Breaking: Lunar is Hasselblad’s new mirrorless camera

This is the new mirrorless camera from Hasselblad called Lunar (click on images for larger view):

"The Lunar is a celebration of the passion that the company's founder Victor Hasselblad had for photography. We've developed this model in the traditional way, using handmade wooden prototypes to ensure superior ergonomics and functionality. This is a camera for both serious photographers and enthusiasts who aspire to shooting with a Hasselblad."

  • 24.3MP APS-C sensor inside
  • 25 AF points
  • ISO range: 100 to 16000
  • 10 fps
  • Shutter release time lag: 0.02 second
  • 3 in. LCD
  • OLED viewfinder
  • The grip is made out of real wood. The company used carbon fiber, titanium, leather and gold to build this camera.
  • Italian design
  • Sony E and A mounts compatible
  • Price : around EUR 5,000 (around $6,500)
  • Shipping in 2013

For more info check out the new dedicated Lunar website. The new Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera can be seen at Photokina:

Press release:

Hasselblad, manufacturer of the world's most advanced medium format camera system, has announced a revolutionary plan to market a state-of-the-art, Italian-designed 'ultimate luxury' mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera early next year.

Luca Alessandrini Hasselblad's New Business Development Manager said: "The Lunar is a celebration of the passion that the company's founder Victor Hasselblad had for photography. We've developed this model in the traditional way, using handmade wooden prototypes to ensure superior ergonomics and functionality. This is a camera for both serious photographers and enthusiasts who aspire to shooting with a Hasselblad."

He added: "Lunar, which can be used in fully automatic or fully manual mode, has been designed to be easy to use and versatile but with all the advanced technology employed in top DSLRs. For the first time the market now has a camera embracing traditional Hasselblad state-of-the-art image capture combined with stunning Italian design features.

And for the first time ever we are using carbon fiber, titanium, wood, leather and precious metals - including gold. The camera grip itself offers unparalleled ergonomics and has been developed to embrace both compact E-mount and the larger professional A-mount lenses."
The Lunar, which is set for launch in the first quarter of 2013, will be priced circa 5000 Euros and will be available in a choice of standard models plus a variety of exclusive hand grips and precious materials on special order.

Hasselblad will showcase a unique 'Lunar experience' at photokina. Visitors to the stand (Hall 2.1 Stand A-021/B-020) will see a 'snapshot' of latest work-in-progress designs and wooden models, purpose-built to demonstrate the company's pioneering 'ideal luxury' camera vision.

Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad Chairman and CEO said: "It has always been my ambition to enable all fans of the iconic Hasselblad brand to have an opportunity to own one of our cameras. The company mission is to develop exceptional products at the very top end of the market segments in which we operate. In 1962 astronaut Walter Schirra took the first Hasselblad camera into space. Walter had painted the 500C's metal surface black to minimise reflections. Now, in celebration fifty years later, we have developed Lunar - an aesthetically and ergonomically beautiful piece of camera art, complete with colour options and an evocative vintage look and feel, for photography lovers down here on planet Earth."

Key Lunar features will include:

DSLR-like performance thanks to the highest technology APS-C 24.3 MP sensor with 25AF points focusing matched to an Ultra fast Processor with real time image process ing and accurate RAW to JPEG translation.

Accurate composition for both still and video in any light conditions thanks to the Ultra-bright 3" high definition display and revolutionary OLED viewfinder that guarantees superior contrast and ultra fast response.

One-touch instant full HD video recording to shoot in Auto or fully manual mode. Focus and exposition control plus the connection for an external microphone and the option to use larger A-mount lenses for professional video creation.

Instant shutter response (0.02 second release time lag) ten frames per second and an extremely Wide ISO 100 -16000 range.

The camera software includes an exceptionally comprehensive set of creative styles, picture effects, scene selections and the smart "intelligent face registration" making the shooting experience even more fun.

Auto HD, DRO and Anti-motion blur mode.

An Innovative TriNavi system for DSLR-like tuning, two flash options and Anti dust system complete the Lunar state-of-the-art package.

Added Dr. Hansen: "This new model is the result of meticulous engineering research, culminating in the creation of an unprecedented camera which underpins the Hasselblad mission to pioneer and produce supreme quality across all our products."

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  • Jiombob

    I was waiting for a 60mp rangefinder of kick-ass X-pan, instead they released this piece of crap!

    For sale: Danish Camera company…cheap…legendary history, now run by idiots!

    Seriously, $6k for an APS-C sensor with a piece of driftwood attached, stupidest thing since JarJar! Yousa not going to sell a single camera.

    • H’BLAD 500 C/M


      • Rupas

        Huinya! Wil not buy if it was 700$

  • raavem

    hassleblad dissapointed me.
    I hate this design.

    The designers just didn’t understand why people shoot a hassie!

  • First impression – “OMG! WTF”? Then I read the specs – looks like reskined NEX-7 for 5X the price. Then I think – whom is this camera for? My answer – these cameras are for misinformed “new money” Chinese – just like the “Ferrari Edition” ‘blad.

