Hasselblad working also on a new A-mount camera

In addition to the Lunar mirrorless camera, Hasselblad is working also on a new A-mount camera (I assume it will be full frame based on the Alpha a99, after today's announcement of partnership between Sony and Hasselblad).

And if you are like me and think "the new Hasselblad mirrorless camera is so ugly, I cannot stop looking at it", here is the new Lunar promo video from Hasselblad:

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  • MB

    Does this mean the end of Canon and Nikon domination in pro SLR market?
    Professionals maybe won’t go for Sony but for Hasselblad, that is another story.

    • pooh

      What else do you expect this to be other than a rebranded a99…?

      • Art

        The body in that sketch looks nothing like A99

        • gastwa

          You are correct that it looks nothing like the A99, but on the inside it will be an A99 for probably 4 or 6 times the price. The Lunar is just a NEX-7 with a different (ugly) body for $6500. Huge misstep for Hassy

          • Art

            Lumar has identical buttons as Nex-7. This sketched camera has far more nobs and buttons than A99

          • you have to understand, they are getting spanked real bad in MF market by P1 so this is supposed to save them from bancrupt. P1 is not marketing them self for rich ass*oles, just productive and creative people. Hassy always wanted to be luxury brand.

            they just want to use the so far good name to promote mediocre products to attract non creative but rich groups. Hassy with crop sensor? Wait, i am sure they will release even “high end” P&S.

            Just like leica

    • Porkchop

      Dont think so, this will not doom the Canon or Nikon DSLR market. This will not be for pros but rather for people with cash to burn. It will probably cost as much as a D4. I dont even think this will sell enough to drive the Canon or Nikon prices down.

  • Joe

    I didn’t think it could get any worse until I watched the video. Truly absurd. This is just an embarrassment.

    • palm Je ne comprends

      Hasselblad should hopeless situation.Now he can only design the shell, right?

  • It’s true that it’s a bit ugly !

  • Sky

    Here’s the same movie on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYw5E5pbLhM

    Anyway – I hope they won’t just take Sony cameras and put the Hassel sticker on it like Leica is doing it. Noone needs something like that. Design your own glass and bodies hassel! Then I’m sure people will pay.

  • Daryl

    Unless Hasselblad can design some lenses that are better than Ziess I don’t see anything exciting or new that they can add to a market that has something for everyone.

  • Mark

    Wow it totally won’t be an A99 wrapped in ivory or some shit…I’m totally sure they’ll innovate here and come up with a pro camera…yeah…totally… Oh wait, they haven’t innovated since the 500CW, which remains a proven design, and they threw it away. Contax made a better 645 system that never had a chance to grow into it’s own, and they bought the Fuji GX645.

    The joke continues.

    • palm

      Fuji is not Sony,
      It is not going to laugh at the history and tradition,
      Fuji is very rigorous and serious.

      • Mark

        I never said Fuji isn’t serious. Extremely happy XPro1 owner here!

  • TaoTeJared

    Call it what it really is – this is just really good news for Sony – it will help increase their reputation more than do anything for Hasselblad.

    Hearing what Hassy is doing makes me kind of sad.

    • palm

      This is a very sudden cooperation, a lot of frustration
      Two completely different history, two completely different concept, feeling like a Sony upstart
      The Sony only like to acquire other companies,This is unlike Fuji

      • Sky

        Think about Sony and Zeiss – Two completely different history, two completely different concepts, and yet NOONE talks about Sony acquiring Zeiss, but rather BOTH companies benefiting from great cooperation.
        I think it’ll be quite similar in here.

    • fjfjjj

      I blame Ventizz Capital Partners. Hasselblad would never have done this on their own accord. The moment that the Lunar camera appears in the video is like an Onion moment.

  • Huggs

    Admin, You cracked me up with that quote. I can’t take the these cameras seriously.

  • boing wronkwell

    I think Victor is spinning in his grave at a very high RPM at this.

    The new guy on the block is a “Luxury” camera, not aimed at serious photographers, but at those who want a “luxury” toy.


