Remember the Fujifilm XF1? It’s coming on Monday


The Fujifilm XF1 compact camera (see press release and specs) will probably be announced on Monday, September 17th. The lens will have  7 elements in 6 groups, 4 aspherical surfaces and 3 ED elements. The sensor size is 2/3" (from the X10). The XF1 will be available in three different colors. The lens is 25-100mm f/1.8-4.9. The LCD display is 3 in. 460k dots.

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  • FMJ

    please tell me its price like competitive to S100 or lower. not like the X10

    • Ronan

      X10 is very cheap for all it does. Half the price of the x100!

      Just because a product is too expensive for you, it doesn’t mean it’s too expensive for everyone or for what it is.

      Have you tried it? My Fiancee loves her’s, and she’s been doing photography for a good number of years. It’s the perfect little camera to take all the time and still has professional results.

  • cock renwell

    does it have RAW? looks way tempting – but no RAW, no BUY!

    • BP2012

      Be carefull, I have compact camera with raw and 2/3 sensor and I’m not satisfied at all with pictures in low light situations. There is so much noise even on ISO 100 that Lightroom can’t fix on a raw file. Sensor is too small and it’s not usable for any commercial and editorial purposes. Fuji has faster lens f/1.8 and mine has f/2.8 so you should give it a test: take a low light shot with basic ISO, copy the file to your computer and look for the noise on a big screen.

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