Rumor: Pentax K-3 full frame DSLR camera at Photokina

A German photography magazine is reporting about a possible Photokina appearance of a full frame DSLR camera from Pentax called K-3:

"Insiders are also hoping to get a glimpse of the K-3, Pentax's new digital mirror reflex camera, which comes equipped with full format sensor. Until now, such cameras had only been made by big names like Canon, Nikon and Sony."

Via @photolari

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  • Bernard

    Cat amongst the pigeons

    • Stop 1st post riding

      People shoot pentax?

      I’m an obvious troll trying to get attention by riding on the first post.

    • zapp

      a german photomagazine publishing in english? Forgetting about 3 Leica full frame 24×36 models? And photokina started today for the press…

      • MirrorlessLeicaFF

        They are talking about “digital mirror reflex camera” not mirrorless FF.

      • Petia

        German photo magazines aiming to appear on Photorumors publish exclusively in english. And some Germans can actually read it, which is still better!

  • If true, I say…

    Good for the market, for us, and for tge crazy nikon and canon prices. More is good.

  • Matthieu

    Won’t happen, but I would be among the first in lines if it did: FF, IBIS, FA limited primes. Yum.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    This is an old recycled rumor. Pentax is the sick man of the camera industry.

    What good is Full Frame if you have a crappy :

    – Flash System
    – Autofocus System
    – SDM (Sudden Death Motor) Lenses
    – Sparse Selection of Outdated Lenses
    – Non-Existent Quality Control

    If you like junk, you’ll LOVE Pentax!

    • MrBig

      Well as it turns out, I loooooove junk!
      In fact, I’d call myself a junky.

      And so I say, bring it on Pentax!

      • Cynog


    • K5 Magic

      If they do as good with a FF body as they did with the K5 it will be the best FF in the price bracket..

      What’s not to love?

    • What’s a Canon?

      Which makes it all the more mysterious why you claim to shoot with the terrible 5D with the junky AF, inconsistent flash, and horrible Canon QC.

    • Rob

      Have you ever had a Pentax dslr?

      -The af system just gets better and better, some people states that k-5’s af is almost as good as d7000’s af. A new af system introduced with k-5ii last week but we can’t tell much until the first real life tests.
      -Pentax has at least 9 prime lenses designed exclusively for aps-c format, while Nikon offers only 4 and Canon offers none (1 for eos m if that count’s).
      The limited line features some really great lenses with excellent build quality. However, they aren’t very fast but those are sharp wide open.
      I don’t have too much experience about sdm lenses cause i use only limiteds and some older “FA” and “A” primes. I’m into available light photography so I can’t judge the flash system.

      I think you didn’t realize that more and more advanced features are included into entry level Pentax DSLRs so Canon and Nikon have to improve their intro stuff (what is good for the industry and for the customers too).
      I really appreciate that Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and even Samsung introduced something new by making mirrorless large sensor cameras. I hope this will also urge the big two (and others) to improve their products.

      • Zen

        Canon has one APS-C dedicated prime:
        Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

        (And while Nikon APS-C lenses can be used on FF bodies, Canon lenses can not)
        (Pentax lenses should be ok too, since there is no FF or APS-C specific mounts like Canon EF vs EF-S)

        • Rob

          Thanks Zen for correcting that error 🙂

          Well I mentioned about prime lens selection cause in this regard Nikon and Canon don’t offer a decent aps-c dslr system. There are more aps-c users than ff users so it is ridiculous. I hope they will change their approach in the future…

  • Transit

    … and on my shelf, an FA77ltd waits 🙂

    • Goofy

      Me too!!!!

  • come one now

    Notice that the magazine does not cite any source of its own, and simply makes a generalizations about ‘insiders’. I’m sorry; I’m a diehard Pentax fan and I want it to happen, but I don’t think this is any more than the magazine regurgitating what it has seen on rumour blogs.

    • MrBig

      I personally think Pentax will announced a K-3 at Photokina, though I don’t think it will be a FF body. If anything, it will be a 24MP APS-C body. Which could very well rival the remainder of the 24MP camera’s in production atm.

  • BP2012

    Another unreliable insider info: There will be a FF from Pentax but it won’t be available before february 2013. It is probably too early to be anounced at Photokina.

    My personal opinion that they should be focused on finishing development of that product. That camera will probably cost 30% more than high end aps-c camera but it will generate much bigger interest on the market. High end APS-C camera will be for pentaxians only who wants something better than K-5. FF could enlarge the customer base.

  • The truth is

    this is something that WILL happen.

    This will not happen now.

    This is coming from a source that is LESS knowledgeable about what’s going on within Pentax, not more. The reliable sources tell us this product (whatever they name it) is coming within the next year, but it is not a finished product yet.

    Perhaps there will be an announcement about it, at the most. Or perhaps that announcement will come in a few months.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    It’s a good thing they didn’t decide to call it K2. Otherwise someone would think it’s what “What’s a Pentax” is on…

  • Dotty

    The K3 currently in development is an APS-C (1.5x crop) 24MP high end body.

    There’s not going to be a switch to FF sensors just because some stupid magazine says so.

    And a FF-body will come in due time, but first, the K3 will be released. The K5II is hardly a worthy successor.

  • rene

    Why does a “German” magazine write in “English”?

    • why not

      Maybe a international “German” magazine with multi languages.

  • Toonie

    I like the idea but don’t think it’s happening, Pentax needs more ff lenses !!!!!!!

    • I don’t think it’s happening either this time…but they wouldn’t need to release very many new FF lenses initally — maybe one or two along with the body.

  • Guybert

    Then why is written it in English and not in German?

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