Hasselblad and Sony in partnership to enrich product offerings

For the development of the Lunar mirrorless camera, Hasselblad joined forces with S0ny:

Hasselblad and Sony usher in a 'new dawn' with a long-term partnership that will enable the high-end medium format camera manufacturer to diversify for the first time into new market segments.

The Swedish company Hasselblad, pioneer and developer of the H System, the world's most advanced medium format digital camera system - used by top professional photographers all over the world - has decided to work with Sony Corporation to cultivate new markets for photo enthusiasts and consumer digital imaging products. Hasselblad is keen to expand and develop its product portfolio to include a new range of advanced mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (a.k.a. compact system camera), which will be followed by new products for DSLR and compact camera segments.

Hasselblad and Sony have agreed further on plans for the two organisations to work together in efforts to achieve technical and engineering breakthroughs in various photographic technology challenges.

Said Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad Chairman and CEO: "Following talks with Sony - the key player in the serious photographer and enthusiast market spaces - we are delighted to announce the emergence of a new dawn for Hasselblad. This partnership will enable us to access an area of the photographic sector, which we have never reached out to before, by tapping on Sony's excellent state of the art technology and spirit of ground breaking innovation. Owning a Hasselblad, made in Sweden, will no longer be just a dream for many photographic enthusiasts."

Shigeki Ishizuka, President, Sony Digital Imaging Business Group, added: "This is a very exciting partnership because Hasselblad's loyal customers with deep attachment to this prestigious photography brand get familiarised with Sony's industry-leading camera technologies. We believe that we can further enhance our digital imaging development and manufacturing expertise through this partnership, so that we will be able to offer increasingly attractive products to our customers for years to come."

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  • Sky_walker

    “Hasselblad is keen to expand and develop its product portfolio to include a new range of advanced mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (a.k.a. compact system camera), which will be followed by new products for DSLR”

    A-mount hassel?! O_O WOW… THIS would be EPIC!.

    • The only way this could mean anything good for the end user is if they get Sony to build sensors that are exclusive to Hasselblad bodies. Otherwise it’s going to be like the Panasonic LX vs. Leica D-Lux stuff.

    • palm

      Hasselblad’s current CEO, in a child, he used a Sony digital camera.He has always been worshiped Sony.So he made ​​a shell for Sony camera. Sony fans not to criticize it

      • Johnny Fargut

        Really? Have you seen how old he is?!!!

        • Je ne comprends pas

          I mean, the camera is his childhood toys…

  • ozbaz

    interesting business strategy on Sony’s part. essentially forming alliances with Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus and now Hasselblad. They really want to take the market lead from Canon.

  • Hasselbad

    If this would have been about Hasselblad and Zeiss teaming up I would have given this credibility, Hasselblad designing the range finder digital body (Zeiss Ikon based?), Zeiss bring the lenses to the party, maybe a few zoom lenses too.

    But this rebadged Nex? sorry. no.

  • bob3

    Hasselblad never built lenses (Zeiss and Fuji made/make Hassy lenses). Sony never built lenses (Minolta and Zeiss). More bodies and no lenses. More marketing and branding, all fluff, no substance.

  • Mark

    At least Leica manage to make their own cameras… Ugh! This is what private equity does to you. Rebadged NEX-7s that cost $6500 for no reason. They could have reintroduced a modern V System and it would have been worthwhile. I don’t like luxury products but at least Leica stood by what they had and made it modern. This is just a piece of shit!

    • c.d.embrey

      Private Equity = Hasselblad bankrupt in five years. Hard to predict the future, but destroying companies for profit is what Private Equity does best. Hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

  • Roger

    Once again, another nod to Sony doing a lot of right things these days in making their mark on the industry. Pushing the design and product envelope (RX1), making sensors for everybody, and forging relationships like this (and now Olympus?)- they’re the one to catch right now, even if they don’t have the market share. I’m no fanboy, i don’t own one Sony product actually, but the kool-aid is being poured from every forum, webpage and advertisement out there, and it sure looks tasty…

    put another way, it’s fun to be a photographer right now – lots of new products that, while aren’t necessary, are inspiring people to take photos and buy gear. and for many of those products, Sony is part of the mix in one way or another.

  • R!

    Waouh!!!!! this is the 21st century I’m talkin about;
    … this is direrctly inspired by extraterestrial technology or what!??

  • Smith L.

    So this would be my Chance to Finally OWN a Hassy :). I will keep myself updated on this part. It is a Industry First Esp, coming from the world of Medium Format. Scary…

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Maybe Sony can make some affordable medium format sensors.

    Maybe someone can make a medium format mirrorless camera.

  • A rebadged NEX7 with a lump of wood attached.? I don’t think I will be a buyer. Hasselblad have once again missed an opportunity. Leica is waiting to be challenged, Fuji lack gravitas and style, Hasselblad has it but just doesn’t seem capable of optimising it. A tie up with Sony will fool no-one. It’ will be a very competent but very dull camera with the ‘pride of ownership’ factor sadly missing.


  • Daan

    Make a 6 x 6.

  • Mike

    Hassy, I hope you teamed up with KY too, right before you dropped your pants and bent over for Sony.

    Why NEX-7? Why not even the RX-1? 1. That would have been more believable; one step down in sensor format, and 2. Possibly might have more justified the 5000 price tag.

    It will be embarrassing to see someone with an 18-55 f3.5-5.6 APS-C lens on that Hasselblad NEX-7.

    • Musouka

      But where are the lenses? If they went full frame, you would have to use a converter to mount Sony and Zeiss A-Mount lenses and you will end up with a bulkier offering.

      I guess that will have to wait until Sony blesses us with an FF CSC and lenses. Maybe an F-mount?

  • Jimbob

    I was waiting for Hassy to introduce a 60mp mirrorless rangefinder. If the rice was reasonable, I would have purchased one. Instead, they released a piece of crap, overpriced NEX camera, with a hunk of polished driftwood attached.
    Hasselblad engineers/management – If this is your big announcement, you should start looking for a new job, cause yousa not going to sell a single one.
    An APS-C sensor…2012 My bloody cel phone has something equivalent!
    Where’s the 60mp rangefinder????

  • Thumpr455

    I’m looking forward to being able to buy a new Hasselblad P+S at Wal-Mart any time now.

  • r2

    That’s a joke. Just like a ferrari-branded nissan 370, painted red and with some wooden and carbon fiber parts.

    Self respect would make it impossible for me to buy this thing instead of a nex, if there’s ever a decent lens offer for the system.

  • PixelBrine

    Hahahahahahaha….WTF? I have shot with Hasselbald before and have respect for the company but what kind of horse turd is this? It’s way too clumsy looking to be small and ergonomic (which is kind of the point of mirrorless right?). It’s ugly, big, expensive, and has a sensor that screams “we didn’t pay attention to our competition!” but in a bad way. APS-C? Seriously? They have to be blind. You can get a Leica at around their price range. Sony has a FF mirrorless at half the price and both Nikon and Canon have each released more affordable and smaller FF DSLRs this year. Not to mention the scuttlebutt about an affordable Pentax FF DSLR and possible Pentax FF mirrorless to be announced. Hasselbald, you didn’t just miss the mark, you shot yourself in the foot.

  • `/1nc3nt

    Bye bye Hasselblad. Your name is craved on your gravestone now.

    Whenever I need an DMF P1 is where I can turn to.

  • Daan

    Wasn’t Hasselblad the best 6 x 6 medium format camera a photographer could get? Until one day they changed the format to 6 x 4.5 and another day they started making a lot of other camera’s. Make a 6 x 6.

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