    • Victor Hassleblood


  • Narretz

    This is the most shameless rip-off marked as luxury top of the class since Leica decided rebranding last generation Panasonic cameras was a good idea. And Leica even has other offerings that show innovation!

  • ferdinando frogleg

    Just goes to show that good taste and price do not necessarily go together.

  • bali

    April Fools’ Day best joke…what…it’s for real
    Ugly…Pretentious, needless

    • bali

      I’m talking about the ‘Lunar’ of course

      i love my 501CM, i had the X-pan… i really like Haselblad.
      The HD4 is a dream to use, and the HD5 seems to be stellar

      i’m afraid that this slr a99 version (….$7000 ? ) will be the same ugly joke.

      Dope ?

  • rrphoto

    you can put lipstick on a pig…. its still a pig

  • Stuart

    Death by private equity. RIP Hasselblad, ’twas nice lusting over your cameras at one time, but now I can’t decide if I should laugh or cry…

  • Dave

    When I first read about Hassy and Sony partnering up, I thought Hassy was going to shake up the medium format market by introducing the first MF mirrorless. Imagine a Sony 645 Exmor with 60-80MP housed inside a Mamiya 7 type body. I think that would be a viable alternative to the Leica S. What a wasted opportunity.

    • fjfjjj

      this ^^^

  • Jure

    It will be plain stupid if they base it on the SLT design. Sony is loosing customers to Canon’s 5D and 6D and Nikon’s D600 and D800. They shot themselves in the foot with A99’s 6 fps, pretty much negating SLT design’s main advantage over DSLRs. If they made a complementary DSLR range, evolving from A900, making a dedicated photographer’s DSLR, they could cover a significant market they are certainly loosing now. A Hasselblad A99 makes no sense.

    • Palm

      He did not create the classic,Sony design is always flawed, is not innovation
      Use of defective design to fool users,It often does(A lot of obvious errors)

    • Sky

      They quite clearly were talking about “DSLR”.

      This means THAT IT’S NOT AN SLT.
      geez…. people….

    • Greenbean Ninja

      If they loose customers to Nikon then it doesn’t matter as much because Nikon uses Sony sensors, so either way Sony makes money.

  • Alpha84

    This could be good for both companies. Good for Sony for obvious reason of the hasselblad name, but good for hasselblad because of Sony’s CMOS development. Imagine a Sony sourced medium format sensor tweaked by hasselblad for better noise control (as an alpha shooter their noise is in dire need of help) and trading of technologies. This could change photography, or it could flop like Leica and Panasonic. I think it’ll be interesting, but anything making the alpha system better is good by me.

  • Mike

    Somewhere, someone from Hassy has to be reading these comments. If you are, put the brakes on full stop.

    Why oh why are you aligning yourself with Sony? Sensors yes, but most of the world has Nikon or Canon or Pentax lenses. Take a lesson from Fuji, they hit the design ball out of the park. Take a lesson from your Swedish brethren, Saab. Their quirky style wasn’t enough to save them. Underneath they were just another GM product. Leica rangefinders command the price they do because of their heritage and they are the only true rangefinder camera company left. Make a DSLR with a swivel grip like your MF cameras. Make a 35mm version of your MF cameras with Sony sensor, style it like your H5D, make it different than any other 35mm DSLR. Make it 21st century with carbon and titanium, not wood. Give an excuse to genuinely charge $5000. But to wrap your veneer over a Sony and charge 5x the price with no benefit to the final image is ridiculous. If Leica can make a B&W digital camera, surely you can make a 2.5×2.5 camera based on a 35mm sensor. (Heck my D800 can shoot 5:4 22mp images). Do something different. You’re about to water down your legacy.

  • Bob

    Too bad Ricardo Montalban is gone… really needed him to describe that optional “Rich Corinthian Leather” available on the handgrip.

  • garygraphy

    Trying to follow the Leica business model of premium pricing is one of the toughest routes. Hasselblad must really must be desperate.

  • Cinematic

    They consider their own 500C to be a “DSLR”? Good thing they consider themselves to be “luxury” brand instead of professional’s brand.

