Sigma 300mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens leaks at Photokina presentation

Janne Heimonen spotted something interesting in a recent Sigma presentation at Photokina by their CEO Kazuto Yamaki: a listing for a Sigma 300mm f2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens. Sigma currently has only a 300mm f/2.8 EX APO DG HSM lens in their lineup ($3,399). Here is the meaning of Sigma's lens abbreviations:

  • EX - superior build and optical quality
  • DG - for digital SLR cameras
  • OS - Optical Stabilizer
  • APO - Apochromatic
  • HSM - Hyper Sonic Motor

The entire video of the presentation:

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  • As part of their “Sports” lineup, I’m sure. They’re going to REALLY hit it out of the park to justify the extra $1k I’m sure they’re going to charge for it over the already superb 120-300/2.8 OS.


    • spamdie

      Lately with their primes they have. As for $1k Extra. Probably not. They always charge more MSRP so they can discount and make you feel happy or something like that.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    What I want is a 300mm f/4 OS. Nikon nor Sony ain’t got shit for that level.

    • YEH!

      saw your comment on NIkon rumours too. I agree@!

      300 f/4 VR or GTFO. 😉

      • Heie

        Pentax DA* 300 f/4, with stabilization in the body. Oh, and fully weather sealed 😉

        • Sky

          And no body with useful AF to use it with? Thanks, but I’ll pass.

          • RonBenson

            What do you call a usefull focus system? Canon EOS type? Have you tried a Pentax K-5 or K-30 lately? 9 cross type sensors is exactly the same thing I have in my D7000. D7000 may have 39 focus points instead of the 11 seen in the K-5 and K-30 but they’re quite effective. Focus is faster than anything else I ever tried. So again, would you explain us what you call a usefull focus system?

          • alexeyga

            Try shooting some sports with the D300s or D700 + Nikon AF-S 300/4 and you’ll know what a useful (fast and accurate) focus system really is.

            Neither the Penta’s SR is really effective with long lenses.

          • Blog

            I totally agree with alexeyga….although I have a D800 and Nikon AFS 300/4. This combo is absolutely killer speed and accuracy with the new 3D tracking in the D800. Shooting BIF I get about 198 out of 200 excellent shots handheld. Would be even better with VR, then I could reduce the ISO (although that doesn’t matter with the already excellent signal to noise ratio and DR of the D800). I also have a D300 as backup and it is very fast also but the D800 definitely wins in speed and accuracy.

  • asdf

    While I have nothing against Sigma, their considerably lower resale value makes me think twice before buying new.

    Am I being stupid?

    • T-Mo

      I think that your concern is definitely justified, though that may raise the question of what your desire is with purchasing the lens; do you purchase it just to sell it again someday? If you buy it to use it till it no longer functions, then resale value is of no concern. If you purchase it as an interim until you can afford the Nikon/Canon/etc. equivalent, then resale value may need to be taken into consideration.

    • Joseph

      Buy used in the first place and you won’t have to worry about resale value because you’ll likely get at least 85% of your expenditure back, assuming you take care of the lens.

      My only Sigma lens is the 300mm f/2.8. It’s a fantastic lens. Slightly lower contrast and some spherical aberrations @2.8 but at f/3.5 and beyond it’s as sharp as a knife and has wonderful IQ. Couldn’t be happier and only cost me $1700, or about half new. I’m sure I could sell it for the same.

    • DrThrash

      Buy used Sigma lenses and be happy about the money you save. 😉

    • dont but to resell, buy what you want, simple

      but glass lasts forever, dont skimp there. Sigmas are breaking often and easy, that’s why their resale value is low.

    • The resale value is low because original price is low. Think of that this way: OEM $2400, Sigma $1200. Resale OEM $1800 Sigma $900. You lost 20% on both but with Sigma you lost half of OEM and pocketed 100% to begin with. I will stick with Sigma, thank you very much.

  • nobody

    Could be just a typo.

    In an Imaging Resource interview Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki seems to say that with their new 3 lens lines they will not continue the EX designation.

    See here,

    Note that the new 120-300mm zoom announced at Photokina is not called an EX lens.

  • jorg

    methinks “DG” stands for full frame-coverage as opposed to “DC” for crop frame.

    • DrThrash

      DC means crop and all DG lenses are full frame, but originally, the meaning of DG was indeed “for digital SLR cameras” (read: “new model series”, as compared to the older non-DG versions).

  • porkchop

    How about a 24-70 2.8 os?

  • Where the HELL is my Tokina 920mm f2.5?

    GRR. Come on Tamron.

  • neversink

    Why in the world do people buy a D800 and put inferior glass on it. I have had nothing but trouble from the only sigma lens I ever bought. It broke down nearly a month after I purchased it, in the middle of an African shoot. I will never buy third-lenses again except perhaps a Zeiss or a Schneider. But there really is no need to even purchase these superlative lenses when my Nikon lenses prove to be just as sharp and more versatile. The Sigma lens was the 150-500 and also proved to be a bit soft when hitting the 380-500 range. Ugly hard bokeh on top of that, and the AF stopped working.

    Nikon 500mm prime is my choice. I would have bought the 600, but because I travel too much I chose the weight factor. Both are tach sharp.

    • Max

      You’re comparing a lens costing £800 with one costing £5800, and complaining there’s a difference in quality…? As for why someone might put ‘inferior’ glass on a D800, maybe its because some photographers have slightly more humble finances than others. Maybe its also because some people realise that there’s more to taking a stunning photo than just having a pin-sharp image.

    • Bub

      This post is so full of ignorance.

  • Richard Smart

    Don’t understand the criticism. I fell into a mountain stream and completely immersed a Canon EOS 7d and a Sigma 150-500 for at least 10 seconds. I had trouble immediately with the camera refusing to turn off, water in the mode selector knob, but after returning to base and applying a hair dryer everything returned to full working order. I was lucky it was pure fresh water.



  • Erik Nilsen. Oslo – Norway

    It`s been more than one year since this rumour came.Why does the Sigma company has not been able to have this on sale now in october 2013 ? There are also telelenses from Canon we are waiting for ex.400 mm F:5,6 L IS USM,and the exiisting 400mm is very old now.
    We want more priceworhty telelenses !

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