Zeiss to produce lenses for Sony NEX and Fuji XF mirrorless system cameras

Zeiss announced on their blog plans to produce lenses for Sony NEX and Fuji XF mirrorless cameras. The first three lenses currently in development are 2.8/12, 1.8/32 and 2.8/50 macro. What to expect:

  • All new Zeiss mirrorless lenses will have autofocus
  • Zeiss lenses for X-mount will have also a manual aperture setting
  • Priced at around EUR 1,000
  • Shipping will start in early summer 2013
  • The new lenses will be made in Japan
  • For now Zeiss will not make lenses for Micro Four Thirds because... their sensor is too small (finally someone said it)
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  • jorg

    that X E1 looks more tempting every day…

    • E

      Thats an xpro1. But yes, xe1 is very tempting…and these lenses will be a grwat addition to the xmount line

      • El_Pickerel

        Yep, Fuji X keeps looking nicer with the new lens offerings. Just picked up a new DSLR, but I am keeping my eye on m4/3 and the Fuji X for something less conspicuous to keep on hand.

        • palm

          Perhaps, Hasselblad will not launch the digital version of the X-PAN.
          The other side,Fujifilm might launch the digital version of the TX-1 and TX-2

        • Fak u gooby

          Yeh I have a D800 AND a D800e for “serious” work (and video). I want a fun everyday cam with good image quality.

          I tried the X-pro1 the other day and feel in love with the hybrid viewfinder (i love the way you can see all around yet use the framelines in the optical viewfinder to frame your shot.

          Now… money.

  • Mark


    Not only does the V. 2.0 firmware make a HUGE improvement, but now we get Zeiss glass with AF! Not considering another DSLR (and I’m a freaking wedding photographer) anymore. I fully expect this system to meet all my needs that my film cameras do not. And full frame fans can bugger off. That’s what my 8×10 camera is for, and when I wanna work on a crop I’ll use my Pentax 6×7.

    • camerageek


    • No fak u dolan!

      Thanks for that post. I totally agree.

  • jake

    that means it will be real Zeiss primes made in Germany not fake like these Sony already selling?

  • jake

    if they are resl Zeiss , I am very happy and probably get them(hope not Sony-Zeiss).

    • Cheong

      Is Cosina-Zeiss real Zeiss?

      • Mark Sperry

        If by “real Zeiss” you mean the $4.600.00 dollar 15mm Distagon for M mount, made in Germany, does that mean you want these lenses to be nearing 5 thousand dollars and within the same market as douchebag status symbol Leica equipment?

        • Well said Mark…I was thinking the same thing. For some reason people seem to think only the Germans can make a quality product….

  • jake

    I did not read anyything in the blog and I typed it above too fast.
    but now I read your original article and the Zeiss blog page and well, I am out of this cause they are made in Japan , I do not want Fake Zeiss any more.

    I am really disappointed with these. I want MADE IN GERMANY Zeiss primes not fake Coshina craps.

    • Mark

      Who gives a shit where they’re made? If you want made in Germany buy a car. My ZE 50mm 1.4 Planar has the same creamy look and contrast that my 80mm 2.8 has for my Hasselblad.

      Japan is not a 3rd world country, they actually make some of the worlds best products.

      • bob2

        Fuji makes the current crop of Hassy lenses, FWIW. Creamy bokeh, etc. comes from lens design, not country.

  • JK

    “For now Zeiss will not make lenses for Micro Four Thirds because… their sensor is too small”

    this is stupid, they did lenses for cell phones 😀 They just didn’t reach a commercial agreement with 4/3 producers…

    • Mac

      actually, they still do make lenses for cell phones, with their super big sensors

    • Mark

      It is stupid. But it is because the webmaster makes it up himself. Zeiss did not say something like that in their message. What was said: “We intend to concentrate initially on the biggest sensor size in this segment which is APS-C. It would be possible for us to make lenses for Micro 4/3-bajonet as well but we have not made a decision on that yet. If current APS-C lenses were also used for the Micro 4/3-bajonet, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the best tradeoff between lens size (weight), and image quality”

  • Anonymous


    Glad I decided to switch to Fuji!

    • Gooby pls

      Switch from what?

      I feel the fuji system is a great camera to have along side a DSLR system. I’m personally not going to “Switch” from Nikon to this system. More jump sideways.

  • I can’t wait to try out that 12mm on my XPro….

  • c.d.embrey

    What both the E-mount and the X-mount need is a 90mm f/1.8 (=135mm FF). There are already many mid-wide to normal lens from Sony, Fuji and Sigma but nothing longer than a 60mm macro (=90mm FF).

