Leica M, M-E, S, D-Lux 6, V-Lux 4, new lenses and adapters announced

Several new Leica products were announced today:

Check this post for pre-order options.

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  • fjfjjj

    You lose

  • Kevin

    No new M lenses? I was hoping for more info on an updated 28/2 or 28/1.4 Admin do you know anything further regarding these lenses?

  • Ronan

    Prices are a bit cheaper but still completely overpriced.

    So where’s the ‘affordable’ mirrorless camera Leica was talking about? M-E for $5500? lol

  • jake

    ridiculous junk ,they are worst designed Leicas ever, boring.

    they should have designed a real mirrorless not a crappy rangefinder.
    are they still living in 1950?

  • Chris K.

    Hmm, Leica M somewhat tempting. But I’m wondering if the Monochrom will drop in price as with the M9/M-E? It would be silly to pay $8kUS for a monochrome version of a $6kUS camera. Being partially color-blind, I’m thinking embracing the B&W world might be a way to embrace my inconvenient disability.

  • El_Pickerel

    I admittedly had a little spit-take at the V-Lux 4 constant f/2.8 25-600mm lens. Not that it’s a thing I imagine I will find myself having, but that was not a thing I expected to read.

  • Sony

    I think I’ll buy a Sony.

  • nycPete


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