Lensbaby Spark announced

Lensbaby announced a new selective focus lens called Spark ($79.95). This is what Spark can do:



Press release:

Lensbaby Spark is a perfect entry point into the Lensbaby system for photo enthusiasts who want a fun way to break out of the box

Portland, OR – September 18, 2012 – Lensbaby, today at Photokina, announces the release of Spark, a fun and affordable addition to the Lensbaby lens family.  HYPERLINK "http://lensbaby.com/lenses-spark" Spark is geared toward young photo enthusiasts who are looking for a creative spark to help break out of the box of traditional photography.  It retails for $80 and is available for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

Spark lets photographers capture creative images in-camera that have a sweet spot of focus surrounded by beautiful artistic blur.  It is a manual focus lens that provides a fun, tactile shooting experience. Photographers squeeze to focus, and tilt to move the “sweet spot” of focus around the image.

“Spark sprouted from Lensbaby’s fun and creative roots,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder.  “We crafted Spark for photographers who look to go beyond their predictable kit lens and experiment with visual spontaneity in-camera.”

This new Lensbaby speaks to youthful, adventurous photographers looking for fun, creative tools to help tell their unique story. Indomitable photographers who harness energy and inspiration by capturing the magic of fleeting moments through their camera lenses will find a kindred spirit in Spark. Whether documenting their experiences on vacation or their daily escapades in their own hometown, Spark is designed to help young, creative photographers express themselves.

Spark is a lightweight lens with a unique 50mm selective focus multi-coated glass doublet optic.  The optic features an f/5.6 fixed aperture providing ease of use for new Lensbaby enthusiasts.

Lensbaby Spark Product Specs:

  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: fixed f/5.6
  • Optic: multi-coated glass doublet
  • Focus type: manual
  • Sweet spot, selective focus lens (creates a sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradually increasing blur)
  • Available for Canon and Nikon mount DSLRs
  • Focusing range: approximately 13” (33 cm) to infinity
  • Compatible with Lensbaby Optic Swap System and all Lensbaby 37mm threaded accessory lenses
  • No electronic communication between the lens and the camera body.
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  • Shawn

    Wow. Looks like a complete piece of shit.

    • Florian

      Haha…totally my first thought as well! 🙂

    • El_Pickerel

      Market consists of those privileged youths who ask mommy and daddy for a grown-up camera, use it once, then just use their iPhone anyways.

      • karmacoma

        You three must be a blast at parties.

        • haha

          I bet you’ll be the first in line for this lens!

    • Chris K.

      Hey at least it’s an appropriately-priced POS. (As opposed to the $300+ for the composer + tilt transformer POS.)

    • Ken Mockwell


      Couldn’t ha esaid it better myself.

      People that need this crap for “photo creativity” should give up photography and focus on other hobbies…

      • Ken Mockwell

        …and I could take up some typing classes 🙂 … it should have read – ‘Couldn’t have said it better myself’

        • Yazoo

          Don’t fret, these are targeted at camera-kiddies types out there.
          They still need something to play with 🙂

    • Miroslav Gundulich

      I have to agree, in general.

      But I’m sure they will sell as hotcakes, still plenty of people will like to use them.

    • Not Tim Tebow

      It IS a piece of shit.

  • jake

    maybe I will be the fist person to get in line for this lens.

    it is extremely cool!

  • Bpreid

    Cool, looks a lot like the return of the lensbaby original!

    The LBO IS one of the most fun lenses I own and a long time favourite of mine, which sits beside some really high quality glass in my bag. And you can probably make this ‘piece of shit’ pay for itself in one print sale, like my LBO did, if you know how to use it right…

  • MB

    For “focusing” you need both hands.
    Would be fun to see how someone can press the shutter button without loosing the focus (if one exist on this overpriced toy).

    • Seb

      Like you did on the Original version.
      You’ve obviously never tried one.
      Maybe you have only 2 hands, but 10 fingers. 4 for focusing, 4 to hold the camera, 1 for the shutter… gosh, there is even a spare one!

      Anyway, I do agree that it seems like a revamp of the Original with fixed f5.6 aperture (instead of f2.8-f8). As for the price, it seems fair if the build and optic quality are decent.

  • Dr Croubie

    So … It’s just a Muse with a grippy-rubber outside and no aperture discs?

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Muse, so much so that I bought a Control Freak and almost every optic and accessory. I’m just failing to see the point of this?
    Looks like it would be the perfect lens for the 6D…

    • Ben

      yes they ran out of new ideas.
      just a sign this segment of the market needs other companies in it.

  • Net

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    • D Dave Pastewa

      Why? So you can run it over with the tractor?

  • KGB

    I can’t see the point of shooting a distorted picture in camera when you can shoot with any lens and adjust to the exact same result in post, AND have a normal shot to use as well.

    Waste of money.
    Waste of time.

    • Bruce Lee


      What a flop…

    • Big J

      Not much help if you still own a film camera. Plenty of people still do.

  • Mark

    The sweet spot is effectively ruining the tilting, if you want to actually use tilt to bring things into focus. You’ll have Photoshop-like radial blur in your photos no matter what you do.

  • spamdie

    Seriously? Why are people in line to get this. Its already been done. By Lensbaby no less. Its the Muse product just rehashed with the word Spark and less options.

    F/5.6 kind sucks on crop anyways. The out of focus area becomes really limited unless you go wider open which you can’t on this product.

  • LensBaby Spark for $80 or a radial blur filter from Photoshop that I have already paid for…. Hmm….

  • ogotaj

    Looks to me just like their Muse model except that this one has actually a fixed aperture. I’m not sure whenever it’s more retarded to be forced to change those stupid aperture disks or to have it fixed in the first place but this piece of plastic is overpriced one way or another. A fair price point would be $20. Seriously. And they would be still making ton of money on it.

  • hotblack desiato

    $80 for a plastic bellows with plastic optics? save money and take a photo class that will teach composition, so ‘isolating the subject from the background’ won’t require the use of a one-trick, optical crutch.

  • All optical gimmicks aside, that thing is monstrously ugly, and I’d be embarrassed to shoot with it, results aside.

  • jk

    All lens babies produce the same effect…crap

    waste of time and money… if this makes you an artist then you are not an artist..you become a reverse artist and turn into a loser.

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