed RAW files for faster and smoother workflow
  • Even better focus correction with True Focus II
  • Print-ready JPEG mode for quick preview and printing
  • New Camera Configurator
  • New improved grip surface
  • Larger and more ergonomic buttons
  • Larger, easier to read display style
  • New menu and graphics design
  • New programmable buttons
  • New and improved weather sealing
  • New, more durable eye cup
  • New sensor unit safety lock
  • New and faster processors for more rapid internal communication
  • Support for new capture modes
  • New and more accurate focus algorithms
  • New motor drive algorithms

Hasselblad also announced a new HCD 4.8/24mm lens:

Hasselblad still has a press conference scheduled for September 18th where we may see more interesting products.
Press release

Hasselblad is set to launch a new flagship H5D medium format camera series.

Hasselblad's 'next generation' H System camera will be showcased at the Hasselblad press conference at photokina, Cologne, Germany (Tuesday Sep 18: 2pm-3pm). The H5D features a modernized design and a complete new electronic engine to pave the way for ultimate quality imaging, for print ready JPEG files, and for a smooth and intuitive user interface. The camera is billed by the Sweden-based company as 'the latest step in the evolution of the best high-end camera system in the world'.

Aimed at high-end professional users the H5D offers:

  • New H System lens: HCD 4.8/24 mm, equivalent to 17 mm on 35 mm DSLR format
  • New Macro Converter, for superb close-up performance with wide angle lenses
  • RAW + JPEG mode for quick preview and print
  • New True Focus II provides unique, accurate focus and Immediate Focus Confirm
  • Full access to camera information and image preview on rear in tethered mode
  • The largest, brightest viewfinder image on the market
  • New larger, more ergonomic buttons and an easier to read display style
  • New sealing for improved weather proofing plus new sensor unit safety lock
  • Optional battery adapter for standalone operation of digital capture unit
  • Ultimate image quality with Hasselblad Natural Color Solution
  • A choice of software: Hasselblad Phocus 2.7 and Adobe® Lightroom® 4 both included

Peter Stig-Nielsen, Hasselblad's Director of Professional Camera Products said: "Customers will immediately notice the new-look and improved ergonomics and this progressive system also brings upgraded performance on a number of levels. Hasselblad is a world-leader with an unmatched and comprehensive range of lenses. Now that line has been extended with the new wide angle HCD 4.8/24 mm lens, which offers the same performance as the HCD 28 mm and is the equivalent of a 17 mm on 35 mm DSLR format. Additionally, our new Macro Converter provides excellent close-up performance with the HC 50, HCD 28 and HC 35 lenses - negating the need for additional macro lens purchase."

He added: "Our new True Focus II further advances focusing accuracy after re-compose, and an intuitive focus check has been added. The new hardware architecture allows for delivering print ready JPEG files in addition to the superb RAW files. And we have re-written the user interface to achieve a smooth and intuitive operation. All in all we believe the H5D Camera series will provide the ultimate high-end addition to any serious photographer's capture equipment."

The H5D Series will be available as models with 40, 50 and 60 megapixels as well as 50 and 200 megapixel Multi-Shot versions and will start shipping in December 2012.

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  • craig

    Fantastic news!!!! I will finally be able to afford an H4D !!!!!!!!

  • Stuart

    I’m guessing the price tag will be the usual tres mucho mazula as usual.

  • nycPete

    Amazing News…

    The great thing about Hasselblad is that they have a Trade in Policy with older models. just in time before the tax season.

    • +1 wish nikon did the same.
      am on third gen of P1 and enjoy it very much because those things are hard to sell on ebay

  • Tim

    I guess we will never see a 6×6 sensor…

    • Daan

      Yes that is the right question! Make a 6 x 6!

  • maxs

    Mmmm I don’t know… I will buy H5D or X-E1???

    • fjfjjj

      If you can afford to H5D out-of-pocket, you should be able to buy the X-E1 also without noticing.

  • Jack Graham

    Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Cosmetic nonsense to try and revamp a dying breed!

    • They added weather sealing wich is a great upgrade for this camera!

  • Remedy

    Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!111

    …wish I could say that. :/

  • Wishing…

    Will this exceed the D800E Standards ? Im sure it will be cheap :p

  • I don’t understand the 24mm f/4.8….someone needs to explain the f/4.8 to me please…

    • Anto de Chav


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