    Anyway, I think this will do little except boost the image of Leica.

    • MF cameras can be whatever you want them to be

      500C is polaroid camera
      film camera
      tethered camera

      just not as good as Mamiya

  • Nobody Special

    I have absolutely no problem with the Hasselblad ‘V’ system, in fact I think it’s lost in a market swollen with high tech. But it is expensive for what it is, and as to the handling of the older ‘V’, I’ve found it quite acceptable.

    If Hasselblad wants to foray into the DSLR field so be it, but I wouldn’t expect them to research and build their own camera – Leica rode the coat tails of the Minolta XD chassis with their own modifications for about 15 years or so with some success. But this isn’t then and Leica was already in the 35mm market, it’s a bold move for Hasselblads ‘new’ owners – it would be nice to see them make it, but the design theme may best be left behind.

  • Argon

    Hey guys,
    If you were able to sell your work with less effort and more profit, you wouldn’t? Stop dreaming – money is money, and if you can use your name to make some cash, and people are willing to pay for it- good for you.
    Hassleblad will remain top-notch MF shop for real pros and if that extra money will help them to design better things in MF and not outsource to Guanzhou – God bless that little monster

    • Lee

      What’s really wrong with outsourcing in Guan Zhou?
      If that Lunar thing is what you mean by saying “for pros”, LOL, Hassy must be really understand what people like you want. That’s for sure good for you and you kind.

      • argon

        Lower quality – less jobs in Europe – less tax income in Europe.
        Did you miss the “MF” part before “for pros”?

        • Lee

          Yes, less jobs in Europe, I know that makes you unhappy. But we are talking about camera design and price tag here, are we?
          The thing about this is, charge 6500 bucks for a n7 + wooden grip, I don’t see that’s gonna help the “TOP-NOTCH” sort of Hassy MF, unless there were many crazy rich fanatics out there willing to swallow anything with that 10 letters label on it.
          I used to love this brand. Used to…

  • argon

    Dont you think hassy and sony have marketing departments that do some kind of research of market/demand before launching products?

    • fjfjjj

      argumentum ad verecundiam

    • of course they have, but you wrote it as they can never be wrong and there were never unsuccessful products and bankrupt companies

  • timon

    The current Hasselblad controlled by a HongKonger company. People can unlearn it.
    Also, Leica was once ready to be sold himself to a HongKonger company, but is stopped in last moment.

    you can read info below,

    Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P. acquires Swedish high-end camera manufacturer Hasselblad
    June 30, 2011

    Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P. provides additional capital for growth strategy.
    Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P. has agreed to acquire 100 percent of the shares of the Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad Group from Hong Kong-based Shriro Group. Shriro, a long-standing Hasselblad distributor in the Asia-Pacific region, has held ownership of the company since 2003. Shriro will retain its current Hasselblad distribution rights in the Asia-Pacific region. Vasco Fung, CEO of Shriro, will serve an additional five year term on the supervisory board of Hasselblad.

    When you reading the info above, then you can know the Lunar nex-7 is what an origin, which is actually the HongKongers company’s Lunar nex-7, then put it a brand named Hasselblad.

  • Daan

    Make a 6 x 6.

  • Singer

    It sounds like Singer Sewing machines; once the best sewing machine now sold for 50,- on every street corner with “Singer” printed on the shell. They sold the name. Hasselblad was 6 x 6. I like square photo’s. a Lot off people do (look at Instagram). There is no digital square medium format camera.. How difficult can it be.

  • David

    Cost of a wooden grip + the letter H = USD $4,000.00

  • Gex

    Could this be more ugly and stupid looking…? I think not!

  • malchick743

    I don’t quite like Hassy’s idea of making a souped-up Sony, but if this move can prompt Sony into implementing WorldCam video spec (24/25/30/50/60) on ALL of the camera hardware (ALL Alphas and NEXes) in the near future, then it’s not a bad thing either……

  • I can’t say I’m impressed. Not when Nikon recently released the D800/E and the D600 which leads the way on DxO charts.

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