    I have never owned a Hassy, but I shot with 500 series at scool (which were a bitch to focus with my bad eyes) so I can’t say I will miss them, but this “product announcement” looks more like April Fools to once prolific and viable company. Sad to see venerable Hasselblad name to degenerate to just a shell of former self.

    • timon

      The current Hasselblad controlled by a HongKonger company. People can unlearn it.
      Also, Leica was once ready to be sold himself to a HongKonger company, but is stopped in last moment.

      Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P. acquires Swedish high-end camera manufacturer Hasselblad
      June 30, 2011

      Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P. provides additional capital for growth strategy.
      Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P. has agreed to acquire 100 percent of the shares of the Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad Group from Hong Kong-based Shriro Group. Shriro, a long-standing Hasselblad distributor in the Asia-Pacific region, has held ownership of the company since 2003. Shriro will retain its current Hasselblad distribution rights in the Asia-Pacific region. Vasco Fung, CEO of Shriro, will serve an additional five year term on the supervisory board of Hasselblad.

      • timon

        When you reading the post above, then you can know the Lunar nex-7 is what an origin, which is actually the HongKongers company’s Lunar nex-7, then put it a brand named Hasselblad.

  • H’BLAD 500 C/M

    swedish crispbread on speed merged with some kind of sushi, inspired by luigi colani. rip v.

  • It’s hideous!

  • Karen G.

    Hyundai “fluidic sculpture” style. Designer must be very pleased with himself. Holy Crap!

  • Nobody Special

    So, Hasselblad was bought/purchased/invested in by some money men last year I believe? It would seem they have very little idea about what hasselblad has been over the decades and I was thinking that even they are scrambling, they should have a pretty good idea what to do………DOH!!!

    I like how Hasselblads have worked for me over the years, but I think this is a pretty embarassing step for them – even if they are hurting – it’s a good thing the used market has plenty of Hasselblad bodies and excellent Zeiss glass out there.

  • Z

    More like breaking bad …

    Yep, definitely for the new money … be it Chinese or otherwise …

    So … what’s NEXt?

    Now that Kodak is no more …
    why don’t they get SONY to build them 60 – 80 mp MF sensor with great DR and ISO similar to the sensor found in D800? With updated electronics … is that too much to ask?

    This thing looks like something out of Alien-Predator hoedown …

  • Zouk

    Nikon is coming out with a MX medium format camera….D800E isn’t it but it’s a start…..and hasselblads is doing something about it…..

  • rrphoto

    is it just me or do the concept drawings look like they were designed by a school kid?

  • an onymous

    So much whining here, just go an buy the NEX and get out take some photos instead of sitting in front of the computer behaving childish, the new Hasselblad/Sony cameras isn’t for anyone including me.

  • E.

    This is sad.. very sad, almost a tragedy… but not yet because a real tragedy is the people’s suffering from wars or things like that.

    In digital age democratization of photography means overcrowding… Against overcrowding you have luxury and today luxury means extravagance… a “look at me, I’m very different” attitude (Leica cameras special editions e.g.)… or “I’m as unreachable as the moon” (not Lunar but lunatic literally). This is where all this process leads: The murder of photography and good taste… Welcome to the kitschest kingdom ever: the new digi-comuno-capitalism realm.

  • mythbuster

    I yesterday saw this and said to myself: I must wait and think before writing something about it. Well, now I think the same: this is just a camera for rich and extravagant people and the design is ugly as it´s not practical at all. What´s the point of taking a small mirrorless camera and adding a lot of bulk and weight? : only that this is a camera for people wishing to be seen and admired, and so, for sure they are going to sell tons of it.

  • Camaman

    Insulting really…

    But I guess logical, since no one would make a MF mirror less lens for them any time soon…

  • John

    I do completely agree with Jiombob. This camera is nothing but an expensive gimmick. On almost the same day as Leica show their genius-filled new M which is a major milestone in the history of photography, thanks to the outstandingly clever photographer-oriented management of Dr Kaufmann, Hasselblad is now falling down to the so-called ‘market-oriented’ management which will drive them to bankrupt. Why didn’t Hasselblad go on with their collaboration with Fuji and make e.g. a full-frame version of the X-100 or X-Pro? At the same time, Leica is capitalizing on their honesty towards faithful customers, as all R lenses now have a new life – merging the M and R systems is really great. Now virtually any Leica lens (except a couple of ultrawides) sold from the beginning of the company, can be used at their FULL potential on a state-of-the-art Leica digital camera. What is Hasselblad doing? Going down Chinese just like Volvo, another virtually deceased great Swedish company?

    • mythbuster

      If Volvo and Hasselblad are now “going down” Chinese, is because they were no more good profitable companies and without a doubt Chinese money saved them from bankrupcy. By the way, you are speaking of Kaufmann and Leica the same way North Koreans speak of their beloved leader… 😉

  • anon

    are they selling jewelry or a camera?

  • Fraucha


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