Fujifilm X-Pro1 firmware update v2.0 is out

Fujifilm released firmware updated v.2.0 for the X-Pro1 mirrorless camera. Here are the download links:

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  • rob

    yay, i get to lose all my settings again. let’s see if this is any good.

    • rob

      Yep, still terrible.

      Only noticeable improvement is there is less evf lockup during focusing. Only a little when you first press the shutter, but then during focus adjustment the screen isn’t frozen.

      • rob

        Manual focus is slightly better, but still takes forever to adjust in the 4′ to near range. It’s also not very predictable. Improved yes, but not enough for me to cancel my a99 order 🙁

        • Red Fez

          Well, no wonder shashinka has been in a bad mood all morning. He went out to shoot this morning after updating the FW, and got home a bit dispondant.

    • Hmm, that’s not my experience at all. Mine feels noticeably quicker. In good light my XPro1 + 18mm is locking on subjects near instantly, and in poor light it’s perfectly fine (I’d say it’s even quicker than my Pentax DSLR’s focused in low light).

      All-in-all, I’m pleased.

  • Ashwin

    Not sure where the XPro-1 lens firmware is available. I can’t find it, and the link provided doesn’t work to direct to lens firmware. Body has been updated. I tried to use the same firmware to update the lens, but no firmware was acknowledged. Additionally, the camera now asks firmware on the lens to be updated. Any help would be appreciated.


    • I did not change the links, I guess they were down for a while.

  • Ashwin

    Links are fixed. THanks. Firmware updated. Not much faster in bedroom/light with either the 35 or the 60… hopefully better in brighter light…

    • greg

      I have tested my xpro1 with fw 2.0 in near darkness and the focusing has been improved by a huge amount and manual focusing is now really good only a good twist and your focused ,before id be turning the focusing over and over. Well done fuji very impressed.

  • Matthieu

    Just tested autofocus a bit, it’s better, except for the macro which is much improved. This would be enough, but they also fixed the freezing screen while focusing issue, which was my greatest gripe with the system.


  • Dima

    Fujifilm X-Pro1 Firmware Ver2.0 Review

  • I said it before, if they can’t match the claimed AF speed of the xe1 then xpro1 is dead, it’s overpriced and slow.

    • greg

      not to worry the autofocus is fantastic now I ran it through a plethora of tests in low light and was very impressed. long live the xpro 1. Remember the xe1 is the xpro 1 in a smaller body hence now they function identically.

  • E

    Really want to see a comparison between the xe1 and xpro1 to see if there is any reason the xe1 will focus faster.

    • +1… anyone got examples? please post

  • Zdenda

    I´m still missing in auto ISO an option for slowest shutter speed. 1/30 for 18mm and 1/52 for 35mm lens is far too long to be sure the photo is sharp, especially for street photography with moving objects :-((

  • Ed

    Is there an update for the X100 as well on the horizon?
    It seems like Fuji is improving af performance only by software tweaks and I really hope they do the tweaks with the older X100. It love this camera, but the only drawback is still the slow af- though they some improvements with the latest firmware.

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