Pictures of the Canon EOS 6D and Powershot S110 cameras


Those are the first leaked images of the Canon EOS 6D full frame DSLR (see specs) and Powershot S110 compact cameras:


Via digicame-infocanonpricewatch

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  • MB

    So they removed a little grip from S110 they copied from Nikon.

    • Global

      Its funny how almost every time Nikon puts out a new product, Canon always immediately responds with a copy or something close.

      • T

        Have you contemplated that it might very well be the other way around (that Nikon “copied” Canon this time). They haven’t even been announced yet. The only thing that separates them now, from a marketing perspective, is that D600 (arranged or not) leaked first. Canon could possibly have started working on 6D before Nikon started their work on the D600.
        That being said, the D600 looks like the winner.

      • PVS

        You’re probably right, probably because it took Nikon just 4 years to respond to Canon’s 5DmkII.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    First here. I don’t care much for Canon at this point in time, but just the same I hope the best.

    • Rob

      I bet you got all SUPER EXCITED thinking you were gonna be the first to reply on some obscure thread on a low-volume internet forum (WOW!)! And then what would have been the greatest moment of your life was ruined and you came in second…OH CRUEL FATE!

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Damm. I could have been the whore who was the first one to post on the first post! The only way my life is going to get any worse at this point is if someone gives me one of these for Christmas…

  • woohoo! SPecs???

  • Rebel

    does Canon response to the Nikon D600?

  • Sylar75

    As a Nikon user it would be tempting to say that this is a response to Nikon. However, given how long these things take to develop, it may or not actually be a response to the D600. Still, fact is Nikon will have to catch up in this market to Nikon and in the end we all win from lower FF cameras.

    Good stuff.

    • pooh

      More like a mutual but unspoken agreement between the old rivals. They are opening up a new segment of the market together.

      • Canonikon

        Kind of a game of leapfrog, more like it.

  • Susan

    If nothing else, lets hope Canon addresses the S100 Lens Error, though Canon will have their work cut out for them with that slow lens of f/2.0- f/5.9……5.9????

    • spam

      Looks like same lens spec as the S100, which have been a huge success. F5.9 at 120mm is what you get if you want 5x zoom in a camera that small.

  • Anonymous

    Praying for sub $2k price tag…

    • boing wronkwell

      Like everyone was for the D600?

      Sub par product here …

  • 1/8000 max shutter speed alone is enough for me to justify the 5D Mark III. Now I can move on.

  • 6D – faik

    • El_Pickerel

      No pop-up flash? How are they going to market this to consumers? They love that stuff!

      • shadowfoto

        the same exact way they’ve marketed all 5D`s

    • yazoo

      Yup, that photoshopped number 6 was actually a pretty bad atempt by a PS novice.

      • komalkumar


        very bad ps work

      • I think the pictures are real.

        • I had my doubts because the prism housing looks identical to the 5D Mark II, but after analyzing photos of the 60D, 5D II & III, it’s possible that these photos are real.

        • Gordie S.

          Hmm, if they’re real this camera leaves a lot to be desired.
          Also according to it’s specs it makes a current 7D look like a great deal and better choice.

          Still don’t understand Canon’s persistance on lack of in-built flash on these consumer/intermediate level cameras. The popup flash should be a must.


    as a Nikon user (future D600 owner), i can’t believe this 6D is real. won’t make sense if the specs don’t at least match (and expand upon) the 7D.

    • babola

      Agree. And the fact that just about ALL the specs are way under Nikon’s D600, it just doesn’t make sense. Unless Canon is about to advertise this camera for sub US$1500, which knowing Canon’s pricing from the past is highly unlikely.

  • shadowfoto

    the 6D looks like shopped hybrid of 60D & 5D II, btw.

    • Ginza

      …and some elements of 650D.

      Not a very good result, I don’t believe anyone’s going to fall for this one.

  • Steve

    Lets see who can cripple their overpriced budget full frame camera the most. 2500 for that. I can get the Pentax K5II for 1100. One of the best APS-C cameras ever made. Sorry but we have made no progress at all. In fact we have gone backwards. Canon and Nikon simply got to greedy. Pentax please come out with a full frame with proper specs
    around 1800USD I will by it today.

    • FooFighter

      Pentax please come out with a full frame with proper specs
      around 1800USD I will by it today.


    • haha

      “2500 for that. I can get the Pentax K5II for 1100. One of the best APS-C cameras ever made.”

      That’s like comparing a weather-sealed wheelchair (Pentax) to a mountain bike (FF)

  • Adam Bolt

    I think it’s time I had a look at Sony. 🙁

  • denz

    Interesting timing again. You would think Nikon and Canon are working together.

  • gt

    admin, when is sigma going to make their announcements? any word on a 35mm F1.8 full frame lens??

    • Tony Wells

      Sigma is coming with at least 3 interesting new announcements, but according to what I had been told by their distributor, they won’t make any announcements prior to Photokina week.

      • Chris P

        Since there is no sign of the Nikon 80/100-400 f4-5.6 I would love to see a fixed f5.6 high quality version of their 200-500 f2.8. 😉

    • Have not heard anything, maybe next week?

    • shadowfoto

      35/1.8 is not so interesting imho. 30/1.4 modified for FX sensors would be instant winner.

  • Terost

    When will Canon come out with a larger sensor and faster lens in S110 body? Look at Sony

    • Jack

      Agree. Talk about just releasing the same camera year after year with a new model name. The S and G series have become tired.

      Good thing we have the Sony RX100.

  • S10 a cheap copy of Nikon 1.

  • Tedz

    These companies are playing consumers around. It’s about making money. Your money as a consumer.

  • Denis

    11 Points, Central’s cross-sensor F2.8 for AF – ha-ha-haaa!

  • Camaman

    Canon’s got a naming problem with this model.
    6D sounds better and newer in peoples eyes than 5D and silly “Mark 3” designation…

  • Stu

    Those specs on the 6D… I dunno, man. 70D would be a more appropriate model name.

  • Groosome

    Full frame cameras with built in/commander flash: Nikon 3 – Canon 0. Looks like that won’t be changing.

  • Michael

    70D is reserved for APS-C camera version, I guess.

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