Olympus XZ-2 specifications

Olympus ZX-2 compact camera specifications:

  • Back-illuminated 1/1.7" 12MP CMOS sensor
  • 28-112mm f/1.8-2.5 lens
  • 3-inch 920k dot, swivel touchscreen
  • Touch AF shutter
  • 11 art filters
  • Dual IS (ImageStabilization)
  • TruePic VI image processing engine
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC media compatible
  • Full HD video (1920x1080)
  • Weight: 346 grams (battery, card included)
  • Starts shipping in October, expected price in Japan: ¥65,000 (around $800)


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  • John

    Sorry Olympus, too little too late.

    • Is this supposed to be like an X10? Except uglier, more expensive and no EVF?
      Or are they trying to compete with the Leica D-LUX 4.

  • emopunk

    800$? Wow that’s crazy price a this moment of history for such a camera!

    • Zaph

      Agreed, $800 is mental for this camera.

    • Matt

      Prices in Japan are usually higher. I would guess, that translates to 600/650 $ and also € 🙂

  • nik

    usd800 ? ex2f is only usd500

  • Marvin8

    Further evidence that Sony caught EVERYbody with their pants down.
    This camera is now just a me-too, and the price? Ridiculous. I wouldn’t even buy it for $400.

  • techfan

    This is a rumor not an announcement. Don’t get your knickers in a twist over the price just yet 😉

  • kmhb

    high end compact-cam: sony one, sony two, sony three /present at the time “sony RX 100”

  • John

    Still waiting for a 1-inch sensor and 28-112 f/2-2.8 Camera.

    • mythbuster

      I´d better take a 1″ sensor 20-60 mm constant f 2.8 instead. It would be perfect! (with OVF, EVF or TLR style finder). Dreaming is still free…

  • Jordan

    only 11 art filters? come on people, i need at least 15 before i make this many concessions for a camera. /s

  • zosX

    For not much more you could get an om-d. This camera makes no sense with cheaper and larger sensor compacts out there. Of course the same coule be said about the new powershot, the pentax q (at least that has lens options), the lx7 and so many other compacts that are about to become quickly junk in comparison to next year’s crop of 1″ and above compacts. Wake me up when they make a 1″ superzoom. Come on panasonic! I know you can do it!

    • for less you can get DSLR and not that bag of plastic and cheap electronic

  • mythbuster

    Only 28 mm? (LX7 and EX2 are 24mm)
    No viewfinder?
    So expensive?
    No deal.

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