Breaking: Hasselblad will release a high-end mirrorless camera

Hasselblad is rumored to announce a high-end mirrorless camera according to DSLRMagazine which has a very good track record in "predicting" upcoming products. The direct translations is:

"The new format Hasselblad will CSC, rounded shapes ... A kind of luxury NEX"

Back in March PhotoRumors broke the news about a possible new digital X-Pan camera announcement. Hasselblad has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow, September 18th.

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  • amien

    oh Yea !!!

  • Daryl

    Should be interesting to see what lenses this camera will take, old mounts or a completely new mount. Will Fuji make the same camera?

  • David K.K. Hansen

    I just jizzed my pants. Please let it be a 24x65mm digital Xpan!

  • interest peaked.

    • chris

      or piqued?

  • Jack Graham

    Yawn…. 😉

  • ravemotion

    you mean E-mount?

    • TM

      That’s be a smart move. FF E-mount cameras are rumoured to come out next year.

    • r2

      A “kind of” NEX, not a kind of NEX.

  • Rob V.

    The correct translation is “The new Hasselblad will be in CSC format…”

    • Sahaja

      Somehow the words “Hasselblad” and “compact” usually don’t go together

      • Dan

        For a given value of “compact”
        It is rumored to be “bigger than FF” but should be significantly smaller than their medium format offerings.

      • fjfjjj

        Somehow you never saw an X-Pan

        • ProtoWhalePig

          That was when the words “Fuji” and “compact” went together.

      • I must have woken up in an alternate reality.

  • Mark

    Great, like the world needs another luxury camera.

  • Camaman

    I guess Sony sold some of the FF sensors to them to… 😛

  • Musouka

    Yeah, for the price of my car!

  • A Phase One IQ180 on a Cambo Wide RC sounds much better to me than a Fuji made Hasselblad point and shoot.

    • Aaron L

      Perhaps if Phase One could get Fuji to make a camera body similar to the H5D you could actually use that IQ180 on something other than that awful DF.

      I mean, What would Fuji know about making cameras…………

      • You can use an IQ180 on: DF+, DF, AF, AFD3, AFD2, Contax 645, Hassy H1, H2, H4X, Mamiya RZ Pro IID, RZ Pro II, any technical camera, any view camera.

        You can use it’s sister product on all of the above plus the Hy6/AFI.

        So if the H5 is the body you want to use it on, take an H4X, put an IQ180 on it, paint it half-black and you’re pretty much there.

  • EE

    If it’s small than FF–I wont even turn my head.

  • Daan

    Let them build a 6 x 6.

  • fjfjjj

    I hope this is a 645 rangefinder.

  • jorg

    if a sony rx1 is $2800, how much will a luxurious hassy be? $4600?

  • Thumpr455

    Please let it have a V Series mount so that my heritage Zeiss Hasselblad lenses will have a home.

    • r2

      Not likely, though an adapter could work.
      I believe it would be FF size or maybe a little bigger, but not MF sized sensor. We’ll see.

  • Art K.

    About time.. I’ve been arguing for years that a huge MF reflex mirror is pointless, cumbersome and expensive in digital photo! Live preview takes care of that. Go Hassy!

    • Davo

      Me too.
      Forget miniaturizing DSLRs to compact p&s size, the real excitement is miniaturizing MF to the size of DSLRs. You gain more by removing the massive MF mirrorbox.
      Without so much size constraints, it’d be feasible to make über EVFs or high pixel density live view LCDs attachments.

    • Dan

      Depends, for some professionals it might be true but if I as an amateur ever got enough money that I could afford what I want I would go for a big bright medium format optical viewfinder. I have looked through one a few times and it makes FF viewfinders look like the old compact viewfinders that used to be common (like worse than canon G-series)

  • Regular

    A digital xpan would be a great idea.

  • Um…this is an NEX-7 with a fancier body. Not only check out the specs that Engadget has posted (24.3 MP APS-C sensor), but look at the controls. It’s not just a similarity…EVERY control is identical to the NEX-7, right down to the proprietary Sony hotshoe.

    Also, it’ll be interesting to see real photos instead of renderings, but the fact that it’s an NEX-7 with a ‘higher end’ build is disappointing.

  • ST

    Looks like a Pimp my Nex …
    Hasselblad with their pedigree have seriously missed the nail with thier hammer !!

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