New Arca-Swiss products at Photokina 2012



Arca-Swiss will introduce several new products at Photokina 2012. See this PDF file for all details.

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  • fjfjjj

    I like the neck strap lugs. Can’t wait to go for a walk with this in Brooklyn. Do you think I can use my iPhone 5 as a digital back?

    • awesome cameras, lots of freedom and nice built.

  • Awesome! LulF must be the best camera in Photokina 2012.
    Unfortunately, I can’t use Arca-Swiss’s camera due to expensive.

  • Gard

    Very interesting! I don’t quite understand how the E-module cloud works, though. I take it that it is to be used together with or as an alternative to the “original” E-module, which used an ultrasonic thing to measure distance (rendering it practically useless for anything but studio photography), but how does it do it if it’s not with a laser? And is it meant to connect to an R-camera like the E-module sonar was?

    I really wich Arca-Swiss would get a website … their products are so innovative and well built, but it’s hard to find information about them.

  • zosxavius
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