    In the Full Frame 35mm (FX) world the 135mm (portrait and fashion) and 200mm (fashion) are popular lenses for Pro photographers. Micro 4/3s has the 75mm f/1.8 (=150mm FF), why no long lens love for E an X mount??

    • You don’t understand… to match a 135mm f/2 lens on full frame, you need a 67.5mm f/1 lens on FourThirds and 90mm f/1.3 lens on APS-C. Good luck.

      If you think otherwise, why not get a security camera with a f/0.95 lens?

  • TaoTeJared

    With it becoming more evident Fuji’s AF slowness is inside the lenses and not the body, hopefully Zeiss will make something the move much faster. Price will be steep but maybe worth it.

    • Unlikely this will happen. Zeiss will say these lenses are for fine-art people who don’t need fancy fast AF that snappers use.

    • Frodo Bigones

      Any evidence of this?

      The new firmware (which is camera based) increases AF speed, so reality seems to be disagreeing with you.

  • jim

    Personally, I would pass on these; Fujinon lenses are superb already, I do not expect that these will be any more than marginally superior at best,wherever they are produced.

    • Jim….I agree with you but show me a Fuji 12mm equivalent….and no, the 14mm is not the same. 2mm makes a huge difference if you’re into wide angle photography.

      • jim

        Hmmm, fair point. Zeiss trump Fujinon in widest angle stakes. Also, perhaps they maintain their famed optical edge in the wider angled lenses; my widest angle Fujinon is not as rewarding as its normal to longer stablemates. I still love it though. Hope you enjoy trying the 12!

  • JC

    This is stupid, two years from now, everyone (most of ) migrated to full frame, you will be holding $1,000 + cost lens for a worthless camera.

    • JC…are you saying my XPro1 will be magically dead in 2 years?? My M8 was over 2 years old before I bought it used…..my 1DSII was 3 years old when I bought it. Just because you feel the need to have the latest/greatest every 6 months doesn’t mean that everyone else is the same.

      • JC

        So, you have all full frame, you would shell out $1K plus for small sensor? Who are you kidding?

        • Dirk Diggard

          Actually, the joke’s on you. The X-Pro1 sensor is as good as any equivalent megapixel full frame sensor on the market, and better than several.

          If Fuji ever elect to do a full frame version of the X-Trans sensor, the industry will be turned on it’s head overnight.

          • Why are you turning this in to something it’s not? JC’s point is about small vs. large sensors.

            Not about how Fuji’s tech compares to others at the same size.

        • Research bro

          M8 isn’t FF troll boy.

          • Research bro

            That comment was for JC not Clint Dunn

      • JC’s right… have you taken a look at how much Olympus FourThirds gear costs and what happened to people who bought their FourThirds DSLRs?

        Long story short, good lenses can be made for sensors of any size… it’s the buyer who needs to use their brains and pick the bigger sensor 😀

        • Dr. Doalot

          While I like large sensor cameras and have owned 5 (currently own 2) it’s not like a crop cameras is horrible. All sensor sizes have their place.

          Accusing people of not using their brains because they use a crop sensor is just ignorant and trolling behaviour.

  • Oh my!

    When will Zeiss actually make an AF lens for canon and nikon mount?!!

    • They made many for Canon… well not directly but they can AF on Canon. Just search…

      And you’re saying that you’re willing to put down serious money for a set of Zeiss lenses but you can’t afford a Sony body?

      • What?!

        So someone should invest in a Sony just because he wish to have some AF zeiss? Is that your logic? Zeiss is a third party lens manufacturer, why should I invest in a whole new system, besides, those Sony-Zeiss is inferior to those offered in ZE and ZF.2 mount.

        You have been embarrassed enough by Zack Arias, please do yourself a favour. . . .

        • The point is guys like you are just a whole lot of talk and nothing more.

          If Zeiss AF is what you want, you can go get it. Instead you whine about non-existent products saying your photos suck because of it.

          And it’s clear you haven’t used Sony Zeiss lenses because their lenses are better than the ZE/ZF line. E.g ZA 85 is better. ZA 135 1.8 is also excellent and until a day or two ago ZF/ZE didn’t even have a fast 135 prime.

          Don’t talk without knowledge or experience. You are probably a Pentax or mFT user bitter about Zeiss giving up on your line.

          And you got the wrong guy about that zack dude or whoever. Hmm my money is on you being a pentaxian…

  • joe

    this probably hits leica hard.

  • For now Zeiss will not make lenses for Micro Four Thirds because… their sensor is too small (finally someone said it)

    That makes no sense, however: if the glass can cover an APS-C sensor, it will also cover a Micro Four-Thirds sensor. They’ll have to product a different mount and make some small software changes. That’s the strange part of the announcement.

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